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Unforgivable! Pedophilia and Child Exploitation Allegations Humiliate Balch & Bingham

Did Espy ever solicit or abuse a child in his eight years while working at Balch & Bingham?

How many truly honorable clients will terminate Balch & Bingham now that the embattled firm allegedly covered-up the misconduct of an alleged pedophile?

No corporate client with a moral conscience should be using Balch & Bingham.

How many clients will end their relationship with Balch over Balch’s history of alleged child exploitation?

Will McWane, Alabama Power, East Texas Electric Cooperative, Northeast Texas Electric Cooperative, Globe Life, O’Neal Industries, and others finally cut the ropes?

Just three days before Balch & Bingham’s 100-year celebration Saturday night at The Club located on a picturesque hilltop overlooking the Downtown Birmingham skyline, ex-Balch attorney Chase T. Espy, who worked at Balch for eight years, pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges of possessing kiddie porn.

Last year, Espy was arrested for seeking sex with a child online.

Hypocrisy: In 2005, Espy participated in the first Moral Forum at the University of Alabama

While Balch attorneys, staff, and their spouses chowed down on a surf and turf dinner, the allegations of child exploitation appear to be causing enormous indigestion, internal strife, and humiliation.

Balch attorneys from Jacksonville, Florida to Jackson, Mississippi are in disbelief, humiliated, and looking for a way out, sources claim.

The kiddie porn included 69 horrific sex abuse videos of young children and revolting photos of young children less than 12 years of age, according to law enforcement officials.

But child exploitation is not new at the century-old law firm.

The young children in North Birmingham, an area that is 92.5% African American, were targeted and alleged victims of Balch & Bingham’s repulsive scheme in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal which suppressed and discouraged African American families from having their toxic and contaminated property tested by the EPA.

Targeted with $50 gift cards

Handing out free coat gift cards to poor Black children to discourage EPA testing was one of the abhorrent acts spearheaded by Balch & Bingham’s convicted partner and criminal felon Joel I. Gilbert, now sitting in federal prison.

The idea to target the children of North Birmingham was born at the offices of Balch & Bingham.

In their long battle against Burt Newsome, a competitor and successful banking attorney, Balch & Bingham allegedly used the obscure services of Matrix, LLC and Sloppy Joe Perkins in an attempt to smear, intimidate, and defame Newsome, sources close to the Matrix Meltdown tell us.

And what was one of the terrorizing acts done against Newsome? The targeting and threats against Newsome’s four young children.

Investigators appear to be now looking at Matrix to see if they were or were not involved in these alleged criminal acts.

Terrorized: The Newsome Family

In 2018, in an act to terrorize the family, someone sent the Newsome family a threatening package: Five pieces of luggage and numerous clothing outfits. There were approximately three dozen outfits for mom and the young Newsome children.

The message was crystal clear: get ready to pack and leave town.

Were they threatening the family? The father, Burt Newsome? Was he going to be injured, killed or murdered?  Or were the wife and children going to “disappear” on a permanent vacation?

Two years after the criminal threat, Newsome was hit head-on in a horrific car accident.

The targeting of Newsome’s young children is disgraceful. The targeting of poor African American children is reprehensible.

But the alleged cover-up of Espy is truly unforgivable.

When Espy was arrested last year, a Balch spokesperson, in sheer panic, stepped on a landmine while trying to save face by telling the Montgomery Advertiser that they had terminated the alleged sexual deviant “nearly one year ago.”

If true, what did Balch know and did they report Espy’s misconduct to the state bar or local authorities? After 8 years on the job, an attorney is simply not terminated like a rookie.

Espy while working at Balch & Bingham

The bottom line is children need to be protected from pedophiles and sexual predators, no matter what powerful positions or connections they may hold or have.

Balch admits they terminated Espy in 2020. What did Balch uncover and why would an eight-year veteran of the firm be abruptly fired? Did Balch fail to report despicable behavior or criminal acts to law enforcement authorities?

And why in heaven’s name would Balch let Alabama Governor Kay Ivey hire Espy months later and put the Administration at risk if they knew Espy appeared to be trouble?

Espy used the internet and online resources as he allegedly sought sex with a child.

Sources at Balch told us that the wireless IP address at the Balch offices in Birmingham was allegedly changed in 2020 just weeks before Espy was fired. Was it an easy fix to a complicated issue?

Everyone knows that Espy’s sick sexual desires and deviant criminal behavior didn’t happen overnight. What did Espy view or download on Balch servers? Did Espy ever solicit or abuse a child in his eight years while working at Balch & Bingham?

Balch appears not to care about child exploitation or an alleged pedophile that walked in their hallways, having refused to apologize to the public in general, the North Birmingham community or the Newsome Family.

At their 100-year celebration, Balch played a video about the firm. No mention of once-esteemed colleague and partner Joel I. Gilbert who sits in federal prison. No mention of Chase T. Espy who plead guilty to kiddie porn 72 hours beforehand. No mention of Balch partner William “Bo” Lineberry who hung himself in April.

So distraught, Balch didn’t even send out a fluffy news release about their 100-year celebration.

The humiliation is real and now clients have to unequivocally cut the ropes and terminate Balch & Bingham.

And the professional and honorable partners and attorneys at Balch who have self-honor and dignity need to dust off their resumes.

Unforgivable. Truly unforgivable.

Matrix Meltdown: “Influencing Litigation,” Secret Star Chambers, and Criminal Obstruction of Justice

What a week. What a month. And we’re only on day 5.

In “Jittery Jeff” Pitts’ court filing earlier this week, he outlines alleged misconduct by Matrix’s founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins including allegedly setting up phony groups and digital websites to intimidate individuals while influencing litigation.

Is Pitts referring to the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit, or the Newsome Conspiracy Case? Or all three?

All three litigated cases involve alleged criminal obstruction of justice.

Alabama Power and their sister-wife Balch & Bingham were involved in all three cases, two of which were sealed in their entirety, creating secret Star Chambers where no public information is available.

Alabama Power was “unmentionable” during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial and allegedly disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town let this travesty of justice occur.

Over 20 other Balch attorneys were allegedly involved in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal and numerous Alabama Power executives were briefed regularly on the developments.

Now people are asking, was Town’s bullshit “lone wolves” theory a Matrix creation?

Town resigned months after we published photos of Town inappropriately slamming-back cocktails with Alabama Power Chairman and CEO and ex-Balch partner Mark A. Crosswhite, allegedly during the height of the North Birmingham Bribery Trial.

While Alabama Power’s parent company Southern Company denied any involvement in Newsome’s case, we later learned that the cop-son of a now-retired Alabama Power executive ( Vice President of Environmental Affairs) was involved in the staged arrest of Newsome.

