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Burnt Turkey: Crosswhite Ouster Rocks Balch; Bombshells Coming Next Week

Using the stock-in-trade excuse like his drinking buddy, ousted Alabama Power CEO and ex-Balch partner Mark A. Crosswhite claims he needs to “spend more time with his family,” echoing disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town’s same line of bull.

Over a year ago, we reported that Crosswhite was “allegedly telling bourgeois insiders that he has the lock and key to the C-Suite at Southern Company, Alabama Power’s parent company.”

$21 million in 2021

The current CEO of Southern Company Tom Fanning made over $21 million last year.

Crosswhite did not give that opportunity up to spend more time with his family and you, our dear reader, know his excuse is a crock.

As we wrote just last week, Crosswhite’s abrupt demise was caused by his unwavering loyalty to alleged racist law firm Balch & Bingham and absolute confidence in “Sloppy Joe ” Perkins, the founder of obscure political consulting firm Matrix.

So furious at the collapse of his career, sources claim, Crosswhite allegedly refuses to even talk to his ex-law partners at Balch.

Rocked by Crosswhite’s ouster, Balch, sources claim, is allegedly in utter turmoil, near collapse as Balch’s lifeline may come to an end this year.

Just like Balch arrogantly thought they could make millions when their stooge ex-U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions was made U.S. Attorney General in 2017, Balch appears to have bet the farm on Crosswhite’s eventual coronation as CEO of Southern Company.

The anticipated coronation instead became a resounding condemnation.

A fluff piece on Crosswhite’s ouster in Yellowhammer News affirms Crosswhite’s alleged anger at Balch & Bingham, by omitting Balch’s name, writing, “Crosswhite represented the company in private practice for 17 years before serving Southern Company in an official capacity.”

17 years at Balch as a partner forgotten down an Orwellian memory hole!

No wonder Balch celebrated their centennial anniversary in secret, hidden on a hilltop, last month.

Current Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning will have more horse stalls to clean up next week as we reveal more bombshells that could lead to possible criminal indictments.

The stench of horse manure is intense and overwhelming.

To our dear readers (including our friends at Balch, Drummond Company, and Alabama Power), we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Another One Bites the Dust! Ex-Balch Attorney and Alleged Pedophile Espy Pleads Guilty

Another ex-Balch attorney is headed to federal prison.

According to the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama this late afternoon, Chase T. Espy, 36, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

Espy will be sentenced in January.

According to the U.S. Attorney:

The plea agreement filed states the investigation was initiated when Espy engaged in online chats with undercover law enforcement whom Espy believed was a 15-year-old girl.  Upon being arrested, Espy’s cell phone was seized, and a search warrant was obtained.  From this search, approximately 69 videos and four images of child sexual abuse material were found.

Espy will join ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert in the federal prison system.

Gilbert was found guilty of six federal crimes including money laundering and bribery during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial.

Now insiders are telling us more Balch partners could possibly join the federal prison system.

Balch attorneys and stooges are allegedly being investigated and could be be held accountable by the U.S. Attorney in the alleged Elderly Exploitation Scandal of 2020 that targeted Joann Bashinsky (Mrs. B), the grandmother who was worth $218 million and allegedly lied to by a Balch partner and allegedly abused by a probate judge who resigned abruptly in May of 2020.

Just two weeks ago, the U.S. Attorney stated:

“Crimes against older adults target some of the most vulnerable people in our society,” U.S. Attorney Escalona said. “The U.S. Attorney’s Office and our law enforcement partners will continue to vigorously pursue individuals who target older adults in the Northern District of Alabama.” 

The alleged federal investigation of ex-Balch partner and current CEO of Alabama Power Mark A. Crosswhite has been amplified by the foolish conduct of Matrix founder Sloppy Joe Perkins who outlined an alleged criminal enterprise involving the money laundering of over $50 million through 18 tax-exempt entities. Perkins, Alabama’s Oompa Loompa, is paid millions every year by the utility.

Meanwhile, in a hidden, secretive Star Chamber, ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit is gaining strong interest of law enforcement officials since nothing is publicly available and potential criminal misconduct may have been intentionally obscured with these protective orders filed in early 2020.

And now observers are asking, is Balch’s former Chief Compliance Officer Stephen P. Feaga cooperating with federal investigators and giving them a deep, inside perspective or evidence of potential misconduct at the embattled law firm?

The quiet before the storm.

And all the while, the civil RICO lawsuits are still waiting quietly in the wings.

Alleged Attempted Coup D’Etat at Drummond Company Affirms Lost Path of Management Team

The aftershocks of the North Birmingham Bribery Trial proved that Drummond’s top management brass appears to be foolish enough to abandon corporate and family loyalty.

After Drummond executive David Roberson was convicted in July of 2018, Drummond immediately vowed to fight for justice on his behalf, noting his conviction was unfair and unjust and that Balch had misled Roberson.

