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Keystone Cops and Alabama Power

The profound (if not stupidly obvious) link between Alabama Power, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Company, and the Newsome Conspiracy Case was confirmed last night by investigators.

What has Balch & Bingham brought upon Southern Company?

Abuse under the color of authority? Trampling of Civil Rights and civil liberties?

Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning knows what we are talking about. We gave him the details on October 25.

Our Balch & Bingham sources told us that Balch, allegedly briefed about the link, was so flustered by the revelation last week they were searching for any public mention of the individuals involved.

No foolish deniability by Southern Company or their sister-wives at Balch & Bingham can overcome this unsettling link.

Just like Balch stooges Trey Glenn and Scott Phillips thought they could game the system with impunity in the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal, so have the foolish co-conspirators in the Newsome Conspiracy Case who now appear more like the Keystone Cops.

The Keystone Cops were known for stumbling and tumbling to make people laugh. But Balch & Bingham’s tumbling and stumbling appears to only make people sick and disgusted.

Now that Southern Company and its subsidiary Alabama Power look like they will face a civil RICO suit for the alleged egregious and unscrupulous conduct, and possible U.S. Congressional hearings, will Fanning survive the storm his most trusted advisors told him not to worry about?

Tom, have you finally had enough?


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