Collapse! Andy2K’s Law Firm Disintegrates

Andrew “Andy2K” Campbell, who was named lead counsel on behalf of Balch & Bingham in the Newsome Conspiracy Case earlier this year, is now in the middle of an ugly fight, seeing his own boutique law firm, Campbell Guin, LLC, collapse and disintegrate.

His former partners and owners at the firm allege that Andy2K “failed to comply with operating agreements….has failed to distribute funds due and has further failed to provide an accounting thereof,” according to a lawsuit filed against Andy2K in August.

Andy2K was the manager of two LLCs affiliated with the law firm, but according to the suit, “is in the process of being removed.”

In February, Andy2K donated $2,000 to the Queen of the Star Chamber, Judge Carole Smitherman, around the time he took the reins of the Newsome case.

Near that same time, Andy2K settled yet another legal dispute: the fees due to a referring law firm for a $2 million verdict on behalf of a wrongly terminated university official.

Could the fees from that $2 million verdict be at the center of Andy2K’s current dispute and removal?

Speaking of “accounting thereof,” where did Andy2K get the $2,000 to give to Judge Smitherman?

What would a civil RICO lawsuit uncover and what would “former partners” say about Andy2K?

Unequivocally, Balch & Bingham’s Chief Compliance Officer Steve Feaga appears to be asleep at the wheel, missing in action, and the greatest act of window dressing since he was hired by the embattled law firm last December.

We took Feaga to task for letting the firm hire Andy2K, writing in July that if Feaga truly had the oversight and control, he should have blocked the hiring of Andy2K and any prospective firms who may have been engaged in influence peddling or dispersing campaign donations in Jefferson County.

Now Balch & Bingham has another embarrassment to deal with all because egos stupidly want to fight to the death.

How long will the good, honorable, and professional partners at Balch (and respected clients) support an institution that appears to ignore best practices while continuing to make foolish decisions?