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Liar, Liar, Balch on Fire!

As the criminal predicated acts of the RICO enterprise are reviewed, new evidence is emerging.

The genesis of this blog was the Newsome Conspiracy Case and now a key defense in the case has been confirmed as a lie.

Repeatedly, under oath and in court pleadings, Balch & Bingham alleged they did not know who Alfred W. Seier III was.

Al Seier was the individual who pulled a gun on Burt Newsome in 2012, and declared vulgarly, “This is last time you are going to f*** with my wife!”

Newsome had spearheaded a legal collection effort against Seier’s wife Sharon Lawson.

In 2018, we uncovered explosive evidence that Balch had indeed interacted with Al Seier at least six months before the Newsome Conspiracy Case started.

We wrote at the time:

According to these public records, Alfred Seier was one of three initial members of a company called Southshore Development, LLC. Alfred Seier, who pulled a gun on Burt Newsome in January of 2012, is the late brother of alleged co-conspirator Claiborne Seier, an attorney who was handling his brother’s affairs.

And who did Southshore Development, LLC interact with in 2010 to amend their mortgage? Balch & Bingham.

And who did Southshore Development, LLC interact with in July of 2011 to provide a full release of the mortgage? Balch & Bingham.

While Balch may not have known who the principals of Southshore Development, LLC were, they indeed knew who Al Seier was, according to new evidence.

Eight months after Newsome had filed suit against Sharon Lawson, Balch filed suit against Al Seier as an individual on behalf of Compass Bank in a complicated collection effort.

Balch deceived. Balch fibbed. Balch misled. Balch lied.

Shameful! From prestigious to egregious.

Nuked! RICO Victims Wage Formal Complaints against Southern Company before Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Southern Company’s licenses and authority to operate nuclear power plants are in grave jeopardy.

Multiple RICO victims have filed complaints with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to revoke and/or postpone the issuance of licenses, and are calling for formal NRC hearings on the fitness of Southern Company to operate these facilities.

Sources tell us that Southern Company failed to inform the NRC that they had hired King & Spalding to conduct an internal probe of misconduct related to the criminal enterprise.


The move will undoubtedly postpone the launch of reactors 3 and 4 at the Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant in Georgia, now six years late and at least $16 billion over budget. dropped the bomb and broke the news late Friday on just one of multiple complaints lodged against Southern:

Over the past two decades, the Southern Company, Alabama Power Company, and Georgia Power Company paid Matrix, LLC, and Joe Perkins (Matrix’s owner) tens of millions of dollars to act as their special breed of well-fed, zealously protected, vicious, Pit bulls. From time to time, these electric utility companies would let Matrix and Perkins out of their kennels and direct them to maul critics, political adversaries, and anybody else who posed a real or perceived threat to their (a) monopoly in electrical power generation and (b) longtime suppression of effective regulatory oversight.

An example of this proverbial Pit bull mauling is described in Joe Perkins’ 13-pages handwritten notes of his plan to maul me to death. The notes speak for themselves.

I survived the mauling by Matrix, Perkins, and those who acted in concert with them.

My son and I were not the only victims of the Southern Company’s reign of terror. I have spoken to other victims of the racketeering scheme operated by the Southern Company, Alabama Power Company, Georgia Power Company, Matrix, Perkins, and those entities and persons who acted in concert with them over the years.

Chairman Hanson

[W]e filed a formal complaint with Mr. Christopher T. Hanson, Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), in which we challenged the fitness of the Southern Company and its affiliates to hold a license to own and operate Vogtle Nuclear Power Units 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Southern Company, acting by and through Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc., and Georgia Power Company, is involved in the ownership structure and operational control of Vogtle. Southern Nuclear is the designated “Operator” of Vogtle, while Georgia Power owns a 45.7% equity stake in this facility.

In recent months, the Southern Company has been seeking a non-prosecution agreement from the Department of Justice on behalf of itself, Alabama Power, and Georgia Power. All three companies are directly implicated in our Criminal RICO Complaint as culpable parties in the Southern Company’s longtime, multi-state, racketeering enterprise. All three companies used Matrix and Perkins to maul innocent victims during their ongoing racketeering scheme.

It does not appear that the Southern Company, or Southern Nuclear, or Georgia Power has disclosed this critical licensure-related information to the NRC while they await final regulatory approval to bring Vogtle Nuclear Power Units 3 and 4 online this year.

We believe that Section 2133(d) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, prohibits any regulated person or entity that knowingly participated in an ongoing racketeering enterprise from owning and operating nuclear power facilities in the U.S. Section 2133(d) expressly states that “no license may be issued to any person within the United States if, in the opinion of the Commission, the issue of a license to such person would be inimical to the common defense and security or to the health and safety of the public.” By definition, a person/entity that operates a multi-state racketeering enterprise poses a great danger to America’s national security and public safety.

We requested the NRC to: (i) immediately open a licensure and regulatory compliance investigation into this matter, in parallel with the Department of Justice’s criminal investigation; (ii) review the investigatory findings regarding the fitness of Southern Company affiliates to retain their participation as an operator (for Southern Nuclear) and principal owner (for Georgia Power) in the NRC licenses for Vogtle Nuclear Power Units 1, 2, 3, and 4, (iii) hold a public hearing on the identified licensure matter, and (iv) determine what legal action by the NRC, if any, appears to be warranted and appropriate in connection with this licensure and regulatory compliance complaint.

Sins of Matrix: Florida Power and Light Ousts CEO; Criminal Scrutiny Escalates as Utilities Seek Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Copying the same dance moves as disgraced ex-Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite, Eric Silagy, the CEO of Florida Power and Light (FPL) resigned abruptly yesterday.

Silagy, like Crosswhite, was embroiled in scandal and alleged criminal probes related to the obscure political consulting firm Matrix, founded by “Sloppy Joe ” Perkins, the Oompa Loompa of Alabama politics.

NPR reported yesterday about Silagy’s downfall and the controversies surrounding FPL,  writing : Continue reading Sins of Matrix: Florida Power and Light Ousts CEO; Criminal Scrutiny Escalates as Utilities Seek Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Attempted Murder by Southern Company? Ongoing Investigation Reveals Explosive New Evidence Linking Crosswhite Advisor to Newsome Head-On, Near-Death Collision

We’ve said it before: there is no such thing as a coincidence in Alabama.

And now the connections to the Southern Company criminal enterprise are solidifying on a case of what some would call attempted murder.

In 2019, we, the CDLU, uncovered the fact that the cop that pulled over Burt Newsome in his staged arrest in 2013 was the son of an Alabama Power executive. The executive was also a long-time client of Balch & Bingham.

Now, with a highly anticipated civil RICO lawsuit in the works, the corruption of law enforcement is getting a deep review.