Was Matrix involved in any way with the Newsome Conspiracy Case, as Sloppy Joe’s daughter claims?

Balch used all its political might and a counterfeit order to “beat” Newsome. In the end, Balch won a $242,000 judgment while losing tens of millions (if not $100 million) in client fees and lobbying fees, while legacy partners left in droves.

In Roberson’s civil case, Balch, Drummond Company, and Alabama Power panicked and vigorously sought protective orders. The case was sealed. While no information is available on the case or proceedings, David Roberson appears to have been set up as a “fall guy.” His lawyer, Burt Newsome of the Newsome Conspiracy Case, was hit head-on in 2020 and his law firm’s bank check book was stolen in the middle of the night.

The tactics have utterly failed, and actually appear to have backfired.

As federal investigators probe these allegations of criminal obstruction of justice and the abuse of the judicial system in Alabama , the curiosity of what explosive developments could come to light during Jeff Pitts’ deposition becomes even more interesting.

Alabama Power Rocked to the Core; Will Crosswhite Resign or Retire?

Did Mark A. Crosswhite mislead parent company Southern Company about Alabama Power’s involvement in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal or the Newsome Conspiracy Case?

[This post originally appeared on November 22, 2020. Crosswhite resigned on November 21, 2022. Click here to read about his resignation. ]

In early 2017, Balch & Bingham allegedly told the now indicted, former CEO of Black Hall Aerospace Paul Daigle that we, the CDLU, were “nothing” to worry about.

With the indictment last Tuesday caused by CDLU’s advocacy and persistence, sources tell us Balch attorneys were allegedly stressed out that same night, working late into the evening.

This past week, inside sources tell us, associates at white-collar criminal defense firm White, Arnold & Dowd allegedly were working overdrive including Saturday morning, researching and learning about not only us and Black Hall Aerospace but allegedly reading all of’s posts on Alabama Power CEO and former Balch partner Mark A. Crosswhite.

And who is a key partner at White, Arnold & Dowd?

Mark White and he is Alabama Power’s outside criminal attorney, and apparently a close confidant of Crosswhite.

Mark White

White, who tries to play himself as Mr. Incognito, is visible more often than not. White allegedly attended every single day of the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, and was present at the May 2019 court hearing of ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit against Balch and Drummond and the criminal hearing of Balch stooges Scott Phillips and Trey Glenn earlier this year.

With the resignation of disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town, the unexpected death of Balch’s Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., and the indictment of Paul Daigle, Alabama Power has been rocked to the core, raising uncomfortable questions.

Did Crosswhite or White strike the secret deal with Town to keep Alabama Power “unmentionable” during the criminal trial? Did Crosswhite mislead parent company Southern Company about Alabama Power’s involvement in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal or the Newsome Conspiracy Case? What truly was Alabama Power’s role with the money laundering entity Alliance for Jobs and the Economy (AJE)? Was Alabama Power in anyway involved in the idiotic orchestrated campaign this past summer in which an innocent family was terrorized by paid buffoons?

Unlike other Southern Company wholly-owned subsidiaries, Alabama Power appears to operate completely differently, looking more like a vengeful gang of arrogant fraternity members instead of level-headed corporate executives.

When we first met with federal investigators in 2017 about Balch & Bingham, they were more concerned about Alabama Power rather than Balch.

With the rebirth of the North Birmingham Bribery Case, ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s civil legal team will be able to drill down and get the facts, follow the money, and connect the corrupt dots. Alabama Power will be stark naked with nowhere to hide or strings to pull.

Likewise, the current investigations into the attempted killing of Burt Newsome, and the stalking and criminal acts against the CDLU may lead to more exposure.

Either way, Crosswhite is the only one to blame for his foolish reliance on and unwavering loyalty to Balch.

The only question left for Southern Company’s leadership is: Should Crosswhite resign or retire?

Damaging: Pitts Deposition Explodes! Are Alleged Criminal Acts tied to Three Stooges Ready to be Exposed?

The Matrix Meltdown has caused serious blows between founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins and his once-protégé “Jittery Jeff ” Pitts.

As we mentioned last week, Pitts has been subpoenaed for a deposition by Perkins’ legal team.

Now the question is: What damaging information will Pitts reveal in his deposition?

After last week’s bombshell report in The Guardian, Perkins’ legal team whined and cried to the media. reported last Friday:

Cason Kirby, an attorney representing Perkins in the fraud lawsuit, called the Guardian story “unfair,” pointing out that the basis for the series of stories was based on emails from Pitts and other “rogue employees.”

The Floodlight report’s “characterization of Matrix’s work as ‘influence peddling’ is both false and unfair. Matrix works as a strategic communication resource for companies in a wide range of industries. It has no influence to peddle,” Kirby said in a statement Friday to

Really, no influence to peddle? What an absolutely ridiculous statement to issue.

As we pointed out before, Cason Kirby’s wife has worked at Matrix longer than they have been married. He may be conflicted with unusual pillow talk.

And Pitts dropped a double whammy on Friday: his legal team subpoenaed both Alabama Power and Southern Company for documents and files all related to “Sloppy Joe” and Matrix from at least 2015 through 2020.

Are Matrix’s alleged dirty deeds and alleged criminal acts ready to be exposed?

Will Pitts’ attorneys hand over damaging information to the feds?

Will executives, goons, and thugs of the Three Stooges (Balch, Drummond, and Alabama Power) rush to cooperate with federal investigators?

Keeping Alabama Power “unmentionable” during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial is nothing compared to what looks like a network of paid consultants, stooges and actors that appear to intimidate critics and engage in truly unsavory acts.

Will “Jittery Jeff” expose the worst of the alleged dirty deeds?

This is no longer a laughing matter.

The stakes are extremely high.

Mark A. Crosswhite of Alabama Power, Blake Andrews of Drummond, and the leadership at Balch have much to worry about.

And as we mentioned in April, journalists and federal investigators are zeroing in.The Guardian stories appear to be part of that broad effort.

“Jittery Jeff ” didn’t simply walk away from a long-term mentor. He may have seen some alleged unethical or criminal acts he probably didn’t approve of or like.

And now Pitts’ deposition will open everyone’s eyes to how far Matrix and “Sloppy Joe” allegedly pushed the envelope on behalf of the Three Stooges.

Matrix Meltdown: “Sloppy Joe” and “Jittery Jeff” Mud Wrestle in Florida

“Sloppy Joe” Perkins, the infamous founder of the obscure political consulting firm Matrix, and his once-protégé “Jittery Jeff” Pitts have made headlines again.

