Massive Civil RICO Suit Coming by Early 2019

One of the key witnesses to the Newsome Conspiracy Case was allegedly told not to provide testimony or evidence and then was eventually and abruptly fired.

Balch & Bingham has a severe headache coming.

As Reuters wrote about a recent and devastating $250 million civil RICO settlement:

The biggest difference between a John Grisham novel and the allegations in a racketeering class action State Farm settled Tuesday for $250 million is that Grisham would have had the insurance company buy off a state Supreme Court candidate with a briefcase full of cash.

We learned that Burt Newsome has visited with his RICO legal team in Atlanta a couple weeks back and they are preparing a solid, detailed, and massive civil RICO suit that could take up to 6 months to carefully and meticulously put together.

A ground-breaking expert on money-laudering, Buddy Parker, Newsome’s RICO attorney, is looking at all the moving parts and intricate details, even the mundane aspects of the case that may have been overlooked, or unknown to observers, including us.

Persons and entities of interest we are learning about (some for the first time):

  • Alabama State Representative Jim Hill, an attorney who represents co-conspirator John W. Bullock, and Hill’s ties (as a former judge) to the Alabama Judiciary System.
  • John W. Bullock and his business the Pink Variety Store near Pell City, Alabama.
  • Diane Bullock, the ex-wife of John Bullock.
  • Virginia Voitus, an alleged girlfirend of John Bullock, and former bank teller.
  • Alabama Power’s Government Affairs Department and employee Melissa Black.
  • Scott, Sullivan, Streetman, and Fox, P.C. the law firm that has remained silent even though associate Robert M. Ronnlund has allegedly engaged in criminal obstruction of justice and alleged alteration of evidence.
  • The detectives at the Calera Police Department including one who allegedly verbally disparaged Newsome over the phone. Calera Police was the agency that provided a statement (not sworn nor under oath) calling the pre-paid cell phone number connecting all the co-conspirators “a routing switch.”
  • The Alabama Supreme Court and Associate Justice  William B. Sellers, a former Balch & Bingham partner.
  • State Senator Rodger Smitherman and Judge Carole Smitherman who have received over $30,000 in questionable campaign contributions. Judge Smitherman presides over the secret Star Chamber.
  • The Columbiana Police Department which pulled over and arrested Newsome in May of 2013. Newsome was pulled over after attending a publicly-known court hearing.
  • Verizon and alleged employee Jason Forman.

As Forbes magazine wrote,

Civil RICO permits a “person [including corporations] damaged in his business or property” to sue one or more “racketeers.” The plaintiff must prove an existing “enterprise” which the racketeers used to engage in a pattern of illegal activities. RICO permits racketeers to be tried either criminally (by the government) or civilly (by either the government or private parties) for illegal acts which he or she ordered, assisted, or conspired with others to do, even if the racketeer did not himself commit the acts.

We learned what appears to be the most damaging evidence is alleged witness tampering and intimidation by alleged “racketeers” linked to Balch & Bingham.

One of the key witnesses to the Newsome Conspiracy Case was allegedly told not to provide testimony or evidence and then was eventually and abruptly fired.

Ironically, every move hidden or unhidden, done inside the secretive Star Chamber or not, we are told only helps Newsome. With 44 retaliatory orders signed by Judge Smitherman, and the cast of dubious characters rejoicing with every questionable filing, antic, motion, and lop-sided “victory” (including the unsolicited responses to the Alabama Supreme Court about Newsome’s Writ of Mandamus), only help solidify the civil RICO case.

Although they may not find a “briefcase full of cash,” the intricate details,  alleged money-laundering, and manipulation of the Alabama legal system (including law enforcement) should create a solid civil RICO case that will fundamentally impact not only Balch & Bingham, but the entire judiciary system in Alabama.

And just think about this: Balch senior partner Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr., (pictured left) could have settled the Newsome matter for $150,000 and a simple apology.

What has the Newsome Conspiracy Case now cost Balch & Bingham besides bruised feelings?