Luther Strange Coordinated with Indicted Balch Partners

We always suspected they were in cahoots. Former State Attorney General and ex-U.S. Senator Luther Strange appears to be—unequivocally—the biggest stooge for Balch & Bingham, the once prestigious, silk-stocking law firm. Besides ghostwriting for their alleged bought-and-paid-for-politicians, Balch appears to have directly coordinated with state agencies. The Alabama Media Group reports: What hasn’t been evident … Continue reading Luther Strange Coordinated with Indicted Balch Partners

Can Balch become Good, Sensible, and Ethical?

Although we, the CDLU, are not environmentalists, conservationists, or preservationist, we do believe in common sense and respecting the community. With the serious allegations of suppressing the African-American community in North Birmingham from having their toxic and contaminated property tested; wrongly targeting a competitor and father of four young children in an alleged criminal conspiracy;  … Continue reading Can Balch become Good, Sensible, and Ethical?

The Smitherman Shuffle

As we pointed out in different posts starting in December, Judge Carole Smitherman’s husband Alabama State Senator Rodger Smitherman received first-time contributions and other political cash tied to Balch & Bingham or the co-conspirators of the Newsome Conspiracy case, a case that Judge Smitherman is presiding over. Influence peddling? Corruption? Or just coincidence? Now comes … Continue reading The Smitherman Shuffle

Alabama Anniversaries

This week marks significant anniversaries of the scandals and controversies surrounding Balch & Bingham. Yesterday, February 28th marks the two-year anniversary in which then-U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions endorsed President  Donald Trump. Sessions was to have endorsed Trump at the Russian-linked aerospace company, Black Hall Aerospace Inc. a/k/a AAL USA Inc. but the venue was changed at the … Continue reading Alabama Anniversaries

Bombshell: Indicted Balch Partner Gilbert Still on Balch Payroll

Infuriating other attorneys at the once prestigious firm, FEC filings show that Joel I. Gilbert, the indicted Balch & Bingham partner who allegedly funneled $360,000 in bribes to disgraced former  Alabama State Representative Oliver Robinson, is still on the payroll at Balch & Bingham as of December 30, 2017. After being indicted on September 28, … Continue reading Bombshell: Indicted Balch Partner Gilbert Still on Balch Payroll

Star Chamber Cash?

The blackout and secretive proceedings of the unconstitutional Star Chamber remain sealed and unknown almost six months later. No one close to Balch or working at Jefferson County can tell us what is happening in the Newsome Conspiracy Case—not even Judge Carole Smitherman’s most trusted acquaintances. Silence. Darkness. Secrecy. Although the parties could be in … Continue reading Star Chamber Cash?

Alleged Racism and Age-Discrimination in Vincent

The CDLU met with residents of Vincent, Alabama who allege adamantly that Balch & Bingham lawyers (and their public relations stooges) spearheaded the strategic purchase of farm land and the fast-as-lightening re-zoning of said land,  and oversaw the lucrative transactions for a client called White Rock Quarries, starting almost a decade ago. The outrage they … Continue reading Alleged Racism and Age-Discrimination in Vincent

Indicted Balch Partner Letter Explodes

A letter written in late 2014 by Joel Gilbert,  an indicted Balch partner and one of the alleged masterminds of the Oliver Robinson $360,000 Bribery Conspiracy, appears to be now blowing-up. In the two-page dispatch to GASP, an environmental and health advocacy group based in Birmingham,  Gilbert demands “statements showing the sources of the organization’s … Continue reading Indicted Balch Partner Letter Explodes

An Open Letter to Balch & Bingham Employees

There are many professional, ethical, and outstanding professionals working at Balch & Bingham and we applaud you. We, the CDLU, are not against Balch & Bingham; we are against racism, discrimination, and unscrupulous if not criminal behavior. We seek to promote inherent goodness, and expose unconscionable corporate conduct and inept government behavior. Two Balch & … Continue reading An Open Letter to Balch & Bingham Employees