The Guardian published an investigative report on the ugly he-said, he-said fighting between the two men of mythical fame.

After a document dump landed in journalists’ laps, the two mud wrestlers smeared each other. The Guardian writes:

Perkins declined to say whether he is the source of the documents leaked to journalists but verified that the records are legitimate. He confirmed that Matrix was able to locate the records on Pitts’ former laptop. Perkins blames Pitts and other “rogue” employees for the surveillance.

He denied directing anyone to spy on [journalist Nate] Monroe.

“I had no knowledge that it ever took place until I saw the material on Jeff Pitts’ computer,” he said.

In a statement responding to questions from the Times-Union about the records, Pitts’ attorney John Collins accused Perkins of “leaking partial and misleading confidential client documents”.

“For years, Joe Perkins directed and paid for the surveillance of individuals – in many cases, without client knowledge or approval – and he often leveraged this information for whatever suited his needs regardless of ethical boundaries,” Collins said. “This is one of the many reasons Jeff left Matrix.”

I Spy with my Little Eye…

The mud wrestling was over an affirming revelation: a journalist in Florida was under surveillance and photos of the man and his girlfriend, who were spied on, were taken.

The acts affirm the alleged unsavory if not criminal conduct tied to Matrix’s biggest client: Alabama Power and the utility’s sister-wife Balch & Bingham.

The Florida surveillance reminds us of Balch attorney Irving Jones, Jr. who infiltrated meetings and monitored the social media of GASP, a small but loud environmental group and public charity, during the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal. Drummond Company was apparently petrified of GASP’s successful efforts.

Of the numerous Dirty Deeds we documented in January that may or may not be tied to Matrix stooges, law enforcement clearly indicated that the wife of Burt Newsome was targeted by thugs who were specifically looking for her car when they broke her car window and stole her purse. The incident occurred at the height of the Newsome Conspiracy Case. The thugs were apparently attempting to obtain her cellphone which was not in her purse.

The Guardian sheds light on the surveillance:

The surveillance happened after the journalist wrote critically about how Florida Power & Light (FPL) tried to sway city council members to sign off on its business plans. Text messages show an FPL executive was kept abreast of Florida Times-Union columnist Nate Monroe’s movements while he was on vacation in the Florida panhandle in November 2019, an investigation by the Florida Times-Union, the Orlando Sentinel and Floodlight has found.

In an interview with a group of Florida-based reporters in early June, Eric Silagy, the power company’s CEO, denied that the company had asked the consultants to spy on any journalists.

“I have never authorized or approved or been a party to following you or any other reporter,” Silagy said to Monroe and others.

FPL’s relationship with Matrix has come under scrutiny after reporting by the Orlando Sentinel revealed Matrix operatives orchestrated a campaign to promote spoiler candidates that diverted votes from Democrats so Republicans could retain control of the Florida senate. FPL denies knowledge of or involvement in that scheme.

The mud is getting foul-smelling.

Balch & Bingham Loses Tens of Millions for $242,000

Since 2017, how much has Balch lost in the aggregate? $26 million? $57 million? $100 million? or More?

More than once, we have paused and asked ourselves, “Is Balch really this stupid?

The autopsy of Balch partner William D. Lineberry appears to show that the alleged financial woes of Balch & Bingham may have impacted the esteemed legacy partner and caused Lineberry to commit suicide.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Balch’s lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. have plummeted.

From 2017 to 2021, Balch has lost over $4,000,000 in direct lobbing revenue compared to a high in 2016 of $1,420,000 in lobbying fees.

A review of the former 18 of 18 top D.C. lobbying clients that Balch lost, Balch has approximately lost $2 million in lobbying fees a year to competitors including Bradley Arant and Maynard Cooper starting in 2018. Through 2021, Balch has lost approximately $8 million in D.C lobbying fees to competitors.

When you add the transaction and legal fees tied to servicing the successful lobbying efforts (what broccoli is to chicken), Balch & Bingham could have lost up to another $24 million in non-lobbying fees.

Then add the dozens of money-making Balch partners and attorneys that have left and taken a hefty chunk of revenue away, the numbers skyrocket.

Since 2017, how much has Balch lost in the aggregate? $26 million? $57 million? $100 million? or More?

The collage of logos of ex- Balch lobbying clients in Washington, D.C. (above) magnify Balch’s nose-dive plunge. Even Southern Company, Balch’s alleged sugar daddy, does not use the embattled firm for federal lobbying purposes.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Bradley Arant and Maynard Cooper have seen their D.C. lobbying efforts grow enormously in five years, pulling in millions.

We, the CDLU, educated many of these clients about the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal and the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Instead of apologizing to the African-American community of North Birmingham and resolving the Newsome Conspiracy Case, Balch decided to “fight to the death,” and appears to have slowly killed themselves and drowned their once-prestigious reputation.

The greatest miscarriage of justice is the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Burt Newsome, an innocent man minding his own business, was targeted, wrongly arrested, and defamed a decade ago.

When Newsome fought back, Balch used all their political might to try to stick it to Burt Newsome.

Balch stooges, goons, and lackeys allegedly rigged the legal system with a secret Star Chamber; allegedly manipulated and altered evidence; allegedly created a counterfeit order and obstructed justice; and allegedly bribed contributed to the husband of the presiding judge.

And at the end of the day, what judgment did these fools at Balch & Bingham obtain in the lopsided decision against Newsome?


When clients and Balch legacy partners are running out the front door (and Balch’s young attorneys are leaving, too), you have to ask, “Is Balch really this stupid?

Losing tens of millions for $242,000? Really?

Nose Dive Plunge a la Balch & Bingham

Scorching Video! Matrix Meltdown Turns Into Inhumane and Monstrous Hell; Indictments Next?

Was “Sloppy Joe” Perkins involved in the Newsome Conspiracy Case?

Yesterday, at high noon, we learned from a long time attorney that he and his family were allegedly attacked by “Sloppy Joe” Perkins, the founder of Matrix, the obscure political consulting firm.

After two decades, Paul Hamrick, former Chief of Staff to Alabama Governor Donald Seigelman, has had enough!

Hamrick wrote:

Joe has attacked me and my family and I cannot allow his behavior to continue unchecked. It’s not just me, over the last several months Joe has [allegedly] betrayed his own clients, [allegedly] attacked and sued his own employees, and [allegedly] threatened friends and colleagues. 

But a scorching bombshell also exploded.

Hamrick alleges:

In one of the most inhumane acts I can imagine, Joe [allegedly] created a fake set of files and had them delivered to the family attorney of a rape suicide victim, apparently to intimidate them against pursuing litigation.