Mike Tracy

Six months later, in February of 2019, then-Drummond CEO Mike Tracy appeared to do a 180 and abruptly fired Roberson. Then 12 days after firing Roberson, Tracy dispatched a cold-hearted letter yanking support to Roberson’s charity of choice: a school that caters to developmentally disabled, special needs, and autistic children.

In the spring of 2019, David and Anna Roberson filed a $75 million civil lawsuit against Balch and Drummond (now under seal in a secretive Star Chamber.) Under intense scrutiny at the time, Tracy abruptly announced his retirement as CEO that summer of 2019.

But was Tracy through? No. He still, today, serves on Drummond’s Board of Directors.

Now sources tell us that Tracy and Drummond Vice Chairman Bruce Webster (above, top right) allegedly attempted a coup d’etat against the Drummond family this past August, three years after Tracy’s resignation as CEO.

Tracy and Webster allegedly attempted to sell Drummond Coal Company and John Drummond, the Chairman, had to fly in voting family members to block the sell, to block the alleged coup d’etat.

Mind you, John Drummond was in mourning. His wife had died of COVID-19, according to sources.

Why in heaven’s name were Tracy, Webster, and others allegedly willing to sell the coal company without unanimous consent of the Drummond family?

Were they taking advantage of the the family patriarch John Drummond at his lowest, saddest and most depressing moment?

Were there secret, undisclosed financial agreements that would benefit them or none at all? Was a generous pay-day on the horizon or not?

Interestingly, the price of coal has doubled since the beginning of the year; and now with the energy crisis and Ukraine war, coal could increase further in value.

As observers, we believe family and corporate loyalty to Drummond has been lost, extremely lost. Each member of Drummond’s management team was made wealthy because of the Drummond family and its companies. The team regrettably appears to have lost their path.

The late Garry Drummond was fiercely loyal to his employees and his company. He would have backed the Robersons over the buffoons at Balch & Bingham that lied to Roberson in regards to the North Birmingham Bribery Scheme.

And if there had been an attempted coup d’etat by members of his management team, Garry Drummond would have fired them all.

Meanwhile, David Roberson sits in federal prison for at least another year or so and sources claim he has lost 50 pounds and is severely ill.

Regardless of the scandal and criminal trial, David Roberson saved the company over $100 million. The Robersons have known the Drummonds for decades. Anna Roberson went to school in Jasper, Alabama with numerous Drummond siblings and cousins.

Like Garry Drummond, the Robersons have been fiercely loyal to the Drummond Company and the Drummond family.

Why has Drummond’s management team abandoned the Robersons? Why have they attempted to sell the coal company? Where is the loyalty? Have they indeed lost their path?

The Drummond Family must rise up, protect their family, and their companies.

Loyalty demands it.

Yearbook: Anna Roberson (née Swindle) among Drummond siblings and their Thorne cousins.

Irrefutable: Paid Actors and Mouthpieces Spin Yarn for Matrix and the Three Stooges

It’s a chorus line indeed!

“Behind the Mask,” a video production from 2013, was originally a “smear and fear” piece but now it is irrefutable evidence that the Three Stooges (Alabama Power, Balch, and Drummond Company) appear to have utilized Matrix’s alleged dirty deeds, paid actors, and questionable mouthpieces to attack perceived enemies.

Four years ago, we wrote about paid actors and controversies circling electric utilities at the time. While Alabama Power denied they used actors to attend public meetings, their half-answer at the time raised two critical questions:

  1. Were actors ever hired for any other purpose on behalf of Alabama Power?
  2. Has any other “third-party” vendor of Alabama Power ever engaged in conduct to create AstroTurf campaigns and bogus testimonials?

Now in 2022, the answers appear to be “yes” and “yes.”

Sources state the video was allegedly produced and created by Matrix, the obscure political consulting firm, on behalf of PACE, Partnership for Affordable Energy, an alleged AstroTurf entity that media called “in effect a subsidiary of Matrix.”

And the cast of characters is stunning.

Alabama Power Chairman and CEO Mark A. Crosswhite’s most-trusted advisor, white-collar criminal defense attorney Mark White is in the video talking about utility rates and the controversy surrounding the “return on equity” perspective.

Really? A criminal attorney spinning yarn about utility rates?

“Return on equity” Guru

Then there is Catrena Norris Carter, who comes out as an alleged “outraged” board member of the League of Women Voters in Alabama for the League calling for more transparency regarding utility rates and billing. She has the foolish audacity to say on the video that it is “unfortunate that once again the poor and underprivileged gets preyed upon.”

During the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal, Norris Carter was the operative who was paid monthly while “unknowingly” providing Drummond Company with intelligence reports on the poor African-American community that was targeted and “preyed upon.”

So now, who is preying on whom?

Last year, on a Vice News podcast about the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal and Drummond Company, Norris Carter, after the FBI came knocking on her door, declared, “I felt naive. I felt like, ok Catrena, this is what your folks be talking about with dealing with big companies. So you know that’s one of the lessons that I learned sometimes the hard way.