How many other abuses under the authority of color has Southern Company’s criminal enterprise engaged in?

The CDLU, working with investigators, has found stunning evidence in the near-death, head-on car collision of Burt Newsome. The investigation is currently ongoing.

The accident occurred on September 10, 2020, at the height of the aggressive campaign of terror by Southern Company’s criminal enterprise against Newsome and his family.


Southern Company paid for luggage to be sent to the Newsome family as a threat to his wife and four young kids. Creating fear, Newsome’s wife was targeted, and her car window was smashed in.

Two weeks before the head-on accident, Southern Company paid for a smear site that falsely called Newsome a rapist.

Newsome refused to end the Newsome Conspiracy Case and refused to drop ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit.

Even with all the threats and lies, Newsome was not intimidated.

Was the car accident planned as the ultimate way to end both lawsuits? Death?

Highly unusual, a State Trooper arrived on the scene only minutes after the accident, as if he were a fox in waiting.

The accident occurred on a County Road and in Shelby County only Sheriff Deputies can draft up an accident report; State Troopers are called only when a fatality is involved.

Were they expecting Newsome to be dead?

The accident report by the State Trooper is completely inaccurate and photos taken at the scene prove that the accident report was deliberately misleading.

The accident report’s attempts to show that the person who hit Newsome was simply making a left turn and that Newsome hit him straight up. That is false.

Newsome was driving a blue Volkswagen Jetta and the other driver was driving a green Ford Explorer.

Newsome saw the person appearing to come straight at him and Newsome made a defensive move and swerved to his left just beyond a yellow “suicide” lane. However, the driver of the other vehicle then turned to his right and appears to have gunned it towards Newsome.

The other driver’s wheels are turned to the right and appears that he was driving straight, not turning at all to his left.

The accident report attempts to imply that the accident happened as Newsome was entering the intersection. It did not.

A photo taken at the scene clearly shows that the entrance and center of the intersection is clear. You can clearly see the yellow “suicide” lane

Looking westbound, Newsome was driving eastbound (towards the camera).

The side-by-side graphic below shows what the state trooper filed and what would be a more accurate visualization of the accident where the wheels of the Ford Explorer were actually turned to the right. In addition, the accident report attempts to show that Newsome (Car #2) was going straight and then moved to his right, a falsity. The opposite is true.

The State Trooper attempted to prevent photos from being taken. A photo taken from another angle of the accident shows that the Ford Explorer’s left tire is also facing to the right.

When you look at the photos and compare them to the accurate visualization, the state trooper’s report is definitively inaccurate and wrong.

But more troubling than the photos and inaccurate if not false accident report is the narrative provided by the state trooper.

In the narrative, the trooper states that the driver of the green Ford Explorer stated, “as he was going to make his left turn another car in front of him was making a right turn on County Road 11, and he did not see vehicle #2 behind the non-contact vehicle and as the non-contact turned right he was turning left and vehicle #2 entered the intersection and struck him.”

That is absurd and impossible!

You cannot turn right going westbound or you will end up on a mound of dirt.

Even if a car coming in the opposite direction was turning to the right, there is a dedicated right turning lane.

Nothing would be obscured.

Mark White

The ongoing investigation has not only found that the accident report was severely inaccurate and at times false, there is now solid evidence of connections between the state trooper and a known business associate of Mark White, the most trusted advisor of disgraced ex-CEO of Alabama Power, Mark A. Crosswhite.

White is a white-collar criminal attorney who represents Alabama Power and attended the North Birmingham Bribery Trial every day, according to court observers.

The business associate also appears to be linked to the individual(s) who allegedly filed the false police report in 2013 that led to Newsome’s staged arrest in the Newsome Conspiracy Case by the son of an Alabama Power executive.

Investigators are digging deep into the relationships between the state trooper, White’s business associate, and the driver of the green Ford Explorer who allegedly works at Norfolk Southern, a Southern Company transportation provider.

Burt Newsome is an Iron Man and has vigorously fought back against the corrupt judicial system and co-conspirators. After the accident, he rehabilitated himself and has successfully grown a respected law office with more clients, more victories, and precedent-setting decisions.

Investigators are asking, since Newsome would not give-in, did Crosswhite order the final solution? Was Mark White stupid enough “to follow orders?”

This is an ongoing investigation, and we will provide further updates.

Tangled: Southern Company’s Criminal Enterprise, Law Enforcement Stooges, Compromised Judges, Paid-Off Media, and the Miscarriage of Justice

Southern Company allowed their most profitable subsidiary Alabama Power run free, like outlaws in the Wild West.

Why? Because Alabama Power’s excessive profits helped pay for the billion-dollar cost overruns at two Southern Company boondoggles: The Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant in Georgia and the Kemper Plant in Mississippi.


Ex-Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite appears to have run a criminal enterprise that gives multiple victims of the misconduct standing to sue Southern Company with civil RICO lawsuits.

Civil RICO lawsuits against Southern Company, Matrix, Balch & Bingham, and others offer plaintiffs a solution to the rigged and corrupt system of justice and law enforcement in Alabama.

The acts carried out by Alabama Power, Balch, Matrix and others associated to the criminal enterprise are actionable. And the civil RICO statute provides triple damages to victims.

Now with Monday’s explosive post how Southern Company’s law enforcement stooge and disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town authorized the subpoena of Alabama Media Group to find out the identity of an innocent, online commentator, the tangled web of law enforcement stooges, compromised judges, and paid-off media demonstrate a horrific enterprise engaged in acts of injustice.

Look at the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

When the Southern Company’s criminal enterprise sent two sets of outfits and travel bags to Newsome’s wife and each of his four children as a threatening message, local law enforcement had the audacity to blame his young twins who couldn’t read of ordering the items, picking correct clothing sizes, and inputting a stolen credit card number and home address on a website.

Fraudulently using a stolen credit card is a Class C Felony in Alabama. Why in the God’s name did local Shelby County Sheriff Deputies ignore this crime and dismiss it as an act of his two young children?

Town’s office was briefed on the Newsome Conspiracy Case, but Town, too, intentionally ignored the serious allegations and deliberately blocked four different FBI investigations.

The four blocked FBI investigations included probing a criminal enterprise, investigating the alleged bribes to the husband of the presiding judge, reviewing the abuse under the color of law by the cop-son of a retired Alabama Power executive, and an overall investigation out of Montgomery’s FBI Office.

As an FBI agent told us, “their hands were tied behind their backs.”

And by whom? Southern Company’s criminal enterprise and their stooge Jay Town.

In January of 2018, Jim Kerr, the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel at Southern Company told us unequivocally that Southern Company/Alabama Power was not involved in the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

But that was untrue, a lie.

A year later we uncovered that the staged arrest of Newsome in 2013 was done by the cop-son of a retired Alabama Power executive.

