Star Chamber: Andy2K Hip-Hops with Judge Smitherman

We now understand why Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr. hasn’t made any further stupid mistakes now that the veil of the secretive Star Chamber was ripped wide-open.

He was replaced by Andy Campbell of the boutique law firm Campbell Guinn to defend Balch & Bingham earlier this year.

And what did Andy do?

According to the Newsome’s Writ of Mandamus, Andy Campell donated $2,000 directly to Judge Smitherman’s campaign in February, one of the bigger donations to the Queen of the Star Chamber.


Steve Feaga, the Chief Compliance Officer at Balch and based in Montgomery, surely looks like he was hired in an act of window dressing.

If he truly had the oversight and control, Feaga should have blocked the hiring of Andy2K and any prospective firms who may have been engaged in influence peddling or dispersing campaign donations in Jefferson County.

We had written about the questionable campaign donations funneled to Smitherman and her husband starting last December, but Balch looks like they don’t give a hoot about appearances of improper conduct.

We do not know Andy2K, but people may ask, how old is he? He’s old enough to know better.

The alleged conduct of greasing the wheels, to hip-hop a judge, to intimidate others, and manipulate the legal system appears to be symptoms of a RICO entity.