Calling the allegation a “monstrous act,” Hamrick’s stunning allegation has us wondering why in the hell would Alabama Power pay Perkins over $2.5 million in secret, if not questionable, contracts where no invoice was needed?

Was Alabama Power seeking possible covert and possible “off the books” operations that involved “fear and intimidation” tactics?

The day ended with a video on Instagram from “Sloppy Joe” Perkins’ daughter, who last month made some stunning, if not atrocious, unsubstantiated accusations against her estranged father.

What surprised us overall in the video posted yesterday is her accusation that her father was allegedly involved in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, something we have never heard before. (Entire video is located at the bottom of this post).

With raw emotion, anguish, frustration, and anger, she compares her father’s alleged acts of retaliation against her with what happened to Burt Newsome, including having a gun pulled on her.

We remind our readers of three alleged crimes of intimidation against Burt Newsome and his family:

Alleged act of attempted murder?
  1. The smashing of his wife’s car window at a gym in which her purse was stolen. Law enforcement alleged she was targeted. Video surveillance of the incident shows the suspects driving around allegedly specifically looking for Newsome’s vehicle.
  2. The sick operatives who sent the Newsome family a threatening package: Five pieces of luggage and numerous clothing outfits. There were approximately three dozen outfits for mom and the four Newsome children. Was Newsome going to be injured, killed or murdered?  Or were the wife and children going to “disappear” on a permanent vacation?
  3. Exactly two years and a month later, Newsome was injured in a head-on accidentHe was gravely injured and nearly killed. Some even claimed the act was an alleged act of attempted murder.

Was “Sloppy Joe” Perkins involved in the Newsome Conspiracy Case? Perkins’ daughter declares that the clock is ticking against her father.

Sources confirmed to us late yesterday night that the Matrix Meltdown has indeed turned into a living hell.

The brutal and nasty divorce between “Sloppy Joe” and his once-protégé Jeff Pitts has gone way beyond the boiling point. More stunning details and possible criminal indictments maybe announced as early as next week out of Florida.

Tick-tock! ?

Joe Perkins’ daughter alleges that her father was involved in the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Newsome Wins Stunning Victory for Mexican Farmer; Fraud, Negligence, and Elderly Abuse Exposed

The Mexican farmer has been made whole due to the exemplary and outstanding professional work of Burt Newsome.

Balch & Bingham stooges allegedly tried to steal the lucrative attorney services of Newsome Law and defame sole-practitioner Burt Newsome almost a decade ago.

The late Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr.

Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., former General Counsel for Balch, vowed to fight to the death before settling the Newsome Conspiracy Case. The case is active and alive, and awaiting more indictments after which a federal civil RICO lawsuit will be filed.

Baker sadly died of cancer in 2020.

We, the CDLU, met Newsome five and a half years ago and our advocacy campaign for justice, inherent goodness, and the reform of the legal profession was launched in 2017.

In 2020, Newsome agreed to help us, the CDLU, take on the biggest financial institutions in the United States on behalf of senior citizen Mexican nationals.

This last week, Newsome landed a devastating blow to Morgan Stanley.

Investment News reports:

Finra arbitrators ordered Morgan Stanley and a former financial adviser at the firm to pay $160,000 each in damages to a Mexican farmer for allegedly making inappropriate recommendations about risky investments.

Carlos Ramon Tapia Sanchez, a farmer in Hermosillo, Mexico, sold his operation in 2015. The next year, he invested the proceeds in junk bonds that didn’t fit his risk profile that were pushed by his long-time broker, according to Sanchez’s attorney, Burt Newsome.

Sanchez worked with Morgan Stanley registered representative Francisco Javier Valenzuela in the firm’s Tucson, Arizona, office. Sanchez lost about $368,000 on the investments, Newsome said.

Sanchez filed an arbitration claim against Morgan Stanley on Oct. 21, 2020, and against Merrill Lynch on Feb. 10, 2021. Valenzuela left Merrill Lynch in 2015 to join Morgan Stanley. In his claim, Sanchez cited elder abuse, misrepresentation and failure to supervise, among other causes of actions.

A three-person Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. arbitration panel found Valenzuela liable for misrepresentation, manipulation and fraud, according to a May 26 arbitration award. The arbitrators found Morgan Stanley liable for negligence and failure to supervise. Valenzuela and Morgan Stanley were each ordered to pay Sanchez $160,000 in compensatory damages.

They held Morgan Stanley and Valenzuela jointly and severally liable for $10,000 in attorneys’ fees, resulting in a $330,000 total award for Sanchez, who had sought $357,622 in compensatory damages and attorneys’ fees.

Newsome also engaged in a successful but confidential mediation last year. The Mexican farmer has been made whole due to exemplary and outstanding professional work of Burt Newsome.

While Balch goons allegedly tried to destroy Newsome, his practice has only grown stronger while Balch has lost millions in the aggregate.

While Balch stooges allegedly engaged in elderly abuse of Mrs. B and others, Newsome tackled the abuse of senior citizens head-on.

While Balch cronies, like Alabama Power, have allegedly used and abused the Alabama legal system for their own personal gain, Newsome utilized FINRA’s regulatory protections to seek justice and help a farmer who thought he had lost everything.

There is hope for inherent goodness and justice. The retired Mexican farmer has seen it and so will others.

Un aplauso fuerte para Burt Newsome. Te queremos, Burt, te queremos!

After Suicide, National Media and Feds Zero in on Alleged Obstruction and “Criminal Concealment;” RICOs Coming?

The federal statute of limitations for obstruction of justice is five years. The timing of the alleged federal investigation makes sense. The statute would expire the summer of 2023.

Suicide. Resignations. Internal turmoil. Corporate strife.

Since November, Birmingham is seeing what appears to be the collapse of the house of marked cards allegedly propped up by the deep resources of Alabama Power. The Three Stooges (Balch & Bingham, Drummond, and Alabama Power) have seen their dominance stumble.

High-level sources told us in late October that allegedly Mark A. Crosswhite, the Chairman and CEO of Alabama Power and a former partner at embattled law firm Balch & Bingham, was an alleged target of an obstruction investigation.

Photos from December show a disheveled Crosswhite who appears to be despondent.

Federal Judge Abdul K. Kallon resigned along allegedly with two Assistant U.S. Attorneys earlier this month, while Balch partner Bo Lineberry committed suicide last week.

What enormous pressure and worry caused Lineberry to end his life? Was he facing unbearable consequences? Was there an offer on the table that was too brutal for Lineberry to accept?

Seasoned law enforcement authorities tell us the Lineberry suicide spoke volumes about the depth and seriousness of the alleged federal probe.