The anonymous documents we received in November show that Alabama Power paid to have the Newsome family terrorized, paid to tar and feather Newsome falsely as a rapist, and, to add a cherry on top of this cluster of injustice, paid-off the media to attack Newsome.

Southern Company’s paid-off media, the discredited Alabama Political Reporter, wrote a long-winded article in 2021 attacking the merits of the Newsome Conspiracy Case while defending Alabama Power and making disgraced ex-CEO Mark A. Crosswhite sound like a poor victim of this blog. (Cry us a polluted river!)

Mullet Moon

And who wrote that hit piece?

Brain amputee and CDLU stalker Josh Moon, the discredited journalist and failed realtor, who sold his journalistic integrity like a Bangkok whore.

Alabama Power paid Alabama Political Reporter at least $120,000 a year according to documents we received anonymously.

In 2018, Kerr may have looked the other way and let Alabama Power act like outlaws. Or maybe Kerr was lied to by subordinates.

All that changed in 2022, when news reports revealed that Alabama Power spied on Southern Company Chairman and CEO Tom Fanning and his then-girlfriend in 2017.

The outlaws had fatally shot themselves in the foot.

While Southern Company is cleaning house and restructuring, the corrupt state of affairs and infrastructure in Alabama remains.

Donald V. Watkins, the Newsome Family, the Forbes Family, the CDLU, GASP, and others have one remedy to clean up this Alabama mess and detangle the corruption: a federal civil RICO lawsuit.

Sealed Documents Show Southern Company’s Law Enforcement Stooges Silenced Critics and Media

During the height of the criminal trial, Jay Town’s office filed a sealed subpoena demanding to know who was making counter arguments and critical comments about the prosecution and trial on the website.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we expose the appalling lengths to which Southern Company stooges went to go after and destroy an African American leader and his supporters.

Southern Company’s criminal enterprise not only greased and corrupted the judicial branch in Alabama to protect their wholly owned subsidiaries, but also corrupted the executive branch and law enforcement to silence critics and the media.

From the Newsome Conspiracy Case to the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal, obstruction of justice not only occurred in the court system, but some acts were sadly done by law enforcement officials.


The CDLU has anonymously received a bombshell: a sealed court document from the crimimal case against African American businessman and attorney Donald V. Watkins.

And the document is utterly devastating and demonstrates that the office of disgraced and now ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town was indeed in Southern Company/Alabama Power’s pocket.

Town was confirmed as U.S. Attorney in August of 2017.

In October 2017, Town’s office opened a new federal criminal investigation into the same business transactions between Watkins and a handful of investors in his waste-to-energy business that had been probed by federal prosecutors in New Jersey from July 2015 to February 2016. These prosecutors cleared Watkins on all allegations of wrongdoing.

The move came at the same month as Southern Company’s $2 million-a-year consultant “Sloppy Joe” Perkins hand-wrote a detailed outline of an orchestrated smear campaign against Watkins.

[Sloppy Joe’s secret, hand-written notes from October of 2017 were published four years later in September of 2021 causing a firestorm.]

Perkins’ notes, at page 3, specifically referenced his knowledge of “federal subpoenas” involving Watkins. At the time, the only federal subpoenas involving Watkins were those issued by Town’s newly empaneled grand jury.

Sloppy Joe’s handwritten notes mentions federal subpoenas (last line)

Watkins did not become aware of any federal grand jury proceedings or subpoenas issued by Town until February of 2018.

Why would Sloppy Joe know about subpoenas coming out of the secret proceedings of a federal grand jury?

Why, one would ask, was Sloppy Joe in the know?

We believe Southern Company’s criminal enterprise took immediate action against Watkins after he published critical stories about Perkins and his firm Matrix in September of 2017.

Watkins accused Perkins of allegedly targeting the family of a rape victim, Meagan Rondini, who committed suicide after law enforcement and others allegedly dismissed or ignored her accusations against the son of a prominent family in Alabama.

Eventually, Watkins was indicted and the criminal case went to trial in early 2019.

But the sealed documents from the Watkins case that we received are alarming to First Amendment rights and privacy.

During the height of the criminal trial, Jay Town’s office filed a sealed subpoena demanding to know who was making counter arguments and critical comments about the prosecution and trial on the website comments area.

TheTruthHurts48 burned up Town and his team. ?

Ripping up First Amendment rights and like mobsters wanting to break one’s legs, Town’s office filed the subpoena on February 25, 2019. Three days later, Alabama Media Group, owners of, filed a motion to quash. The issue, according to court records, was resolved shortly thereafter but details are unknown.

Because of guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom of the press rights, U.S. Department of Justice guidelines are clear that there are mandatory consultation requirements and Jay Town and his office should have obtained authorization at least 30 days before issuing a subpoena to a media outlet like Alabama Media Group.

We doubt Town’s office did. Town was too busy sipping cocktails?with Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite, who resigned in disgrace this past November.

We received the anonymously sent, sealed court documents last spring. As whistleblowers, we have forwarded the documents to the Office of Professional Responsibility and the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Sipping Town

Recently we learned who TheTruthHurts48 is, and the person told us that they attended the Watkins trial everyday and believe the trial was an absolute miscarriage of justice.

TheTruthHurts48, who works remotely, used an IP address and VPN associated with their employer. After the trial, the person was unexpectedly fired by their employer for no reason. They believe Jay Town caused the abrupt termination.

Exactly one year after Jay Town’s office filed that subpoena, on February 25, 2020, Alabama Media Group published an “End of an Era” story and announced, “Beginning Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020 at 5 a.m. CST, we’ll eliminate website comments…”

While Balch Gets Terminated Again, Newsome Sets Legal Precedent

Newsome won’t take it on the chin, not for himself or his clients.

Eight years ago embattled law firm Balch & Bingham declared in a pleading in the Newsome Conspiracy Case that they had the legal right to “ruin a rival.”

Instead, Balch ruined themselves losing tens of millions in legal fees, 18 of 18 major lobbying clients, and dozens of seasoned and legacy partners.

Now that disgraced ex-Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite was ousted, the once-prestigious, now-egregious law firm has been exposed as part of a criminal enterprise funded by the deep pockets of Southern Company and will be part of a highly anticipated civil RICO lawsuit.

So toxic Balch has become, the Jefferson County Commission terminated the firm last month, according to, joining the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department that terminated Balch in 2019.

And this week, apparently unable to attract experienced partners from other firms or retain new attorneys, Balch announced the promotion to partner of junior ghost-writer extraordinaire, and spy-vs-spy man Irving Jones, Jr. , a central figure of the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal.

Jones infiltrated meetings of the public charity and environmental group GASP and helped ghost-write “dumbed-down” letters for convicted felon and ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert to be signed by African American residents in the AstroTurf campaign to block EPA testing in North Birmingham, according to court testimony in 2018.