Learning the hard way or “unknowingly” spinning yarn?

Naive but paid monthly

Then there is the group of fake environmental protestors, the paid actors and smear campaigns that we wrote about in 2018. These actors are all wearing face masks years before COVID-19 became a global pandemic to obscure their identities.

The video scoffs at the fake environmentalists, with the narrator saying, “And then you have these people…”

These people were staged actors that were falsely but intentionally portrayed as environmental activists.

Actors acting as environmentalists; dogs acting like pets.

In 2018, we gave background on the fake environmentalists:

Eddie Curran, an investigative journalist who formerly worked at the Mobile Register for two-decades, wrote a post about the bogus environmentalists that appear to have been thespian and dance students from Birmingham that showed up outside the Alabama Public Service Commission in Montgomery after the meeting began, and left before the meeting was over. Joining them was a video camera crew.

Curran, who provided us with detailed notes of the incident and identities of some of the “actors,” said the staged protest of “arty liberal” phonies was done to simply smear a Public Service Commissioner named Terry Dunn.

The fake environmentalists were simply actors.

Actors who were fraudulently portraying liberal environmentalists in support of Terry Dunn, a conservative Republican politician.

All that was missing were some tambourines and a bong.

This video production includes a Balch & Bingham partner, Dan McCrary, who was representing Alabama Power at the time.

McCrary, a now 42-year legacy partner at Balch, is seen skewering public participants over rate comparisons with Mississippi.

Dan the Man Skewering Away

The alleged Matrix video called “Behind the Mask” is a wonderful piece of evidence that has Alabama Power attorneys, alleged Drummond agents, and Balch partners all tied together, arm-in-arm, in a chorus line.

And who were the targets of this high-end “smear and fear” production?

Nelson Brooke, the Black Warrior Riverkeeper who co-founded the tiny environmental group known as GASP, and the Southern Environmental Law Center.

Ironically, last month Brooke and the Southern Environmental Law Center won a major federal consent decree against Drummond Company.

A news release reported:

In a major victory for the health of the lower Locust Fork and the Black Warrior River, a federal judge in Birmingham has granted the request by Black Warrior Riverkeeper to approve a consent decree requiring Drummond Company to clean up its abandoned Maxine Mine site. The approval was finalized after a May filing. The mine, which was the largest underground mine in the state, produced tons of coal per year after opening in the 1930s but has sat abandoned since operations stopped in the 1980s.

Now grab a bag of popcorn, and watch and enjoy the “smear and fear” propaganda that is helping investigators connect the dots.

And who is behind the bigger and smellier mask? Matrix and the Three Stooges of course.

Sleepless in Seattle: Kallon Demotes Himself and Joins Perkins Coie

Former Federal Judge Abdul K. Kallon has fled Birmingham and gone to one of the farthest places away from the cesspool of Jefferson County, Alabama: Seattle, Washington.

Kallon joins Perkins Coie as a partner, according to a news release.

In April, he announced his abrupt resignation; Kallon cited the usual “family time” excuse. According to media at the time, his wife obtained a job out of state but no one has been able to verify the fact.

As we asked in June:

Did Federal Judge Abdul K. Kallon agree to a secret deal to keep Alabama Power “unmentionable” during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial because of his past financial agreements and possible embarrassing personal behavior?

On June 23rd, published an indepth report on Kallon’s alleged financial and personal behavior that was a bombshell, causing shockwaves in the legal community.

Why would a young federal judge, on the cusp of earning senior status, resign and demote himself to become a partner at a law firm in a state where he has yet to be licensed to practice law?

Did any or none of The Three Stooges (Alabama Power, Balch, and Drummond Company) have damaging information on Kallon and controlled him by figuratively squeezing his testicles?

Or was Kallon offered a deal in the alleged ongoing federal probe of obstruction of justice involving Alabama Power Chairman and CEO Mark A. Crosswhite?

Resign and cooperate sounds a lot better than refuse and be prosecuted.

Kallon may be sleepless in Seattle, having possibly tossed a future U.S. Supreme Court appointment down the toilet because of his alleged interactions with The Three Stooges.

Now he is far away. Farther away. Farthest away.

“Thanks be to God,” he says, he thinks, he prays.

They’re All Losers! Matrix Meltdown Settles; Criminal Probes Heat Up

The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

The Matrix Meltdown is over in civil court according to a court filing yesterday afternoon.

The Matrix Meltdown was an embarrassing fight that spilled raw sewage and, the alleged criminal and unethical behind-the-scenes details of the obscure political consulting firm and their agents.

The explosive deposition with Jittery Jeff won’t happen.

The civil war between Sloppy Joe Perkins and his once-protégé Jittery Jeff Pitts may be over for now and the Three Stooges (Alabama Power, Balch, and Drummond) can breathe a momentary sigh of relief.

Jittery Jeff and Sloppy Joe with his lollipop

But the irreparable damage is done.

The criminal probes related to the Matrix Meltdown are only heating up.