Now national media are focused on the alleged unsavory and criminal misconduct and alleged abuse of power surrounding the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal and the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama once run by disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town who resigned in 2020.

Concurrently, federal investigators are allegedly looking at obstruction of justice and accusations of “criminal concealment.”

In what looked like sheer panic with the rebirth of the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal, the illustrious Mark White, Mark Crosswhite’s go-to criminal attorney, fumbled the ball and showed how concealment appears to be part and parcel of the work product and a standard operating procedure of the Three Stooges and their hired guns.

As we reported about the “Tale of Two Marks” in January of 2021:

[Alabama Power’s] team of attorneys at White, Arnold, & Dowd, led by white-collar criminal attorney Mark White, filed an avalanche of court pleadings in December [2020] at the courthouse in office, over the counter as if were 1950 not 2020. (We wonder if Mark White still uses a rotary phone, stencil duplicator, and Royal typewriter.)

The delay and “hiding the goods” tactic failed. The paper court pleadings were [immediately] scanned and uploaded by the clerk to Alacourt where we, the CDLU, were able to download them.

Concealment has been a consistent element.

  • Concealment was discover in January with Alabama Power’s multi-million-dollar secret contracts (no invoicing required) with obscure political consulting firm Matrix and its founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins were exposed.
  • Attorneys for “Sloppy Joe” attempted to call the secret contracts “trade secrets” and sent worthless demand letters to an environmental group and blog that published the concealed million-dollar agreements.
  • Allegations of non-disclosure and concealed indemnity agreements tied to Alabama Power and Balch have swirled since 2017.
  • Absolute concealment was achieved when ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit was sealed in its entirety in the Winter of 2021 in an attempt to hide alleged criminal misconduct. The secretive Star Chamber does not allow anyone to follow or read proceedings in the case.
  • The conservative Alabama Supreme Court reinstated Balch as a defendant in Roberson’s civil case this past February. Bloomberg reported that Balch must face fraud claims due to “misrepresention and concealment.”
  • Balch terminated an alleged pedophile months before he was arrested for soliciting a child online. Ex-Balch attorney Chase T. Espy had worked at the embattled firm for eight years. He then went on to work briefly for Alabama Governor Kay Ivey when he was arrested and immediately fired last August. What caused Balch to fire Espy? What did Balch conceal from the public and the governor regarding Espy?
Mark White

The biggest concealment appears to be Alabama Power’s alleged secret deal during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial in which the company was “unmentionable” during the trial and criminal defense attorneys allegedly had to clear any mention of Alabama Power with Mark White.

The federal statute of limitations for obstruction of justice is five years. The timing of the alleged federal investigation makes sense. The trial happened in July of 2018. The statute would expire the summer of 2023.

Now Alabama Power and their sister-wife Balch & Bingham appear to have even bigger issues coming.

If obstruction of justice indictments are handed down and/or alleged criminal information is disclosed related to the alleged federal probe and the Matrix Meltdown, expect a federal civil RICO lawsuit or two against Balch, Alabama Power, and others.

The first civil RICO lawsuit will be based on the Newsome Conspiracy Case, a travesty of justice in which an innocent man, Burt Newsome, was allegedly targeted, falsely arrested, and defamed by Balch in an attempt to steal his law practice providing legal services to banks.

Newsome was arrested by a cop who was the son of a now-retired Alabama Power executive. Ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town allegedly blocked four investigations related to the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Another, separate civil RICO lawsuit could be filed on behalf of “fall guy”and ex-Drummond executive David Roberson.

Either way, the Three Stooges and their defenders are exposed in the open no matter how many concealed deals, secret smear campaigns, or Star Chambers they create.

Federal Dragnet? All Eyes on Crosswhite, Alabama Power, and Newly Revealed Alleged Criminal Acts

Was Kallon offered a deal?

Just three years shy from senior status, Federal Judge Abdul K. Kallon abruptly announced his resignation to a lifetime appointment. He would have had full benefits and privileges.

Multiple legal observers have told us that this resignation makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

And people are asking:

  • Was Kallon offered full criminal immunity for his cooperation in an alleged federal probe?
  • Was Kallon required to resign after he wrapped up current pending or ongoing cases as a condition of an alleged full criminal immunity deal?

What Kallon has said to media is that his spouse has taken a job in another state and the usual “shown-the-door” excuse: he wished to spend more time with his family.

But as a federal judge, Kallon could have easily adjusted his calendar and made time to travel back and forth. Kallon could have taken Fridays off; or a week here and there; and worked with his wife to make the sacrifice for three years until he reached senior status.

The Kallon resignation has indeed rocked Birmingham and the legal community. Our website has had unprecedented traffic these last several days not only from Alabama but across the country. We received an alert this morning from Google Search Console that average daily clicks increased over 1000% percent.

Is the alleged federal dragnet wider and deeper than most people have believed?

Mark A. Crosswhite, the Chairman and CEO of Alabama Power and former Balch & Bingham partner, is allegedly a principal target of the alleged obstruction of justice probe.

The secret deal during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial that kept Alabama Power “unmentionable” during the trial seems to be cornerstone of the allegations of obstruction of justice.

But what may have accelerated the probe are two factors:

In Florida, the alleged “ghost candidates” scandal has shaken the vicious and bitter business divorce between Matrix founder “Sloppy Joe” Perkins and his once-protégé Jeff Pitts. While Florida state investigators have been probing since 2021, are the Feds now piggybacking on a more broader federal investigation of alleged criminal acts?

Now let’s disclose some details of alleged criminal misconduct.

Were Alabama Power, Balch or Matrix’s hired guns involved or not involved in these alleged acts?

Brain amputee Josh Moon

In the summer of 2020, an orchastrated campaign against us, the CDLU, completely and utterly backfired.

The buffoons targeted the wrong family at the wrong address, hired a rabble-rouser who was later issued multiple arrest warrants by three different law enforcement agencies, and even had a once-respected journalist amputate his brain to defend the indefensible.

As we reported before, at the height of the orchastrated campaign someone attempted stupidly to impersonate our Executive Director, K.B. Forbes, and his then-eight-year old daughter in two attempts to illegally obtain banking information from Bryant Bank, a regional bank in Alabama.

The criminal suspect(s) had private, confidential information including full bank account numbers. Federal investigators were briefed and intrigued.

At the time, in the fall of 2020, we learned from investigators of another incident that occurred at the same time reminding us of President Richard M. Nixon’s “White House Plumbers.”