Jones had left Balch but returned in 2018. So embarrassed by the rehire, Balch took three weeks to acknowledge that Jones had returned. Jones’ return happened a little over two months after Gilbert’s conviction.

Meanwhile, Burt Newsome, who was viciously targeted by the criminal enterprise and nearly murdered assassinated killed in a mysterious head-on collision in 2020, won a precedent-setting opinion in the 11th Circuit yesterday.

The 11th Circuit three-judge panel unanimously reversed a lower court ruling in Mortgage Corporation vs.Bozeman ( 21-10987).

Law 360 reports: 

An Alabama U.S. district court ruling that dissolved the mortgage lien on a bankrupt debtor’s home ran afoul of federal law, the Eleventh Circuit said in a precedent-setting opinion that reaffirms the right of secured creditors to full recovery of mortgage loans.

With outstanding professionalism and legal brilliance, and adding to his enormous victory for a Mexican farmer in May, Newsome has vigorously defended the rights of his clients with tenacity.

The 11th Circuit decision, highly applauded in banking circles, should open more doors for Newsome.

The late Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., General Counsel at Balch & Bingham, vowed to fight Newsome to the death.

Sadly, Baker died in 2020.

Balch and the criminal enterprise stupidy wasted millions and lost tens of millions in fees to win a slam-dunk and corrupt judgment of $242,000 against Newsome.

Now the judgment and counterfeit order used to trample Newsome will play a leading role in the Civil RICO lawsuit against Balch, Southern Company, Matrix, and others.

Newsome won’t take it on the chin, not for himself or his clients.

Newsome’s determination for justice has not been hindered, not even by a criminal enterprise or a near-death, head-on car wreck.

And we, the CDLU, along with the public in general, energetically applaud Newsome’s perseverance.

Go, Burt, go!

Part 10: Antisemite Booster Hired by Southern Company’s Criminal Enterprise to Intimidate and Terrorize Perceived Enemies, Informants

Jeff Peoples and Zeke Smith should be immediately fired for hiring an antisemite apologist.

The anonymous financial records and documents that we, the CDLU, received show that Southern Company/Alabama Power paid Frank Matthews thousands of dollars in the summer of 2020 in the campaign of terror and intimidation against the CDLU, the Forbes Family, and Burt Newsome.

The expenditures, paid by Matrix, LLC, were approved by Zeke Smith, Executive Vice President of External Affairs at Alabama Power.

Matthews, who self-proclaimed himself as “God’s Gangster,” defended and praised Louis Farrakhan, the antisemite and anti-white racist who came to Birmingham in June of 2013.

In the summer of 2020, on the seven-year anniversary of the visit, Matthews declared that it was a “Privilege and honor to meet the most regarded! honorable Louis Farrakhan” in a Facebook Post.

Matthews then spouts his own hate, writing, “We don’t care what Jewish Foundation or Federation or no house negroes that didn’t want the minister here.”

And who did Matthews tag in that Facebook post dated June 14, 2020?

Carlos M. Chaverst Jr., the illustrious but easily distracted rabble-rouser.

A little over two weeks later, Chaverst attacked K.B. Forbes, the Chief Executive Officer of the CDLU, as a “racist ass white man” on a Facebook post attached to a Facebook Live video where at the end of the video Chaverst rambles about the “white man” K.B. Forbes and talks about Forbes’ home, while labeling him WYPIPO.

[Note: Chaverst had three Facebook profiles in 2020. The Montez Chaverst profile has since been deleted. ]

Two days later, on July 4th, the self-anointed Apostle Brenda Paige Ward, having rented a large van from Budget Rentals at the Birmingham Airport, showed up in Forbes’ neighborhood and held a two-minute “shoot and scoot” fake protest adjacent to Forbes’ home, terrorizing neighbors and Forbes’ then-eight-year-old daughter who cried thinking they were killing an innocent African American like George Floyd.

The next day, the Apostle posted that she enjoyed going to Jazz at the Park on Independence Day.

And who did the Apostle tag? Carlos M. Chaverst, Jr.

Frank Matthews appears to have utilized Chaverst and the Apostle in the campaign of intimidation and terror, and Southern Company paid him well.

Matthews and others demonstrated total ignorance about Forbes, who lived in Chile as a child, is the son of a Hispanic immigrant, and is fully bilingual.

Forbes and the CDLU were working with the U.S. Department of Justice as informants about the misconduct in Alabama, and the criminal enterprise did not like the fact.

Forbes had dispatched numerous letters and provided hundreds of pages of documents, including the jaw-dropping photos of disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town and ex-Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite chugging cocktails together.

By these acts, Southern Company was trying to silence, intimidate, and threaten Forbes and his family.

The antisemite booster was then paid in late August of 2020 to put up signs for a website that falsely claimed that Burt Newsome was a rapist and that Forbes was defending a rapist.

Southern Company appears to have wanted to discourage and intimidate Newsome from defending or continuing to pursue ex-Drummond Executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit against Balch & Bingham and Drummond, while discouraging Forbes and the CDLU from reporting about the Roberson case or defending Newsome in the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Jeff Peoples, who approved the expenditure and contract that was used to terrorize the Newsome Family, has since been promoted as CEO and Chairman of Alabama Power.

Jeff Peoples and Zeke Smith should be immediately fired for hiring an antisemite apologist, being engaged in nefarious and criminal misconduct, and for contributing to a criminal enterprise that will be held accountable in a much-anticipated civil RICO lawsuit.

Matthews even called the CDLU and left a vulgar message for us.

Southern Company’s Paid Stooge Frank Matthews Verbally Assaults CDLU in a Voicemail

An apostle, a rebel-rouser, and an antisemite booster meet in a bar…

You can’t make this stuff up.

RICO: Southern Company and the Corruption of the Alabama Judicial Branch

A simple case of breach of contract and misrepresention was sealed in its entirety. No minors, or victims of sexual assault or domestic violence were involved.

So why was the case sealed then?

Because the case was tied to Southern Company, its subsidiary Alabama Power, and/or sister-wife Balch & Bingham.

Observers have been stunned by the sheer control that Southern Company has over judges and the judicial branch in Alabama.

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

With the numerous documents, financial records, and insurmountable evidence of Southern Company’s criminal enterprise, now the greasing and corruption of the judicial branch of Alabama is under scrutiny.

The simple case of breach of contract and misrepresention is ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit against Drummond Company and Balch & Bingham.

No developments in the case are currently available because of the gag order, sealing of the case.

And the motions to seal the case were made shortly after disgraced ex-Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite was subpoenaed to testify.

Known as the rebirth of the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, the case caused uncontrolled panic by Alabama Power, Drummond, and Balch before it was sealed.