Florida investigators allegedly are working with federal authorities on possible civil rights and money laundering violations involving ghost candidates, tax-exempt entities, and intentional voter confusion and suppression efforts.

At the same time, federal investigators are allegedly looking at the secret million dollar contracts given to Sloppy Joe by Alabama Power that do not require an invoice.

The U.S. Department of Justice is allegedly probing the 18 tax-exempt entities that laundered over $50 million that Sloppy Joe outlined in a now deleted post on

And they’re all losers because of this fight that caught them with their panties down.

A young Crosswhite

But the biggest loser is Alabama Power Chairman and CEO Mark A. Crosswhite.

He may have forced Sloppy Joe to settle after embarrassing allegations were published that Crosswhite allegedly spied on his boss and his then-girlfriend.

But the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal isn’t over. The rebirth is alive. And Crosswhite knows it.

As we correctly stated, national media are digging deep into Alabama and North Birmingham with a lengthy exposé published just this morning by

David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit continues in the dark, in a secret Star Chamber.

And federal investigators are allegedly looking into obstruction of justice allegations involving Alabama Power and Crosswhite during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, where Alabama Power was “unmentionable.”

The baggage is still there and more has been learned these past 90 days than what was known these last 5 years.

Crosswhite should be furious at Sloppy Joe, Balch and even his most trusted advisor, Mark White.

Crosswhite’s problems appear to have expanded exponentially because of those closest to him.

And all of Crosswhite’s entanglements started in 2014. When will they end?


Dropping Like Flies! Judge Kallon Officially Steps Down Today

The stench from the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal still stinks and those involved are dropping like flies. The carcasses are piling up.

Presiding Judge Abdul K. Kallon officially resigns today citing the usual stock-in-trade b.s. excuse of “spending more time with family.”

Disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town was forced to resign and fled in the middle of the night after inappropriate photos of him drinking libations with the embattled CEO of Alabama Power Mark A. Crosswhite were published. Town, too, left to “spend more time with family.”

Two Assistant U.S. Attorneys allegedly turned in their resignations in April, a day after Kallon announced his resignation.

Mike Tracy, CEO of Drummond Company, abruptly retired a year after the trial. Tracy was facing criticism for firing ex-Drummond executive David Roberson and ending Drummond’s funding of Roberson’s favorite charity, an organization that helps children with autism, six-months after Roberson was found guilty.

William “Bo” Lineberry

William “Bo” Lineberry, the Balch partner who set up the money laundering entity in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal known as the Alliance for Jobs and the Economy (AJE), committed suicide days after Kallon’s retirement announcement.

Balch & Bingham, Alabama Power’s sister-wife, appears to have lost millions of dollars in fees as money-making partners exit the firm and clients terminate the embattled firm.

Trey Glenn was forced to resign as an EPA Administrator after being exposed as a Balch stooge.

Matrix, which dropped a reprehensible mailer that discouraged poor African-American residents from having their toxic and contaminated property tested by the EPA, appears to have collapsed. Matrix founder Sloppy Joe Perkins is involved in a horrific and ugly legal fight with once-protégé Jittery Jeff Pitts, exposing dark if not criminal secrets.

Alabama Power’s CEO Mark A. Crosswhite allegedly spied on his boss and his boss’ then-girlfriend. With baggage accumulating, Crosswhite is allegedly on his way out and sources claim he is under federal investigation for alleged obstruction of justice.

With ex-Drummond executive David Roberson and Ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert sitting in the federal big house, how many more could join them?

Will Southern Company step in and mop up this mess or is it too late?

Perkins’ Purgatory? Alleged High Crimes and Spying Rock Three Stooges as Carcasses Stack Up

Did Crosswhite find out if his boss Tom Fanning wears boxers or tighty whities?

When the news story broke in June that Matrix agents allegedly spied on a journalist in Florida, our first reaction was, what’s the big deal? This is nothing compared to what happens in Alabama.

Less than three weeks from today, Federal District Judge Abdul K. Kallon will step down.

The presiding judge of the North Birmingham Bribery Trial appears to be another carcass in the long history of “use, abuse, and dispose of” mentality of Alabama powerbrokers.

Shall we dance the tango?

Kallon will join the elite ranks of disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town, former U.S. Senator Luther Strange, former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, disgraced ex-EPA administrator Trey Glenn, ex-Probate Judge Alan L. King, ex-State Representative Oliver Robinson, along with numerous other carcasses of agents and stooges that have stacked up over the past five years for having allegedly danced tango with one or more of the Three Stooges (Alabama Power, Balch and Drummond).

Like the slasher movie franchise Friday the 13th, how many more idiots will drive up to Crystal Lake just to be murdered? How many more idiots will “bow down and kiss the ring” of one or more of the Three Stooges just to eventually be turned into burnt toast?

