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Balch Clowns’ Counterfeit Order Divided Alabama Supreme Court

On April 27, 2018, the Alabama Supreme Court issued the following order:

IT IS ORDERED that the Circuit Court of Shelby County shall, pursuant to Rule 58(c), Ala. R. Civ. P., enter into the State Judicial Information System (SJIS) its June 8, 2016, order in which it vacated the previously-entered order expunging records relating to the district court criminal charge against Burton Wheeler Newsome.

Two Supreme Court Justices (Shaw and Bryan)  dissented in part arguing the Supreme Court had no right to force a lower court to enter the counterfeit order into the system.

The counterfeit order used as a cornerstone in the Newsome Conspiracy Case was indeed judicial fraud because the Judge, the Honorable Sonny Conwill who allegedly “signed” the order, never filed, never entered the make-believe, fabricated order into the system even after the Supreme Court ordered him to do so.

Now Balch & Bingham and the circle of clowns affiliated with the co-conspirators may be considering running down to Columbiana to get the counterfeit order entered. Problem is the matter is now on appeal and there is no jurisdiction whatsoever in the lower court.

Any illegal action regarding the counterfeit order by the clerk and courts in Shelby County would only expose them to risk and liability in Newsome’s civil RICO suit.

If Judge Sonny Conwill did indeed sign this counterfeit order, why did he refuse to enter it in the system?

Because Conwill appears to have known the counterfeit order was judicial fraud.

Conwill knew none of the facts, never held a hearing, had no access to transcripts or the records, and probably just signed “the damn thing” to get Balch & Bingham clowns off his back.

Complicating the clowns’ sheer stupidity and unsavory conduct, Conwill retired this past January.



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