Packing their Bags! Balch Sugarcoats Office Move in Montgomery

The embattled law firm Balch & Bingham is in such a precarious situation, they had to move from their long-time office in Montgomery to another location less than a mile away.

In a press release last week , Balch foolishly claims the move “will provide for a more modern, efficient working space as the firm strengthens its commitment to providing exceptional legal services to clients throughout the state.”

Problem with this sugarcoated nonsense is the move began in June, not last week, not last month.

Insiders claim the move was an austerity decision to save resources.

The move in June coincides with the abrupt exit of four top partners and attorneys who left Balch, three of whom went to work with Bradley.

Rumors state that Bradley wants to buyout Balch.

Balch has moved onto the 8th floor of the RSA Dexter Avenue Building.

And who is above Balch on the 9th floor?


How convenient!