“Sloppy Joe” Perkins created a living purgatory when he published a rambling statement on in late June outlining a criminal enterprise involving 18 tax-exempt entities that allegedly laundered over $50 million, only to have it deleted 8 days later

Then the bombshell revelation exploded last week that Alabama Power executives were spying on Southern Company CEO and Chairman Tom Fanning and his then-girlfriend.

Alabama Power denied the allegation, but why would the esteemed attorneys for “Jittery Jeff” Pitts, Perkins’ ex-CEO and once-protégé, put that in a pleading?

Sources tell us that Pitts allegedly has irrefutable and rock solid evidence of Alabama Power Chairman and CEO Mark A. Crosswhite’s alleged involvement in the surveillance of Fanning who is to retire this year. reported more details of the surveillance:

The listed “target” of the surveillance was Kimberly Tanaka, a fitness club owner and then-girlfriend of Fanning, but private investigator Derek Uman surveilled Tanaka and Fanning at her work and at his home.

Tanaka said she was in a serious and public relationship with Fanning that ended abruptly in 2017. She was unaware of the surveillance until recently.

“This was all news to me and I still don’t know why,” she told…. “It’s a little unnerving.”

She said she had no idea why anyone would think following her would put pressure on Fanning.

Uman, founder of Clear Capture Investigations of Gainesville, Fla., staked out Fanning’s Atlanta home and photographed him running on a wooded hill on a cul-de-sac leading to his secluded house. Uman followed and videoed Tanaka, gathered photos and billed then-Matrix CEO Pitts $6,881.55 for surveillance, travel, meals and more. 


So if true, did Crosswhite find out if his boss Tom Fanning wears boxers or tighty whities? Did the surveillance cause the relationship in any way “to end abruptly?” 

Although the media has not mentioned this, the spying on Fanning occurred in 2017,  at the time of the  anticipated and eventual indictments in the North Birmingham Bribery Trial. Was Crosswhite concerned Fanning was going to cooperate with federal authorities? 

Perkins’ Purgatory could also  seriously impact Drummond Company and their “confused” general counsel Blake Andrews. 

What revelations does Pitts know about the coal company?

Will Pitts’ deposition in the Matrix Meltdown bring to light secret operations, an orchestrated campaign, and the alleged set-up of “Fall Guy” and ex-Drummond executive David Roberson?

All this to consider as federal investigators quietly probe the alleged misconduct stirred by “Sloppy Joe’s” big mouth, big ego, and big mistake.

Matrix Meltdown: “Influencing Litigation,” Secret Star Chambers, and Criminal Obstruction of Justice

What a week. What a month. And we’re only on day 5.

In “Jittery Jeff” Pitts’ court filing earlier this week, he outlines alleged misconduct by Matrix’s founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins including allegedly setting up phony groups and digital websites to intimidate individuals while influencing litigation.

Is Pitts referring to the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit, or the Newsome Conspiracy Case? Or all three?

All three litigated cases involve alleged criminal obstruction of justice.

Alabama Power and their sister-wife Balch & Bingham were involved in all three cases, two of which were sealed in their entirety, creating secret Star Chambers where no public information is available.

Alabama Power was “unmentionable” during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial and allegedly disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town let this travesty of justice occur.

Over 20 other Balch attorneys were allegedly involved in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal and numerous Alabama Power executives were briefed regularly on the developments.

Now people are asking, was Town’s bullshit “lone wolves” theory a Matrix creation?

Town resigned months after we published photos of Town inappropriately slamming-back cocktails with Alabama Power Chairman and CEO and ex-Balch partner Mark A. Crosswhite, allegedly during the height of the North Birmingham Bribery Trial.

While Alabama Power’s parent company Southern Company denied any involvement in Newsome’s case, we later learned that the cop-son of a now-retired Alabama Power executive ( Vice President of Environmental Affairs) was involved in the staged arrest of Newsome.

Was Matrix involved in any way with the Newsome Conspiracy Case, as Sloppy Joe’s daughter claims?

Balch used all its political might and a counterfeit order to “beat” Newsome. In the end, Balch won a $242,000 judgment while losing tens of millions (if not $100 million) in client fees and lobbying fees, while legacy partners left in droves.

In Roberson’s civil case, Balch, Drummond Company, and Alabama Power panicked and vigorously sought protective orders. The case was sealed. While no information is available on the case or proceedings, David Roberson appears to have been set up as a “fall guy.” His lawyer, Burt Newsome of the Newsome Conspiracy Case, was hit head-on in 2020 and his law firm’s bank check book was stolen in the middle of the night.

The tactics have utterly failed, and actually appear to have backfired.

As federal investigators probe these allegations of criminal obstruction of justice and the abuse of the judicial system in Alabama , the curiosity of what explosive developments could come to light during Jeff Pitts’ deposition becomes even more interesting.

Alabama Power Rocked to the Core; Will Crosswhite Resign or Retire?

Did Mark A. Crosswhite mislead parent company Southern Company about Alabama Power’s involvement in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal or the Newsome Conspiracy Case?