Conveniently Disconnected

The law offices of Burt Newsome saw a single corporate binder checkbook stolen from their offices. The weekly cleaning crew disconnected the security camera and alleged they needed to plug in a vacuum cleaner, an apparent lie. Four plug outlets were available on the eight plug outlet, according to investigators.

And what checkbook was stolen? Only one of several client trust accounts Newsome Law has at various financial institutions.

And what bank was targeted from all the multiple checkbook binders? Bryant Bank. Were the “plumbers” really this sloppy, this stupid?

And what appears to have had Alabama Power and Balch & Bingham panties in a wad?

The $2 million grant the CDLU received in 2019 (which we can declare on the record has nothing to do with Balch & Bingham, Alabama Power, Matrix or their competitors) caused them to defecate rainbows. ?

The grant is related to our two decades of healthcare and consumer protection advocacy, and helped us pay off debt, including multiple years of back-pay, long-ago legal fees, and unpaid rent as we honored promises made to our employees, consultants, landlords, and lawyers during the Great Recession.

But the smear artists, hired whores, and yellow journalists do not care. They have no honor. They have no integrity. They have no moral compass.

And now a dragnet appears to be sweeping them up.

Kallon appears to be another carcass. Will more carcasses be wheeled out soon?

Half-Decade Old, Fights for Inherent Goodness

We simply cannot believe that is five-years old as of last Friday.

A half-decade later, our website is a success because of you, our dear readers, and the incompetent and foolish leadership at Balch & Bingham and Alabama Power which arrogantly dismissed the need for an examination of conscience, apologies, and internal reform.

Although this site started with the Newsome Conspriracy Case, (and was quite plain and boring), Balch’s self-inflicted wounds mushroomed our reporting and advocacy.

Hit head-on: September 11, 2020

Five years later, Burt Newsome is more successful as an attorney, and highly respected for fighting for his livelihood while protecting his family from the alleged criminal and egregious misconduct of his unknown enemies. Even though he suffered a broken leg and grave injuries in a highly unusual head-on collision, “Iron-man” Newsome came back stronger than ever.

People have had enough of the bullying and lopsided favoritism by powerful interests in Alabama.

While the Newsome Conspiracy Case and Roberson Civil Case are sealed and hidden in secretive Star Chambers, eventually federal RICO suits could be filed that will open the pandora’s box.

More importantly is the alleged ongoing federal probe of Alabama Power, Balch & Bingham, the Matrix Meltdown, and others, allegedly over the obstruction of justice.

Sources tell us that the probe could branch into the alleged cover-up of former Balch attorney and accused pedophile Chase T. Espy, the alleged Elderly Abuse Scandal, and/or the Mississippi Rental Assistance Debacle.

And disgraced ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town’s alleged misconduct in the North Birmingham Bribery Trial and Newsome Conspiracy Case may have spurred the probe.

We, the CDLU, will continue to write, advocate, and reach out to law enforcement, congressional investigators, federal regulators, and investigative journalists.

Inherent goodness shall prevail.

Maryland Indictment is Nothing Compared to Disgraced Ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town’s Alleged Misconduct

Creating national headlines, the Office of the U.S. Attorney for Maryland indicted Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby in January for alleged mortgage fraud.

The Baltimore Sun reported:

Mosby is charged with two counts of making false statements on a loan application and two counts of perjury. Mosby has pleaded not guilty to all charges and is expected to stand trial in early May. 

The Office of the U.S. Attorney in Maryland gave more details:

According to the four-count indictment… Mosby submitted “457(b) Coronavirus-Related Distribution Requests” for one-time withdrawals of $40,000 and $50,000, respectively, from City of Baltimore’s Deferred Compensation Plans.  In each request, the indictment alleges that Mosby falsely certified that she met at least one of the qualifications for a distribution as defined under the CARES Act, specifically, that she experienced adverse financial consequences from the Coronavirus as a result of being quarantined, furloughed, or laid off; having reduced work hours; being unable to work due to lack of childcare; or the closing or reduction of hours of a business she owned or operated.  The indictment alleges that Mosby did not experience any such financial hardships and in fact, Mosby received her full gross salary of $247,955.58….

Further, the indictment alleges that… Mosby made false statements in applications for a $490,500 mortgage to purchase a home in Kissimmee, Florida and for a $428,400 mortgage to purchase a condominium in Long Boat Key, Florida.  As part of both applications, Mosby was required to disclose her liabilities.  Mosby did not disclose on either application that she had unpaid federal taxes from a number of previous years ….

The allegations  against Mosby are nothing compared to the serious and appalling alleged misconduct by Ex-U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town who fled in the middle of the night after resigning in disgrace.

Sources confirmed to us this week that the alleged federal probe involving Town, Alabama Power’s secret million-dollar contracts, embattled law firm Balch and Bingham, the Matrix Meltdown, and alleged obstruction of justice is ablaze. ?

And what are just a few of Town’s acts of alleged misconduct?

Here’s that list again:

The alleged felonies and crimes connected to Town’s alleged prosecutorial misconduct is much worse than a prosecutor lying about her financial situation on a loan application or falsely alleging “hardship” to withdraw her retirement funds.

Today, Town would have been a U.S. Senate candidate. But the jaw-dropping photos and our three letters to the Office of Professional Responsibility at the U.S. Department of Justice ended his political career.

Now Town, Crosswhite, and other Balch stooges must face the consequences for their alleged foolish and corrupt misconduct.

Update: Motion Denied; Criminal Trial Date Set for Ex-CEO of Balch & Bingham Client

The indictment shook Balch stooges and defenders who had foolishly dismissed our work with law enforcement.

In 2019, in Balch & Bingham’s 69-page brief before the Alabama Supreme Court in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, the embattled law firm complained that they were not mentioned in the Report by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, writing: also stated that had been in contact with the Office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller about Balch. The now-public Mueller Report, however, does not mention Balch.

Robert S. Mueller III

Did the foolish leadership at Balch truly believe that we were not in contact with the Office of the Special Counsel because Balch failed at getting an honorable mention in the redacted report? Were these clowns really this stupid?

In November of 2020, after three and a half years, our work bore fruit and the ex-CEO of Black Hall Aerospace, Paul Daigle, was indicted for exactly what we wrote to the Honorable Robert S. Mueller III about: possible financial fraud and alleged unqualified personnel.

The indictment shook Balch stooges and defenders who had foolishly dismissed our work with law enforcement.

The shoe dropped loudly, and now a criminal trial date has been set for April 4, 2022, nearly 5 years after we originally briefed Mr. Mueller.

Judge Abdul K. Kallon, who presided over the North Birmingham Bribery Trial, is presiding over Daigle’s criminal case. In December, Judge Kallon denied Daigle’s Motion to Dismiss the Indictment.

