Six Months Later, Feaga is MIA

[Update: In January of 2020, Stephen Feaga  left the embattled firm. Click here to read more.]

We were extremely pleased when Balch & Bingham announced six months ago the appointment of their first-ever Chief Compliance Officer, Stephen Feaga.

We respect him and believe he is a pillar of integrity.

But six months in, we ask, was it all window dressing?

Our involvement began with the Burt Newsome Conspiracy Case. The case sits in a secretive, unconstitutional, and criminal Star Chamber for almost 300 days now.

This case should have been settled over a year ago when former partner Clark A. Cooper was fired.

Why hasn’t Feaga investigated the Newsome case, looked into the allegations of criminal obstruction of justice, reviewed the alleged alteration of evidence, verified what the third-party risks and liabilities are, and probed the questionable contributions to Judge Carole Smitherman and her husband?

Why is Feaga missing in action?

As we wrote on our 1-year anniversary in March:

Now many observers are wondering, what is Balch’s exit plan or end game?

Will they have a glorious victory in their unconstitutional and secretive Star Chamber only to be appealed? Will Balch fight all the way to the Alabama Supreme Court as more clients fall away? Will a federal RICO action cause an even greater exodus at the firm or will it take additional criminal indictments?

Will Balch continue to duke it out until the once $150,000 settlement turns into an 8-figure payout?

Balch’s scorched earth fight has sadly only scorched them.