[This post originally appeared on November 22, 2020. Crosswhite resigned on November 21, 2022. Click here to read about his resignation. ]

In early 2017, Balch & Bingham allegedly told the now indicted, former CEO of Black Hall Aerospace Paul Daigle that we, the CDLU, were “nothing” to worry about.

With the indictment last Tuesday caused by CDLU’s advocacy and persistence, sources tell us Balch attorneys were allegedly stressed out that same night, working late into the evening.

This past week, inside sources tell us, associates at white-collar criminal defense firm White, Arnold & Dowd allegedly were working overdrive including Saturday morning, researching and learning about not only us and Black Hall Aerospace but allegedly reading all of’s posts on Alabama Power CEO and former Balch partner Mark A. Crosswhite.

And who is a key partner at White, Arnold & Dowd?

Mark White and he is Alabama Power’s outside criminal attorney, and apparently a close confidant of Crosswhite.

Mark White

White, who tries to play himself as Mr. Incognito, is visible more often than not. White allegedly attended every single day of the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, and was present at the May 2019 court hearing of ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit against Balch and Drummond and the criminal hearing of Balch stooges Scott Phillips and Trey Glenn earlier this year.

With the resignation of disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town, the unexpected death of Balch’s Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., and the indictment of Paul Daigle, Alabama Power has been rocked to the core, raising uncomfortable questions.

Did Crosswhite or White strike the secret deal with Town to keep Alabama Power “unmentionable” during the criminal trial? Did Crosswhite mislead parent company Southern Company about Alabama Power’s involvement in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal or the Newsome Conspiracy Case? What truly was Alabama Power’s role with the money laundering entity Alliance for Jobs and the Economy (AJE)? Was Alabama Power in anyway involved in the idiotic orchestrated campaign this past summer in which an innocent family was terrorized by paid buffoons?

Unlike other Southern Company wholly-owned subsidiaries, Alabama Power appears to operate completely differently, looking more like a vengeful gang of arrogant fraternity members instead of level-headed corporate executives.

When we first met with federal investigators in 2017 about Balch & Bingham, they were more concerned about Alabama Power rather than Balch.

With the rebirth of the North Birmingham Bribery Case, ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s civil legal team will be able to drill down and get the facts, follow the money, and connect the corrupt dots. Alabama Power will be stark naked with nowhere to hide or strings to pull.

Likewise, the current investigations into the attempted killing of Burt Newsome, and the stalking and criminal acts against the CDLU may lead to more exposure.

Either way, Crosswhite is the only one to blame for his foolish reliance on and unwavering loyalty to Balch.

The only question left for Southern Company’s leadership is: Should Crosswhite resign or retire?

Clandestine Spying Scandal Erupts! Will Fanning Fire Crosswhite, Matrix, and Balch & Bingham?

Utterly shocking!

Southern Company Chairman and CEO Tom Fanning (and others) were allegedly under clandestine surveillance by Matrix operatives on behalf of Alabama Power executives, according to new court filing from “Jittery Jeff” Pitts in the ongoing Matrix Meltdown, a two-state, mudslinging legal battle.

Pitts’ stunning court pleading (as a defendant against Matrix founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins) states:

This afternoon Pulitzer-winning journalist John Archibald reported:

Records obtained by reveal that in May 2017 Matrix hired a Florida private investigator to gather information on associates of Tom Fanning, the CEO of The Southern Company, the nation’s second-largest utility, which owns Alabama Power. That investigator also surveilled Fanning near his home in Atlanta.

Last October we reported about the entangled succession allegations, writing:

Rumors are flying that Southern Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Fanning is retiring next year.

And Alabama Power CEO and Chairman Mark A. Crosswhite is allegedly telling bourgeois insiders that he has the lock and key to the C-Suite at Southern Company, Alabama Power’s parent company.

Crosswhite is unfit to serve.

He worked as a top partner for alleged racist and embattled law firm Balch & Bingham before taking the revolving door to Alabama Power.

Instead of distancing himself from Balch, Crosswhite appears to be embracing his former employer, even allegedly subsidizing the firm with lucrative business as Balch is hemorrhaging from alleged unsavory and criminal scandals engulfing the 99 year-old firm.

Now unsubstantiated rumors say Alabama Power and unknown related entities have indemnified Balch and others for their alleged criminal, racist, and egregious misconduct.

Hiding behind non-disclosure agreements and now allegedly million-dollar indemnity deals, the Crosswhite scandal smells like raw sewage.

Two months after our post, secret, multi-million dollar contracts with “Sloppy Joe” were exposed on the investigative news site


Sources since late 2021 have consistently told us that there is an alleged federal investigation of obstruction of justice involving Crosswhite. We believe the obstruction may have occurred when Alabama Power was “unmentionable” during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial.

The probe was provoked allegedly due to the inappropriate photos of disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town drinking cocktails with Crosswhite.

In April, federal judge Abdul K. Kallon (who presided over the North Birmingham case) abruptly announced his resignation, two Assistant U.S. Attorneys allegedly resigned the following day, and the following week, a top Balch partner (limitedly involved with the North Birmingham scheme) brutally committed suicide by hanging himself.