Will Kallon be presiding over additional criminal cases related to Balch & Bingham, Alabama Power, and/or Drummond Coal? The Three Stooges need to be closely investigated and held accountable.

Even if it takes three and a half or five years, inherent goodness shall prevail.

More Federal Criminal Indictments Needed Against Three Stooges

With the Alabama Supreme Court saying Balch must stand trial for fraud in ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil lawsuit, more criminal indictments are needed.

The Three Stooges of this horrific saga known as the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal need to be held accountable.

The rebirth of the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal may go on for another three or four years in secret, in a sealed and closed Star Chamber.

However, federal investigators can and must dig deep into the shenanigans.

Larry, Curly and Moe have been replaced by “Lying” Balch, “Confused” Drummond, and “Unmentionable” Alabama Power.

1. More Potential Lies and Possible Co-Conspirators

The bottom line is if Balch can mislead and lie, and call the bullshit a “legal service,” then what other lies or misleading statements have they provided to federal investigators?

In 2017, we asked, who on Balch’s Executive Committee knew about the bribery scheme?

What to expect from Balch?
White lies, damn lies, and prison time?

As the judge in the criminal case wrote during the trial, “[Balch partner Joel I.] Gilbert told the grand jury that others at the law firm ‘were aware of [the] engagement’ of Robinson on behalf of Roberson’s employer, and Defendant [Balch partner Steven] McKinney testified that Gilbert told him that ‘the government affairs guys vetted [the agreement with Robinson’s Foundation] and said it was okay.'”

But Gilbert had lied to McKinney as he had done so to Roberson.

David Roberson told The Washington Post in 2020 that beyond convicted felon and ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert, allegedly another 20 Balch & Bingham attorneys were involved in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal.

So how many Balch partners or attorneys were involved in stamping their seal of approval on the purchase of corrupt politician Oliver Robinson?

How many more individuals at Balch knowingly were involved in processing the over $360,000 in bribes to Robinson?

2. Tampered Evidence

More importantly, how many documents, invoices, and/or emails have been tampered with and by whom?

On December 1, 2014, convicted ex-Balch & Bingham partner Joel I. Gilbert dispatched a letter of intimidation to GASP, the health and environmental public charity that they tried to undercut.

Gilbert outside the courthouse

According to Balch billing documents, Gilbert may have been on vacation the week of Thanksgiving 2014, because his last billing is for Friday, November 21, 2014. The letter is dated December 1, 2014, a Monday, but nothing shows up in the December billings.

Who paid for that letter? Were there alterations of billing documents and invoices?

Were federal prosecutors misled or hoodwinked?

Balch allegedly may have provided a manipulated invoice to federal authorities during the North Birmingham Bribery Trial as the original invoice.

Drummond claimed in pleadings before the Roberson case was sealed in its entirety that “Balch’s first draft of the invoice was incorrectly addressed to Blake Andrews…”

Drummond’s lawyers were so furious that the original invoice was being used in the $75 million civil lawsuit, Drummond even subpoenaed the former secretary of convicted felon and ex-Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert. She handwrote “It should be David Roberson” on the invoice.

Who really cares who actually scribbled down the change?

The undisputed fact is the original invoice was changed. Was Roberson duped, signed off on the corrupt invoice, and set up as the “fall guy?”

Federal investigators need to only look at an example of the alleged alteration of evidence in the Newsome Conspiracy Case—the future RICO suit against Balch that currently is awaiting further indictments.

Nothing should surprise federal investigators. Nothing.

3. Paid Balch Stooges

Then there are Trey Glenn and Scott Phillips who should be probed by federal investigators. As readers may recall, Glenn and Phillips were indicted in November of 2018 by a local grand jury.

Mugshots of Phillips and Glenn

Balch & Bingham contracted with Trey Glenn who then directed payments to Scott Phillips to lobby the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to oppose the EPA in listing the North Birmingham site on the National Priorities List. 

At the time that Scott Phillips and Trey Glenn were receiving money from Balch to lobby ADEM on a policy matter involving the listing of North Birmingham as a Superfund site, Scott Phillips was on the Alabama Environmental Management Commission, the entity that oversees ADEM.

Drummond Company reimbursed Balch for Glenn and Phillips’ consulting “work,” but ex-Drummond executive David Roberson was mislead and never, ever told of the lobbying scheme.

The lobbying scheme and testimony from Phillips and Glenn were used to convict Roberson in his criminal trial. Roberson was allegedly told by Drummond executives and lawyers at Balch that the consulting work paid to the duo was in regardsto the ABC Coke plant, a lie.

4. “Confused” Drummond and Alleged Bribes

According to sources, the federal government wanted Roberson to honestly testify about the alleged bribes from Drummond Company to politicians.

The Roberson Family

The testimony the feds also sought included details of an alleged bribery ring of “do-not-ask” but “just-send-the-check” co-conspirators. But Roberson’s criminal attorneys allegedly rejected a full-immunity deal. Roberson would be a free man today.

With the criminal attorneys being paid generously by Drummond Company, some observers wonder: Was the rejection of the immunity deal done solely for Drummond’s benefit at Roberson’s expense?

Blake Andrews, General Counsel of Drummond Company, was allegedly so “confused” by the invoices in the North Birmingham Bribery Scheme, he allegedly had Roberson sign off on them as the “fall guy.”

Was “Confused” Andrews involved in any way with the rejection of this immunity deal?

Drummond allegedly vowed to keep him on the payroll, pay for his criminal litigation costs, and take care of Roberson and his family. Yet six months after his conviction, Roberson was terminated. He lost his home, his possessions, and barely can pay for the prescription drugs of his family members.

The Alliance for Jobs and the Economy (AJE) was the corrupt entity behind the money laundering of $360,000 in bribes to disgraced ex-State Representative Oliver Robinson.

The AJE was the alleged brainchild of Alabama Power and as we reported in 2017, Mike Thompson of Thompson Tractor was listed as a director of the money laundering entity.

Former U.S. Senator Luther Strange

Thompson was also the fundraising chairman in 2017 of Balch’s biggest stooge U.S. Senator Luther Strange and allegedly has had deep and close frienships with Crosswhite and the Drummond family.

Strange involved himself in the North Birmingham EPA matter, allegedly provoked by Balch, even though Strange had no authority to do so. At the time, the Governor had delegated the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to handle all issues related to the North Birmingham EPA matter.