And why does Southern Company seal a case?

So they can cheat and hide high crimes and misdemeanors.

Look at the Newsome Conspiracy Case where Southern Company’s attorneys at Balch & Bingham sealed the case in its entirety, known as a secret Star Chamber.

The entire case was “won” on a counterfeit order that even Balch admitted was counterfeit.

The counterfeit order was embarrassingly affirmed by the Alabama Supreme Court after contradicting an earlier, split-decision.

Judge Smitherman

Judge Carole Smitherman, who presided over the Newsome Conspiracy Case, was completely bias, calling Newsome’s pleadings an attack on her family.

Why would she allude to her family?

Because her husband, Alabama State Senator Roger Smitherman received over $30,000 in legal bribes contributions from Southern Company linked PACs and donors at critical junctures during the case. Senator Smitherman even sat in on the secret Star Chamber hearings of the Newsome case when no one outside of the case was supposed to be in the courtroom.

Crosswhite’s inappropriate relationship with disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town helped Alabama Power to be “unmentionable” during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial and allegedly prevented a broader investigation after the convictions, that could have led to indictments of Southern Company employees.

Except for Regions Bank in Birmingham, Alabama has no Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the state.


Because of the high risk of a failed and compromised legal system.

What company CEO would want to deal with a corrupt and bias “system of justice” controlled and manipulated by a corrupt few in Jefferson County and Montgomery?

The rule of law and the people’s court sadly does not exist, but RICO actions against Southern Company and its criminal enterprise can bring an end of an era of uncontrolled corruption and flagrant miscarriages of justice.

Hear, hear!

Massive Corruption: Southern Company Launches Deep, Internal Criminal Probe

King & Spalding is heavily looking at the corruption involving disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town.

As Southern Company ousted Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite in late November, the utility hired King & Spalding to conduct a deep, internal criminal probe of the “massive corruption” surrounding the known and reported misconduct by Alabama Power, Matrix, and embattled law firm Balch & Bingham, the CDLU has exclusively learned.

Paul B. Murphy, (above, left) a former Chief of Staff at the FBI, leads the investigation while David L. Balser, (above, right) who handles the “most sensitive, complex, and enterprise-threatening matters” at King & Spalding, is assisting.

To keep potential bias out of the investigation, Southern Company Chairman and CEO Tom Fanning is not involved with the independent investigation since he was a victim of the alleged misconduct.

Crosswhite (L) sought evidence that Fanning (R) was bisexual. He isn’t.

Like a Peeping Tom, Crosswhite authorized the surveillance of Fanning and his then-girlfriend apparently to obtain photographic evidence that Fanning was in a bisexual tryst.

The criminal investigation comes as Southern Company faces potential civil RICO lawsuits for the criminal enterprise that targeted perceived enemies, and innocent parties, including terrorizing children as young as six years of age, whose parents were enemies of friends or acquaintances of Alabama Power executives.

Authorized by Crosswhite, Alabama Power paid over $2 million a year to Matrix, LLC, and its founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins which engaged in nefarious misconduct.

No invoicing was required thereby increasing third-party risk and financial liability to Southern Company.

Perkins was in a nasty lawsuit with his former protégé “Jittery Jeff” Pitts that exposed a web of misconduct including the laundering of $50 million through 18 tax-exempt entities.

Internal documents, financial records, and contracts were delivered anonymously to media outlets, journalists, and us, the CDLU confirming and documenting Southern Company’s criminal enterprise.

Jittery Jeff, Sloppy Joe, and Peeping Crosswhite

The utility also spent millions in fees to embattled law firm Balch & Bingham, which appears to have used its web of political connections and stooges in the judicial branch to assist and protect Alabama Power with slam-dunk decisions, orders, and verdicts.

Sources tell us that King & Spalding is heavily looking at the corruption involving disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town.

King & Spalding is looking at Crosswhite’s inappropriate contact and relationship with Town that prevented a broader investigation after the North Birmingham convictions in 2018, and protected Alabama Power operatives from being indicted.

Beyond probing how Alabama Power was “unmentionable” and protected during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, invesigators are scrutinizing a half-baked deposition using an actor during the Newsome Conspiracy Case that was orchestrated by Alabama Power’s criminal enterprise and Town.

The actor impersonated Verizon employee Jason Forman.

The real Jason Forman

As we wrote in 2020, unless he grew five inches in height, gained 150 pounds, suffered dramatic hair loss, and saw his skull double in size, the telephony expert in the Balch’s half-baked deposition in 2017 during the height of the Newsome Conspiracy Case was an actor, a fake, an imposter.

Town resigned and fled in the middle of the night in 2020, but an alleged ongoing U.S. Department of Justice probe of obstruction of justice appears to have forced Federal Judge Abdul K. Kallon, who presided over the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, to resign last April, while two Assistant U.S. Attorneys allegedly submitted their resignations a day later.

King & Spalding is conducting the investigation to rid Southern Company of any and all accomplices.

Plausible deniability simply won’t work. Just ask Peeping Crosswhite who denied involvement in August but was ousted three months later.

2023 marks the deep cleaning of Southern Company’s septic tank and sources tell us that heads will roll.

What else can we say?

Happy New Year! ?

Part 7: As Alabama Power Increases Rates Again, Utility Wasted Millions on AstroTurf Groups and Alleged Criminal Enterprise


Last week, Alabama Power announced its third rate increase this year to go in effect in January.

According to NBC15:

This one will begin on your January bill and -with the previous two increases- amounts to a roughly $22/month increase in your bill over the last 6 months.

Zeke Smith

Now the anonymous documents we, the CDLU, received show that the utility wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on AstroTurf groups allegedly paid through Matrix and allegedly authorized by Zeke Smith, Alabama Power Executive Vice President of External Affairs.

This is apparently on top of the more than $2 million a year the utility funneled to the obscure political consulting firm Matrix and its founder Sloppy Joe Perkins.

Kim Adams of the AstroTurf entity Job Keepers Alliance allegedly was paid $4,500 a month through December of 2020 while another front group named PURE was allegedly paid an additional $3,500 a month.

As previously reported, the discredited Alabama Political Reporter (APR) publication received $10,000 a month to allegedly write smear pieces against us, the CDLU, our Chief Executive Officer, K.B. Forbes, and this blog. Alabama Power also allegedly boosted and promoted APR’s Facebook posts on the smear pieces.

Millions generated with three rate hikes in one year, yet Alabama Power/Southern Company has also wasted millions on an alleged criminal enterprise that was used to allegedly intimidate, harass, threaten, and smear perceived enemies, their families, and their children.

In some cases, Alabama Power allegedly targeted individuals who had no business, no function, no relationship with the utility.