We have consistently stated, even with our harshest criticism, that we believe Tom Fanning is a man of inherent goodness. He may be a showman at times, but Fanning appears to give a damn more than others. He even called us, the CDLU, directly in November of 2017

Getting back to Pitts, we believe strongly now that he resigned after decades of service to “Sloppy Joe” Perkins because he saw alleged criminal misconduct. His mentor was letting him take over, but instead Pitts left, because, as his court pleading states, he saw “inappropriate and unethical business practices.”

Now Pitts could be planning to sing about “high crimes and misdemeanors” at his deposition with Perkins’ lawyers.

Are the Three Stooges (Alabama Power, Drummond, and Balch) vulnerable?

Now, before federal investigators come knocking, Fanning needs to make some tough executive decisions and

  1. Fire Crosswhite.
  2. Disengage Matrix and “Sloppy Joe” Perkins.
  3. Terminate Balch and Bingham.

For now, all of this still smells like raw sewage, shaken or stirred.

U.S. Congresswoman Demands DOJ Probe Concerning Utilities and Matrix Meltdown

U.S. Congresswoman Kathy Castor dispatched a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland yesterday demanding a probe of Alabama Power’s alleged go-to political fixer, Matrix, the obscure political consulting firm engaged in alleged influence peddling and alleged criminal acts.

WINK News reports:

U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., said in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday that recent press reports in Florida had “exposed apparent corruption, influence peddling and breaches of the public trust by Florida’s largest electric utility Florida Power & Light and its officers.”

“Numerous public corruption scandals involving electric utilities across the country have resulted in federal public corruption criminal and civil probes, and it appears that such oversight is needed in Florida now,” the letter said.

Her letter comes on the heels of our direct contact with federal investigators about Matrix’s alleged criminal misconduct involving 18 tax-exempt entities and over $50 million in money laundering.

Although Florida Power & Light has terminated their contracts with entities and individuals tied to the Matrix Meltdown, Alabama Power  allegedly is STILL paying Matrix and Matrix founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins  over $2 million a year without the need for invoicing.

Although news reporting has been focused primarily on Florida, reliable sources tell us there are numerous investigative efforts now looking at Alabama and the Three Stooges (Alabama Power, Drummond, and Balch).

With ex-Matrix CEO “Jittery Jeff” Pitts’ deposition ready to open the filthy treasure chest of alleged dirty deeds wide open, the Congresswoman’s letter has caught the perfect wave.

Hang ten!

Damaging: Pitts Deposition Explodes! Are Alleged Criminal Acts tied to Three Stooges Ready to be Exposed?

The Matrix Meltdown has caused serious blows between founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins and his once-protégé “Jittery Jeff ” Pitts.

As we mentioned last week, Pitts has been subpoenaed for a deposition by Perkins’ legal team.

Now the question is: What damaging information will Pitts reveal in his deposition?

After last week’s bombshell report in The Guardian, Perkins’ legal team whined and cried to the media. reported last Friday:

Cason Kirby, an attorney representing Perkins in the fraud lawsuit, called the Guardian story “unfair,” pointing out that the basis for the series of stories was based on emails from Pitts and other “rogue employees.”

The Floodlight report’s “characterization of Matrix’s work as ‘influence peddling’ is both false and unfair. Matrix works as a strategic communication resource for companies in a wide range of industries. It has no influence to peddle,” Kirby said in a statement Friday to

Really, no influence to peddle? What an absolutely ridiculous statement to issue.

As we pointed out before, Cason Kirby’s wife has worked at Matrix longer than they have been married. He may be conflicted with unusual pillow talk.

And Pitts dropped a double whammy on Friday: his legal team subpoenaed both Alabama Power and Southern Company for documents and files all related to “Sloppy Joe” and Matrix from at least 2015 through 2020.

Are Matrix’s alleged dirty deeds and alleged criminal acts ready to be exposed?

Will Pitts’ attorneys hand over damaging information to the feds?

Will executives, goons, and thugs of the Three Stooges (Balch, Drummond, and Alabama Power) rush to cooperate with federal investigators?

Keeping Alabama Power “unmentionable” during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial is nothing compared to what looks like a network of paid consultants, stooges and actors that appear to intimidate critics and engage in truly unsavory acts.

Will “Jittery Jeff” expose the worst of the alleged dirty deeds?

This is no longer a laughing matter.

The stakes are extremely high.

Mark A. Crosswhite of Alabama Power, Blake Andrews of Drummond, and the leadership at Balch have much to worry about.

And as we mentioned in April, journalists and federal investigators are zeroing in.The Guardian stories appear to be part of that broad effort.

“Jittery Jeff ” didn’t simply walk away from a long-term mentor. He may have seen some alleged unethical or criminal acts he probably didn’t approve of or like.

