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Alleged Co-Conspirators May Have “Hung Themselves”

The letter to AT&T looks like a deliberate and deceptive tactic to impede justice, to hide evidence, and to protect the alleged co-conspirators.

As the Newsome Conspiracy Case garners heavier analysis by outside groups, the alleged co-conspirators and their lawyers, including some Balch & Bingham partners,  have apparently become unhinged, as the insidious and eye-popping tricks become exposed.

In a five-page letter to Judge Carole Smitherman dated August 8, 2017, Robert M. Ronnlund, an attorney for one of the alleged co-conspirators whines to the Judge about us, a sealed video-deposition, and the negative publicity.

Regarding discovery and evidence, Ronnlund wrote, “I was more than happy to ‘give the Plaintiffs all the rope they needed to hang themselves with.'”

Now with  that discovery and evidence in hand, it looks like the rope has hung Ronnlund and the alleged co-conspirators.

In a letter to AT&T dated January 16, 2016, Ronnlund wrote that “an objection has been filed regarding the deposition subpoena” and added, “absent a valid court order, please do not produce any documentation.”

What was the documentation for?  Phone numbers associated to another co-conspirator, John W. Bullock, who is not even Ronnlund’s client.  And two of the phone numbers, according to the amended complaint, were associated with the (205) 410-1494 burner, cell phone.

Unequivocally, the alleged co-conspirators look like they definitely knew each other and Ronnlund apparently knew this over 18 months ago.

In addition, an “objection” was never filed and the threat to AT&T not to produce any documentation without a “valid court order” was 100% bull.

The letter to AT&T looks like a deliberate and deceptive tactic to impede justice, to hide evidence, and to protect the alleged co-conspirators.

Judge Smitherman should impose severe sanctions, federal authorities should investigate,  and the Alabama Bar Association should conduct a formal inquiry.

No bull.

Southern Company Should Dump Balch & Bingham

With the explosive and deadly events in Charlottesville, hate and racism are vividly alive  in the United States.

Southern Company, the large and innovative utility company based in Atlanta,  should take a strong and unequivocal stand against racism, against unscrupulous behavior, and dump Balch & Bingham as their outside counsel and lobbyists.

On June 23, 2017, the day after corrupt politician Oliver Robinson made a plea agreement in the $360,000 bribery scheme involving Balch & Bingham in which Robinson suppressed and discouraged poor African-Americans in North Birmingham from having their toxic and contaminated property tested, we wrote to Southern Company CEO Thomas A. Fanning, asking him to reach out to Balch directly:

What you have  Mr. Fanning is the power to provide a voice: a voice to those poor African-Americans in North Birmingham, a voice for people like Burt Newsome who were treated with apparent injustice. We want you to take charge and ask you to please call or email M. Stanford Blanton the Managing Partner [at Balch & Bingham]…and ask him to bring an end to this alleged unscrupulous behavior. Let him know  that Southern Company does not want to be associated with this type of behavior at any level, no matter how professional or productive Balch’s lobbyists may be.

The economic racism and environmental injustice that occurred in North Birmingham led the Trump Administration to revoke their consideration of Jeffrey H. Wood, a former partner and lobbyist at Balch & Bingham, for Assistant U.S. Attorney General; Trump simply nominated someone else.

Alabama Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, has relied on Balch for decades, paying them millions in legal and lobbying fees.

Now is the time for Southern Company’s executive leadership and Board of Directors (pictured above) to take the high road and let their customers and the public know they will not stand by idly while Balch & Bingham engages in what appears to be repugnant and unscrupulous behavior to the alleged detriment of African-Americans and others.

There are many other law firms in the Southeast who can match or exceed Balch’s expertise without the embarrassing baggage, without the alleged shenanigans, and without two ongoing federal probes.

Will Carole Smitherman be the next Oliver Robinson?

Why was Balch & Bingham so confident in comments not made under oath or in a deposition that was yet to take place in which Verizon had not even been subpoenaed about?

With former and disgraced Alabama State Representative Oliver Robinson facing prison time for a $360,000 bribery scheme involving the embattled law firm Balch & Bingham, will Judge Carole Smitherman be the next Oliver Robinson?

On August 2, 2017, in a highly questionable, egregious act going against legal common-sense, Smitherman dismissed the amended complaint from June of Burt Newsome, an alleged victim of a conspiracy by Balch and others, without a hearing and without due process in less than 48 hours after Balch had filed the motion to dismiss.  She also concurrently dismissed an alleged co-conspirator from the case a day before a hearing was set on August 3rd to discuss the matter.