Friends of friends and distant acquaintances of Alabama Power executives appear to have been able to waste the utility’s resources on despicable acts that had no legitimate business purpose whatsoever.

According to the anonymous documentation, several entities received generous monthly payments above their original contract.

Above and beyond?

Millions wasted for such foolishness!

No wonder disgraced Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite was forced to resign, sugar-coated as a retirement. More heads need to roll, swiftly and with no remorse.

Part 6: Signed Docs Affirm Alabama Power’s Alleged Criminal Enterprise; Will Southern Company Fire “Sloppy Joe” Perkins?

The signed documents we have received anonymously, on top of the financial records, are truly earth-shattering. They appear to confirm Alabama Power/Southern Company’s alleged criminal enterprise.

In September we wrote:

Crosswhite more than ever is unfit to serve. He appears to show unwavering loyalty to Balch, Matrix, Mark White, and a web of non-disclosure agreements, blank checks, front groups, pay throughs, and secret contracts instead of Fanning or Southern Company.

Southern Company must cut the ropes with this alleged posse of deplorable and disloyal actors, who appear to be bald-face liars. Terminate Balch. Terminate Matrix. Terminate Sloppy Joe. Terminate White. Fire Crosswhite!

Now that Crosswhite has been ousted, Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning needs to clean house starting with “Sloppy Joe” Perkins and his obscure political consulting firm, Matrix.


Perkins’ signature is on documents in which Jeff Peoples of Alabama Power paid him mid-five figures to allegedly terrorize Burt Newsome, his young twins, his entire family.

Why would Peoples, Alabama Power Executive Vice President of Customer and Employee Services, be involved in such alleged acts? Why would a utility company entangle themselves in an alleged criminal enterprise including terrorizing innocent children and families?

The mid five-figures given to Sloppy Joe is on top of the over $2 million paid to Perkins and his entities yearly allegedly without the need for an invoice.

Although described as involving “transportation,” the obscure and vague contract appears to affirm the alleged dirty-deeds tied to Matrix.

Transportation services and trade secrets seem to be synonymous with high crimes, dirty-deeds, and acts of terror.

With Alabama Power allegedly spending hundreds of thousands through Matrix to allegedly smear Newsome falsely on a website as a rapist in July and August of 2020,  there is not much left to stretch when looking at the alleged crime of attempted murder against Burt Newsome that occurred on September 11, 2020.

Newsome was injured in a head-on accident two weeks after the smear website went live.

He was gravely injured and nearly killed. Some even claimed the act was an alleged intentional act to silence Newsome, who is the lead attorney in ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit against Alabama Power’s sister-wife Balch  & Bingham, and Drummond Company.

The other driver allegedly works for Norfolk Southern, a long-time business partner of Alabama Power and Drummond.

The photo appears to show oddly that the other driver in the green Ford Explorer, who made a left turn in front of Newsome,  turned right when Newsome attempted to swerve around him.

Currently, the Roberson case is under seal in a secret Star Chamber. The sealed proceedings could be hiding, obscurring, and consealing high crimes and criminal misconduct.

Ironically, one of the highest campaign contributors to the judge presiding over the Roberson case is the illustrious Andrew “Andy2K” Campbell, who incredibly represents Sloppy Joe, Matrix and Balch.  (Campbell donated $3,000. Maybe he should now be called Andy3K.)

Before the case was sealed,  Alabama Power and Crosswhite were in sheer panic and vigorously fought to have protective orders approved.

The rebirth of the North Birmingham Bribery Trial appears to be a grave threat to Alabama Power.

Before the case was sealed in 2021, was Alabama Power trying to intimidate Newsome?

Everything we, the CDLU, have received is being turned over to the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including “Sloppy Joe’s” trade secrets.

Fanning must terminate the Oompa Loompa of Alabama politics, Sloppy Joe, and clean house.

The Crosswhite era is over, and the posse loyal to him needs to be removed like a bad cancer.

Terminate Matrix. Terminate Sloppy Joe. Terminate White. Terminate Balch.

Part 3: Alabama Power/Southern Company Paid for Website Falsely Accusing Attorney of Rape

When disgraced Alabama Power CEO Mark A. Crosswhite was appointed CEO nearly a decade ago, a feature article noted that his favorite movie was The Godfather.

Sources claim Crosswhite saw himself like Vito Corleone, the Godfather, and ran Alabama Power with an iron fist, and who expected fierce loyalty, absolute respect, and a dash of fear from his underlings.

The alleged Alabama Power/Southern Company criminal enterprise was not only involved in intimidating, smearing, and destroying perceived enemies of Alabama Power, but also to allegedly help friends of friends or distant acquaintances retaliate or seek revenge that had no corporate purpose whatsoever.

In the very beginning of The Godfather movie, Italian immigrant Bonasera asks for a vengeful favor from Don Corleone after Bonasera’s daughter was assaulted by her boyfriend. After kissing Don Corleone’s hand, Corleone agrees to help Bonasera.

How many friends of friends or distant acquaintances kissed Crosswhite’s hand?

Who kissed Crosswhite’s hand so that Alabama Power would allegedly use all its resources at his command to target an innocent man, Burt Newsome, his young twins, and his entire family?

The expenditures against Newsome make no sense and have no fiduciary purpose for the wholly owned subsidiary of a publicly traded company, Southern Company. We believe the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission and federal investigators will agree.


Newsome’s legal career has been one of actively supporting the business community in Alabama and west Georgia, representing banks and small businesses. Besides paying his monthly electric bill, Newsome has had no interaction whatsoever with Alabama Power.

Newsome is not an environmentalist or tree-hugging green activist. He’s a traditional Southerner.

Newsome grew up in Columbus, Georgia where his father was Chairman of the Board and Lay Leader of St. Luke United Methodist Church – one of the largest Methodist churches in the State of Georgia. Newsome’s Sunday School Teacher was former President Pro-Tem of the Georgia Senate and founding Chairman of Troutman Pepper Strategies, the late Pete Robinson.

Newsome, in his legal profession, may have sued an entity or individual who was a friend of a friend or acquaintance that went running to kiss “Don Crosswhite’s” hand like Bonasera and asked for a vengeful favor.

The documents that we received anonymously show an alleged criminal enterprise that was entrenched and well-funded by Alabama Power/Southern Company, confirming the tenacles that have seeped throughout the highest levels of government, the legal system, and corporate world of Alabama.

Now the alleged criminal enterprise has been stripped naked and so has the Godfather.

According to the financial documents that we received anonymously, Alabama Power/Southern Company not only targeted the Newsome and Forbes Families, the company also allegedly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to smear Newsome and Forbes.