And now Pitts’ deposition will open everyone’s eyes to how far Matrix and “Sloppy Joe” allegedly pushed the envelope on behalf of the Three Stooges.

Bombshell Report: Alabama Power Goes Mute; Matrix Meltdown Could Bring More Indictments

Are more indictments coming?

A lengthy bombshell report in The Guardian today on the Matrix Meltdown has caused Alabama Power to go mute. Matrix is an obscure political consulting firm tied to alleged unsavory misconduct.

The Guardian reports:

Southern Company and Alabama Power run the state of Alabama,” [former Alabama Public Service Commission member Terry] Dunn said. “They work off intimidating. You gotta bow down and kiss the ring.”

A spokesperson for the company declined to comment on the firm’s activities. Perkins called Matrix’s work for the utility “confidential”.

Ari Peskoe, director of the Electricity Law Initiative at Harvard Law School said the “whole purpose” of firms like Matrix “is to conceal that it’s the utility doing this. The utility doesn’t want to be associated with this campaign.”

Four years ago this month, esteemed Balch & Bingham partner Joel I. Gilbert and ex-Drummond executive David Roberson were convicted on all six criminal counts including bribery and money laundering in the North Birmingham Bribery Trial.

Although disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town attempted to blame the bribery scandal on a “lone wolves” theory, no one believed him. The Three Stooges (Alabama Power, Balch, and Drummond) foolishly thought the worst was behind them.


Corporate representatives, goons, and hired stooges for Alabama Power, Drummond Company, Balch & Bingham, and other related entities are exposed.

Why? Depositions in the Matrix Meltdown.

The Matrix Meltdown is an ugly legal fight between Matrix founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins and his once-protégé “Jittery Jeff” Pitts. Lawsuits have been filed in Florida and Alabama. Last month, attorneys for “Sloppy Joe” noticed “Jittery Jeff” for a deposition.

An insightful deposition?

What will “Jittery Jeff” Pitts expose?

Will he bring the House of Marked Cards crashing down?

What “dirty deeds” were done for the benefit of the Three Stooges?

Grave problems appear to lie ahead.

Balch’s alleged sugar daddy, Alabama Power, is allegedly under federal scrutiny while media chase the tax-exempt entities tied to Matrix. The utility paid Perkins and Matrix millions secretly behind the scenes allegedly engaged in dirty deeds.

Daydreaming, Balch & Bingham’s Managing Partner Stan Blanton appears to foolishly believe he has weathered-the-storm by accepting make-believe diversity awards and hiring a handful of people of color. How did Balch utilize Matrix? Did they target opponents using Matrix’s alleged collection of fake activists and actors?

Drummond, which sealed the Roberson case in a secretive Star Chamber, and wrote a $25,000 contribution to ex-U.S Senator and Balch stooge Luther Strange during the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal, may find themselves under scrutiny. Did Drummond utilize Matrix? Do they have any secret contracts with Matrix or “Sloppy Joe” Perkins? Was Matrix involved in challenging any of the Colombia lawsuits?

But the biggest screw up we have seen is “Sloppy Joe” Perkins laying out a criminal enterprise last month involving 18 tax-exempt entities and over $50 million in money laundering on only to engage in a full retreat with his tail between his short legs.

In closing, The Guardian story is lengthy but, dear reader, please spend the time to read it in its entirety.

The Three Stooges should be worried.

Federal Investigators Briefed on Alleged Money Laundering of Over $50 Million using 18 Tax-Exempt Entities

Alabama Power has secretly paid millions to the embattled political consulting firm Matrix, LLC and its founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins who sloppily outlined alleged criminal misconduct spanning over a decade in a since-deleted post on on June 30th.

We, the CDLU, have briefed federal investigators on the alleged money laundering of over $50 million using 18 tax-exempt 501 (c) 4 entities. These tax-exempt entities are designed to be “social welfare organizations” and must operate primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community.

We are sure that funneling money to “ghost candidates” in Florida and other alleged dirty deeds do not further the common good.

Wait! Delete that Statement!

“Sloppy Joe” Perkins, who appears to suffer from bruised feelings and little-man syndrome, apparently let his ego get the best of him. Perkins, the Oompa Loompa of Alabama politics, is in the middle of a brutal and ugly two-state legal battle with his once-protégé “Jittery Jeff” Pitts.

A much-needed federal probe of this matter could enhance the alleged ongoing obstruction of justice probe of Alabama Power CEO and Chairman (and former Balch partner) Mark A. Crosswhite.

The North Birmingham Bribery Scandal involved less than $400,000 in money laundering. What will the feds find in the over $50 million in transactions since 2010?

Balch & Bingham and sister-wife Alabama Power appear to have relied on the “strategic” services of Matrix and Joe Perkins for decades.

Will the latest developments engulf the Three Stooges (Alabama Power, Balch, and Drummond Company) and bring to light the alleged “don’t ask, just cut the check” bribery ring?

Who will be the first to sing? Billy Canary? Trey Glenn? Lance Brown?