Newsome’s Wife Targeted and Burglarized

Last week, we were very surprised to see a post from last year about Balch & Bingham slapping Burt Newsome’s wife with a subpoena being read a couple times. So long ago, so stale, so irrelevant today, who would want to read old news?

Our sources confirmed someone at Balch & Bingham was allegedly reading the post, among numerous menu items under the “Burt Newsome Case” tab.

We assumed someone at Balch was looking outside the box at all the foolish mistakes that turned a simple matter, the Newsome Conspiracy Case, into a legal quagmire.

With a RICO civil suit on the horizon and the conviction of Balch & Bingham equity partner Joel I. Gilbert on six federal counts, maybe it was time to take a look at the matter again with fresh eyes.

Who knows.

Then yesterday, two thugs targeted the wife of Burt Newsome who had gone to her gym. Video surveillance of the incident shows the suspects driving around allegedly specifically looking for Newsome’s vehicle.

After seeing the actions by the thugs, law enforcement’s first question to Mrs. Newsome was, “Do you have any enemies?”

The suspects who were in a vehicle with no license plates sought out and then simply broke into and only Newsome’s vehicle. Highly unusual, the incident occurred in a parking row near the visible entrance of the fitness club, a rarity.

The thugs had not even looked in the car before busting the window out. Her purse was stolen, yet none of the credit cards were used or attempted to be used. Nothing else in the car (phone charger, etc.) was taken. The purse was hidden under the passenger seat.

What were these thugs looking for? Her mobile phone? Her personal information?

Or were they simply sending a message of intimidation or fear?

All that was missing was a horse’s head.