Zeke Smith

Alabama Power Executive Vice President of External Affiars Zeke Smith allegedly approved expenditures from the obscure political consulting firm Matrix to Go Daddy and A2 Solutions to reserve domain names and create two websites, one that went live, and the other that never did and remains under construction. The dates in the documents match ICANN data, the global registry of domain names. The websites have been confirmed by ICANN to be hosted by A2 Solutions.

Unbelievable, the website that went live was way over the top filled with slander, falsehoods, and defamation.

The website falsely called and defamed Newsome as “a rapist” and falsely claimed that K.B. Forbes, our Chief Executive Officer, was defending a rapist.

100% False

Newsome had never, ever been arrested until the cop-son of an Alabama Power executive arrested Newsome in a “staged arrest” on a false misdemeanor menacing charge that was eventually dropped and expunged.

Incredibly foolish and putting enormous liability on the company, Alabama Power/Southern Company used the mugshot from the “staged arrest” from the Newsome Conspiracy Case to act as if Newsome had been arrested for rape: 100% false, a lie.

On August 27, 2020, Alabama Power/Southern Company paid to have hundreds of signs posted throughout downtown Birmingham promoting the defamatory website, and the documents confirm the expenditure.

The sheer audacity for Alabama Power/Southern Company to allegedly approve this enormous expenditure to defame Newsome, Forbes, and the CDLU, through Matrix and its founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins is stunning and jaw-dropping.

This comes as Matrix and Perkins have been accused of allegedly targeting the family of a rape victim, Meagan Rondini, who committed suicide after law enforcement and others allegedly dismissed or ignored her accusations against the son of a prominent family in Alabama.

Megan Rondini

The suicide garnered national headlines in 2017 when Buzzfeed wrote a detailed and lengthy story of the young woman’s plight and eventual suicide.

In August, court filings in the Matrix Meltdown between Matrix founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins and his once-protégé Jeff Pitts exposed Perkins’ alleged misconduct.

“Defendant Pitts was compelled to resign because of Perkins’ inappropriate and unethical business practices, including, but not limited to, initiating and directing the creation of an explicit video used in an attempt to intimidate the family of Megan Rondini, a rape victim who had committed suicide, to settle a civil claim….”.

On top of that, we, the CDLU, have defended rape victims from sexual predators. The alleged defamation by Alabama Power/Southern Company is monumental.

We championed the victims of sexual assault at an adult day care center in California known as Healthy Start.

These developmentally disabled adult children were raped and sodomized by Juan Fernando Flores while inept government agencies did nothing. Because of CDLU’s loud voice, the facility was permanently shut down. The civil case, independent of us, was settled out of court.

But Alabama Power/Southern Company didn’t care. They wanted to defame Newsome, probably for a friend of a friend. They wanted to slander us, the CDLU, probably on behalf of their sister-wife Balch & Bingham. They wanted to smear Forbes maybe because of our reporting.

Without a doubt, massive civil lawsuits and RICO actions (plus federal probes) against Alabama Power/Southern Company and “Sloppy Joe” Perkins will be Crosswhite’s legacy.

Part 2: Alabama Power Wasted Hundreds of Thousands to Allegedly Terrorize Hispanic Family

Yesterday, sources claim new developments in the alleged federal probe of criminal obstruction of justice and other alleged crimes helped force the ouster of Alabama Power’s disgraced CEO Mark A. Crosswhite.

Sources add that the abrupt resignation caught Alabama Power/Southern Company off guard, where no succession plan had begun and no potential replacement candidates had been vetted.

The alleged criminal misconduct has engulfed the utility and confirms what a respected investigator of the U.S. Department of Justice told us in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2019: With its bottomless pit of financial resources, Alabama Power is the problem, not Balch & Bingham.

Now financial documents in our possession give a graphic snapshot of that bottomless pit and demonstrate the stunning depth the alleged criminal enterprise led by Alabama Power/Southern Company went to, to instill fear, terrorize, and intimidate an innocent Hispanic family, including two young girls. The Hispanic family was forced to flee Alabama because of threats to their safety.

After the murder of George Floyd, the summer of 2020 was a summer of racial reckoning and stunning setbacks for the alleged criminal enterprise.

The alleged racist law firm (and sister-wife of Alabama Power) Balch & Bingham lost their 18th of 18 major lobbying clients in Washington, D.C. Crosswhite’s drinking buddy U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town resigned in disgrace, while Southern Company was hit hard for foolishly calling the suppression of African Americans in North Birmingham a “hypothesis.” On top of that an elderly exploitation scandal erupted creating headlines and headaches.

According to the financial records, Zeke Smith, Alabama Power Executive Vice President of External Affairs , authorized hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenditures through Matrix, the obscure political consulting firm founded by “Sloppy Joe” Perkins, the Oompa Loompa of Alabama politics.

In the summer of 2020, at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, Alabama Power/Southern Company allegedly and foolishly decided to target, harass, intimidate, and terrorize the Hispanic family, spending big bucks to do so, and gathering intelligence and detailed personal information about the family.

The effort against the Hispanic family was over the top and at times extremely invasive and threatening.

The terror and harassment included phone calls to the Hispanic mother demanding to know her location, asking if she was at home, and offering to “drop off a package.”

Zeke Smith

Here, now, is a stunning example of the incredible reach that the alleged Alabama Power/Southern Company criminal enterprise engaged in that will give you, our dear reader, goosebumps.

According to the documents that we received anonymously, Zeke Smith approved an expenditure on June 11, 2020 for software called Import Genius that tracks exports, imports, and the bill of lading associated with those transactions.

Alabama Power/Southern Company appear to have been digging into an export made by the Hispanic family to Mexico. It was the first and only export they had ever made.

And what were they exporting?

The princess castle bed Zeke Smith allegedly wanted to know about

A Pottery Barn princess castle bed for their three-year-old daughter to a family home in Mexico.

The Hispanic family had received a Bill of Lading on June 11, 2020 and the alleged criminal enterprise appears to have known and learned about it that same day.

Were they illegally capturing private emails?

Scary and truly unnerving.

And what Hispanic family did Alabama Power/Southern Company allegedly terrorize?

The Forbes Family, the family of CDLU’s Chief Executive Officer, K.B. Forbes. Forbes is the son of a Hispanic immigrant from Chile and his wife was born and raised in Mexico.

As readers may recall, that summer an orchestrated campaign against Forbes was launched. With the anonymously received financial documents, we now know that Alabama Power/Southern Company funded the campaign.

Paid actor couldn’t spell Forbes

This included the buffoons who sent fake protesters and paid actors to the wrong address, adjacent to and across the street from the home of the Forbes Family.

The buffoons terrorized the neighbor, who was washing dishes, and her teenage daughter. So petrified and traumatized, the neighbors moved from the community after living there for 14 years. She made a deposit on a new home six-days after the incident.

