Counterfeit Order, Judicial Fraud Rocks Balch & Bingham

[Update: Counterfeit Order Divided Alabama Supreme Court]

Is this just all a bad dream?

Just when one thinks Balch & Bingham will retreat back from the ledge of corporate suicide, another bombshell lands that shows sheer stupidity and unequivocal corruption of the Alabama judicial system.

Burt Newsome, the attorney who allegedly was wrongly targeted, falsely arrested, and defamed by Balch & Bingham and other co-conspirators has filed a 100-page appellate brief with the Alabama Supreme Court, and it is a devastating indictment of the Keystone Cops at Balch & Bingham.

The cornerstone of all defendants’ legal arguments, the 44 retaliatory orders signed by the Queen of the Star Chamber, Judge Carole Smitherman, and the order for summary judgement against Burt Newsome is all based on a counterfeit order.

A fake, bogus, 100% fictitious order.

And where did the counterfeit order come from?

When Newsome was wrongly arrested in 2013 in a staged arrest by the son of a long-time Alabama Power executive, Newsome vigorously fought the phony criminal charges against him.

In April of 2014, the bogus criminal case collapsed and was dismissed with prejudice.

On February 19, 2015, Newsome filed a request to have the staged criminal case and records expunged, and was granted that petition in September of 2015, since “neither the district attorney nor the victim filed any objection to the Petition for Expungement within 45 days,” according to the judge’s order.

Almost a year later, in the summer of 2016, the legal representatives of the co-conspirators in the Newsome Conspiracy Case presented to Judge Smitherman the counterfeit order stating that the expunged criminal case had been resurrected from the dead while making all sorts of scurrilous and false accusations inside the fabricated order against Newsome.

The counterfeit order was allegedly “signed” by another judge in Shelby County, who had no knowledge of the case, without a hearing, without any supporting transcripts, and  most importantly never, ever filed in the state judicial information system.

The counterfeit order is worse than the ghost-written letters of the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal because it is blatant judicial fraud.

The bogus criminal case against Newsome remains expunged and even the Alacourt electronic records system declares that “no case detail available.”

We always have said the secretive and unconstitutional Star Chamber where the Newsome Conspiracy Case was tried was possibly hiding criminal acts and perjury.

Judge Smitherman and her husband State Senator Rodger Smitherman received over $30,000 in “contributions” from entities linked to Balch & Bingham and the co-defendants at key intervals during the case.

The Queen of the Star Chamber is not only a Balch & Bingham stooge; she is a fool, an utter fool who engaged in judicial fraud.

And Newsome’s civil RICO case against Balch, Alabama Power, and others only solidifies.

A bad dream?

No a nightmare, a screaming nightmare for Balch & Bingham.