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Balch & Bingham Loses Tens of Millions for $242,000

Since 2017, how much has Balch lost in the aggregate? $26 million? $57 million? $100 million? or More?

More than once, we have paused and asked ourselves, “Is Balch really this stupid?

The autopsy of Balch partner William D. Lineberry appears to show that the alleged financial woes of Balch & Bingham may have impacted the esteemed legacy partner and caused Lineberry to commit suicide.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Balch’s lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. have plummeted.

From 2017 to 2021, Balch has lost over $4,000,000 in direct lobbing revenue compared to a high in 2016 of $1,420,000 in lobbying fees.

A review of the former 18 of 18 top D.C. lobbying clients that Balch lost, Balch has approximately lost $2 million in lobbying fees a year to competitors including Bradley Arant and Maynard Cooper starting in 2018. Through 2021, Balch has lost approximately $8 million in D.C lobbying fees to competitors.

When you add the transaction and legal fees tied to servicing the successful lobbying efforts (what broccoli is to chicken), Balch & Bingham could have lost up to another $24 million in non-lobbying fees.

Then add the dozens of money-making Balch partners and attorneys that have left and taken a hefty chunk of revenue away, the numbers skyrocket.

Since 2017, how much has Balch lost in the aggregate? $26 million? $57 million? $100 million? or More?

The collage of logos of ex- Balch lobbying clients in Washington, D.C. (above) magnify Balch’s nose-dive plunge. Even Southern Company, Balch’s alleged sugar daddy, does not use the embattled firm for federal lobbying purposes.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Bradley Arant and Maynard Cooper have seen their D.C. lobbying efforts grow enormously in five years, pulling in millions.

We, the CDLU, educated many of these clients about the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal and the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Instead of apologizing to the African-American community of North Birmingham and resolving the Newsome Conspiracy Case, Balch decided to “fight to the death,” and appears to have slowly killed themselves and drowned their once-prestigious reputation.

The greatest miscarriage of justice is the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Burt Newsome, an innocent man minding his own business, was targeted, wrongly arrested, and defamed a decade ago.

When Newsome fought back, Balch used all their political might to try to stick it to Burt Newsome.

Balch stooges, goons, and lackeys allegedly rigged the legal system with a secret Star Chamber; allegedly manipulated and altered evidence; allegedly created a counterfeit order and obstructed justice; and allegedly bribed contributed to the husband of the presiding judge.

And at the end of the day, what judgment did these fools at Balch & Bingham obtain in the lopsided decision against Newsome?


When clients and Balch legacy partners are running out the front door (and Balch’s young attorneys are leaving, too), you have to ask, “Is Balch really this stupid?

Losing tens of millions for $242,000? Really?

Nose Dive Plunge a la Balch & Bingham

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