Court Documents: Newsome Case

Update: Here is amended complaint and exhibits filed August 12, 2017

August 2017 Amended Complaint

Exhibits 1 of 2

Exhibits 2 of 2

Here is the June amended complaint that appears to show an alleged conspiracy  according to detailed phone records.

June 2017 Amended Complaint

Below are numerous documents about the Newsome Case.  Burt Newsome is a sole-practitioner attorney from Alabama who was targeted, arrested, and defamed.

The  first two documents are the original lawsuit and the amended complaint.


newsome.First Amended Complaint

The next three documents relate to Balch’s defense.

While we see powerful rebuttals, what is most bothersome is Balch’s defense of their tactics. 

In Balch’s Amended Motion for Summary Judgment, they wrote “that bona fide business competition, even to a competitors [sic] detriment, constitutes justifiable interference.”

Balch then adds a quote from a 1961 Alabama Supreme Court decision declaring that competition “in business, even though carried to the extent of ruining a rival, constitutes justifiable interference in another’s business relations, and is not actionable, so long as it is carried on in furtherance of one’s own interest.”

“Ruining a rival” may have been the prevailing opinion in Alabama in 1961 but so was racial segregation.

balch.Amended Motion for SJ



The next four documents provide further evidence of the alleged conspiracy and defamation against Newsome.

newsome.Plaintiff Motion to Alter or Amend

newsome.Rule 59 PT1

newsome.Rule 59 PT2

newsome.Supplement to Plaintiffs Response

When  Newsome’s expunged case was resurrected, Newsomes’s legal team filed this writ with the appellate court. Due to size, it has been divided into 4 documents

Writ of Mandamus 1of4

Writ of Mandamus 2of4

Writ of Mandamus 3of4

Writ of Mandamus 4of4