The buffoons also terrorized and traumatized Forbes’ then-eight-year old daughter who saw the protesters outside the window.

Thinking someone was dying like George Floyd, she ran and hid, crying.

Less than twenty-four hours after learning from a Facebook video that Forbes indeed was the target, his wife and two young daughters (pictured above) packed and fled Alabama to Mexico for their own safety.

Jeff Peoples

Yesterday, we reported how another Alabama Power executive, Jeff Peoples, allegedly authorized a contract that allegedly was used to terrorize the Newsome Family and their four young children. Now Zeke Smith allegedly approved these expenditures allegedly to terrorize the Forbes Family and their two young daughters, making them flee out of the country.

With massive civil lawsuits and potential RICO actions, the foolish acts against innocent children allegedly paid for by Alabama Power/Southern Company, and allegedly authorized by Crosswhite and his posse, should cause more heads to roll.

Eventually, during the summer of 2020, K.B. Forbes joined his family in Mexico.

He received an email from the FBI stating that they were “glad to hear” that he was safe with his family in Mexico.

Forbes looked over at his wife and quipped, “Well, the FBI is saying that the Mexican cartel is safer than the clowns in Birmingham.”

Zeke Smith, Jeff Peoples, and Mark A. Crosswhite conferring.

Crosswhite Ouster Part 1: Alabama Power’s Alleged Criminal Enterprise Targets Young Twins

Targeting and terrorizing young children is disgusting and revolting; and appears to be a cornerstone of the alleged Southern Company/Alabama Power criminal enterprise.

Today marks five years ago in which Southern Company CEO and Chairman Tom Fanning called us, the CDLU, directly and had us meet with Southern Company Chief Compliance Officer Jim Kerr about our concerns about the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal and the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Two months later, Jim Kerr, acting like a “Baghdad Bob,” told us that Alabama Power was not involved in the Newsome Conspiracy Case and dismissed the alleged racist targeting of African Americans in North Birmingham as a “hypothesis.”

Baghdad Kerr

Now, today, this very moment, we, the CDLU, have received and are in possession of hard copies, hard evidence that Alabama Power/Southern Company was indeed involved in the Newsome Conspiracy Case and other alleged high crimes and misdemeanors.

Like “Baghdad Bob,” Jim Kerr appears to have consistently lied to us.

The documents we have received anonymously are just the tip of the iceberg. In the coming weeks, as we report more details, the depth of this alleged criminal enterprise led by Southern Company/Alabama Power will absolutely and unequivocally need to be probed by the U.S. Department of Justice. We also anticipate massive civil lawsuits against Southern Company, Alabama Power, Matrix and others as these bombshell revelations are being investigated.

For years, Kerr and others at Southern Company have looked the other way and let their most profitable subsidiary Alabama Power run like the Wild West.

Crosswhite playing I-Spy

All the blind-eye protection came crashing down when it was revealed this summer that ex-Balch partner and Alabama Power Chairman and CEO Mark A. Crosswhite allegedly directed a surveillance effort in 2017 against his boss and parent company CEO, Tom Fanning, and Fanning’s then-girlfriend. Crosswhite was allegedly seeking photographic evidence to find out if Fanning was bisexual and if Fanning had a boy toy.

The ultimate goal, we were told, was to allegedly blackmail Fanning out of office and have Crosswhite abruptly jump in.

Ironically, years later after the spying, Crosswhite was ousted abruptly last week, on the eve of Thanksgiving.

But now, more heads need to roll, according to the documents we have.

Jeff Peoples, Executive Vice President of Customer and Employee Services at Alabama Power, signed off on paying the obscure political consulting firm Matrix an additional mid-five figures on top of the secret multi-million-dollar annual contracts the firm and its founder, “Sloppy Joe” Perkins, received.

And what was the mid-five figures allegedly for?

Targeting a set of young twins (pictured above).

And who are these twins? They are the children of Burt Newsome, an attorney who represents banks and financial institutions, whose wife and four young children were sent a threatening package allegedly tied to the five-figure contract.

As we wrote in August of 2018:

But now come the real sick idiots who sent the Newsome family a threatening package: Five pieces of luggage and numerous clothing outfits. 

The message was crystal clear: get ready to pack and leave town.

Were they threatening the family? The father, Burt Newsome? Was he going to be injured, killed or murdered?  Or were the wife and children going to “disappear” on a permanent vacation?

All done through an online retailer, the purchase can be tracked using IP addresses and metadata. Even a hacker’s digital trail can be traced.

Local law enforcement dismissed the threat and alleged that the young twins must have selected and purchased the travel bags, the ten outfits (two for each child and mom), and processed the order when the twins couldn’t even read!

But we are not stunned that local law enforcement appears to be in Alabama Power’s pockets.

Newsome was pulled over and falsely arrested in 2013 by a Columbiana, Alabama police officer.

The Columbiana police officer who pulled Burt Newsome over in May of 2013 in an alleged “staged arrest” was none other than Jeffrey Bowers, the son of Willard L. Bowers, the retired, long-time executive at Alabama Power, who last served as Vice President of Environmental Affairs for the utility.

Hours after Burt Newsome’s “staged arrest,” and possibly under Alabama Power’s orders, a Balch & Bingham partner allegedly emailed and distributed copies of Newsome’s mug shot on a Saturday afternoon to banking and financial services executives, allegedly smearing Newsome.

While we, the CDLU, respect the men and women in blue, Jeffrey Bowers appears to have dishonored the code of ethical conduct. Bowers also posted a social media post on Facebook that blatantly attacks Muslims as goat fornicators and appears to be a revolting display of sheer stupidity,  disgusting vulgarity, and alleged discrimination that we believe is conduct unbecoming of a law enforcement official.

In 2021, Bowers was given a reward for his years of service (to Alabama Power?) and named Chief of Police.

While massive civil lawsuits and a federal probe are launched and litigated, Southern Company needs to seriously look at the expenditures made to target the Newsome twins, their family, and their father.

Burt Newsome has no business whatsoever with Alabama Power, except paying his electric bill month-to-month.

The alleged criminal enterprise at Southern Company/Alabama Power appears to have been used to target, threaten, and intimidate people when friends of friends of Alabama Power executives called for retaliation or revenge, even though it was of no interest or benefit to Southern Company/Alabama Power.

Jeff Peoples appears to have authorized a mid-five-figure contract that allegedly was used to target children, young children and a family that has no business with Alabama Power whatsoever.

Targeting and terrorizing young children is disgusting and revolting; and appears to be a cornerstone of the alleged Southern Company/Alabama Power criminal enterprise.

While the bombshell documents also expose the enormous amount of money spent to harass the innocent, the young, and perceived opponents of Alabama Power, they also show who was on the take and disclose pay-through entities.

More to come. And more. And more.