Southern Company

Will Balch & Bingham End Up Like Bill Canary?

Powerful. Connected. Trusted.

Bill Canary at one point had it all. The former Chief of Staff to Alabama Governor Bob Riley is married to the former U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, Leura Canary.

At their height, they were the most powerful political couple in Montgomery.

But in the last 72 hours, we have seen Canary’s leadership at the the Business Council of Alabama crumble apart, completely collapse.


Because Alabama Power, Regions Bank and others have withdrawn their support of the BCA after their demands for leadership change were ignored.

Once a plea deal or conviction is secured against either or both of Balch & Bingham’s indicted partners, the exodus of partners and clients most likely will escalate and could bring an early death or break-up of the firm.

The once powerful, connected, and trusted law firm truly is facing a doomsday machine.

Although Southern Company, Alabama Power’s parent company, failed to demonstrate leadership against the alleged racist conduct by Balch, a federal conviction in the criminal trial of the two Balch partners will offer Southern Company the opportunity to redeem themselves.

Alabama Power CEO Mark Crosswhite has shown how fighting for inherent goodness can help us all, no matter what opinions you may have of the utility giant.


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