  • On October 13, 2014, convicted felon and Balch-made millionaire Joel I. Gilbert sent Luther Strange, then the Alabama Attorney General, a draft letter about the North Birmingham EPA matter.
  • Four days later, on October 17, Strange accepted a $25,000 contribution from Drummond Company.
  • The $25,000 was allegedly hand delivered in 2014 to Attorney General Strange when Thompson allegedly brought him over to Drummond Company’s executive offices, circumventing government affairs and meeting with members of the Drummond family directly.
  • Six days later after the money was deposited, Strange signed the ghost-written letter and dispatched it on his official letterhead to the EPA on October 23, 2014. (Read the source documents here.)

5. Alabama Power’s Secret Deal and the Matrix Meltdown

In court filings in the Roberson case (before it was sealed), Alabama Power claimed the utility “was a victim of those who ran AJE.”

As we said before, cry us a polluted river!

The money-laundering entity of the Alliance for Jobs and the Economy (AJE) was the alleged brainchild of Alabama Power while emails from convicted Balch-made millionaire Joel I. Gilbert discussing the North Birmingham Bribery Scheme were sent to Alabama Power while convicted ex-Drummond executive David Roberson in some instances was simply carbon-copied. Alabama Power was briefed regularly.

In their pleadings Alabama Power also discusses our post on Jeffrey H. Wood, the ex-Balch & Bingham lobbyist who was on Capitol Hill in 2016 being briefed on the North Birmingham CERCLA matter at the height of the bribery scandal on behalf of Alabama Power, calling information on Wood’s lobbying efforts “irrelevant.”

Paying for Refreshing Cocktails or a Conspiracy on the Rocks?

What really angered Alabama Poweris the alleged secret deal with disgraced U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town in which Alabama Power was “unmentionable” during the criminal trial, calling the allegations a “conspiracy theory.”

The jaw-dropping photos of Town and Crosswhite at the Moon Shine Lounge are not a “conspiracy theory.”

Now Alabama Power has more controversy with alleged secret indemnity agreements and multi-million-dollar contracts not requiring detailed invoicing.

The Matrix Meltdown is causing a storm of documents to be leaked and a published report outlined how Alabama Power allegedly dished out $2.5 million to Joe Perkins, the founder of the obscure political consulting firm Matrix, without the need to provide itemized invoices.

For years, incredible rumors and colorful innuendo circulated around Matrix, now in the middle of an ugly, two-state divorce between founder Joe Perkins and his once-protege Jeff Pitts.

The allegations include using actors, smearing political opponents, setting up AstroTurf campaigns, hiring brain-dead journalists, and engaging in fear-tactics that could appear to be criminal acts.

And these alleged fear-tactics and criminal acts, could they the center of a criminal investigation that could lead to more indictments?

We hope so.

RICO, Actors, and Staged Events

[This post originally was published on October 22, 2018 before Alabama Power was linked to the staged arrest of Burt Newsome or the filing of ex-Drummond executive David Roberson’s $75 million civil suit. The Crosswhite Scandal (alleged imdemnity deals and secret million-dollar contracts) and the ever-growing Matrix Meltdown appear to have spurred a federal investigation. The actors, paid agents, and smear artists serving as apologists to Alabama Power and/or Balch & Bingham have only amplified the alleged insidious and corrupt misconduct. Now in 2022, Crosswhite has done nothing to cut ties with Balch. The secret $2.5 million in contracts with Matrix without the need of detailed invoices is a financial embarrassment. Crosswhite should be fired or forced to resign or retire.]

In June [2018], we wrote about the explosive allegations about hired actors used to testify in public hearings on behalf of an electric utility in New Orleans.

Alabama Power, Balch & Bingham’s top client  run by former Balch & Bingham partners, used a consulting firm tied to the scandal. The consulting firm denied ever hiring actors to attend public meetings on behalf of Alabama Power.

Responding to the weasel-worded denial by Alabama Power’s consultants, Hawthorn Group, we asked two hardball questions:

  1. Were actors ever hired for any other purpose (besides attending meetings) on behalf of Alabama Power?
  2. Has any other “third-party” vendor of Alabama Power ever engaged in conduct to create AstroTurf campaigns and bogus testimonials?

We followed-up the next day with a post about bogus environmentalists who were hired actors and, in a separate matter, how Balch & Bingham was hired in an alleged smear campaign.

We wrote at the time, “A coming crisis is truly on the horizon.”

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times had a well-written piece of journalism about one of the entities involved in the “hired actors scandal” from June: Crowds on Demand.

The Los Angeles Times writes:

Crowds on Demand, a Beverly Hills firm that’s an outspoken player in the business of hiring protesters, boasts on its website that it provides its clients with “protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts.… We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas.”

The company has hired actors to lobby the New Orleans City Council on behalf of a power plant operator, protest a Masons convention in San Francisco and act like supportive fans and paparazzi at an L.A. conference for life coaches.

But according to a lawsuit filed by a Czech investor, Crowds on Demand also takes on more sordid assignments. Zdenek Bakala claims the firm has been used to run an extortion campaign against him.

Bakala has accused Prague investment manager Pavol Krupa of hiring Crowds on Demand to pay protesters to march near his home in Hilton Head, S.C., and to call and send emails to the Aspen Institute and Dartmouth College, where Bakala serves on advisory boards, urging them to cut ties to him. Bakala alleges that Krupa has threatened to continue and expand the campaign unless Bakala pays him $23 million.

Bakala’s lawsuit, filed in federal court in South Carolina, also alleges violations of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, a law originally intended to target organized crime syndicates. Bakala alleges Krupa, [Crowds on Demand founder Adam] Swart and Crowds on Demand have violated that law by participating in an extortion scheme against him.

In the Newsome Conspiracy Case, like Bakala, an innocent but successful person was targeted and defamed.

According to the 44 retaliatory orders, the Queen of the Star Chamber, Judge Carole Smitherman, had all of the co-conspirators’ “costs taxed against” Newsome.

Railroaded by an alleged criminal conspiracy that abused and manipulated the Alabama judicial system, the civil RICO case, currently being carefully and meticulously drafted on behalf of Newsome, may show how the “costs taxed against” Newsome appears to be nothing more than a form of extortion.

Alabama Power, whose parent company Southern Company tried to tell us had nothing to do with the Newsome Conspiracy Case, donated $2,500 to Judge Smitherman’s husband, State Senator Rodger Smitherman in July of last year, and another $2,000 this past May.

The incestuous, sister-wife relationship between Balch & Bingham and Alabama Power has existed for almost a century.

Soon the misdeeds, actors, and staged events will be exposed.

Mark Crosswhite, the CEO of Alabama Power, who took the lead to reform the Business Council of Alabama, will have to rise above the loyalty to his former firm and end this miscarriage of justice once and for all.