Is it of no coincidence that Smitherman has received over $15,000 in campaign contributions from BIZPAC, a political action committee that is funded in part by Balch & Bingham partners?

Now, in a new amended complaint posted this weekend on, Newsome’s attorney, Charles I. Brooks, General Counsel to the Civil Rights group the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, exposes more of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

He was advised not by the court but in an email from Balch’s attorney that the hearing for August 3rd had been cancelled.

The veteran and lead attorney defending Balch is none other than Schuyler Allen Baker Jr., who has donated thousands of dollars to (you can guess) BIZPAC. He’s the same illustrious attorney that filed the motion in May lying about the CDLU, and who also cited the 1961 Alabama Supreme Court decision, declaring “ruining a rival” was justified interference.

According to the latest amended case, Balch dispatched a letter to Newsome’s attorney the Friday before the questionable Verizon deposition threatening them with the Alabama Litigation Liability Act if they did not dismiss the case, regurgitating the narrative that the phone number connecting the co-conspirators was not a pre-paid cell phone,  not a telemarketer as Balch had said in open court, but now a routing switch.

Why was Balch & Bingham so confident in comments not made under oath or in a deposition that was yet to take place in which Verizon had not even been subpoenaed about?

Like Robinson, Smitherman, a Civil Rights leader who broke down many barriers, appears to be a dupe, a pawn in what looks like a scheme to suppress the truth, the whole-truth, and nothing-but-the truth.

And foolishly, Balch even appears to have misinterpreted the questionable deposition, providing  Smitherman with what looks like spliced and diced half-truths.

The fellow allegedly representing Verizon acknowledged he had not researched if (205) 410-1494 could have been a Verizon pre-paid, burner phone and declared, “This is the first I’m hearing of it.” And then Verizon’s  corporate counsel affirmed saying, “He has no basis to dispute or not dispute.”

On top of that, Brooks provided hard evidence that the Verizon phone number was indeed a burner, pre-paid telephone including Verizon’s letter affirming records were not kept for more than a year (unlike regular cell phones) and that it was  associated with the voter registration of an alleged co-conspirator.

So it was not a slam dunk after all, and Judge Smitherman appears to have dismissed a case with no due process while listening to the oral flatulence from the co-conspirators or their legal counsel.

Will Smitherman allow Balch and others to abuse her credibility as a  respected constitutional law professor like Balch abused Robinson’s credibility and legacy as a UAB basketball star?

Will Smitherman protect her legacy as the first African-American female mayor of Birmingham, who served with distinction on the city council or toss it aside for 30 pieces of campaign silver?

Will Smitherman stand up to the lying sacks of marbles once and for all and treat all parties with fairness and due process regardless of campaign contributions?

Time Smitherman took the reins back.

Mueller Can Investigate “Any Crimes that He Might Discover”

During the 2016 election cycle, then-U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions was to endorse Trump at the Russian-linked aerospace company tied to Balch & Bingham.

For months we have been providing the Office of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III with detailed information about the alleged scurrilous, unscrupulous, and questionable actions by Balch & Bingham and associates.

The Washington Post reported Sunday:

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein said Sunday that the expanding investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is continuing apace ….[and that] special counsel Robert S. Mueller III can investigate any crimes that he might discover within the scope of his probe, but the deputy attorney general would not discuss which individuals are the subject of their inquiry.

We first wrote to Mr. Mueller to ask him to look into the website scrub by Balch in relationship to a Russian-linked aerospace company, Black Hall Aerospace, Inc. a/k/a AAL USA, Inc.

During the 2016 election cycle, then-U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions was to endorse Trump at the Russian-linked aerospace company tied to Balch & Bingham. But according to media reports at the time,  the venue was changed at the last minute due to crowd size.

Very important to note:  Balch & Bingham was U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ #2 lifetime donor as U.S. Senator

About two weeks after we publicized the fact that Balch had boasted about successfully changing the Russia sanctions for Black Hall Aerospace, their lobbying client, Balch scrubbed their website and top-lobbyist’s resume of any references to the Russia sanctions.

We have been asked, “Why did you take a screenshot of the website?” (Screenshot pictured above.)

Our answer is simple: After seeing what Balch and others had allegedly done against Burt Newsome, we did not want to be a victim of unscrupulous or scurrilous actions.

The website scrub by Balch not only created a cover-up, it magnified to what lengths Balch would go to sugar-coat the past.

A few months later, Balch attempted to deceive about their continued ties to Black Hall Aerospace.

We have asked Mueller to also look at Black Hall Aerospace directly. The revenue growth at the Russian-linked aerospace company has been enormous and raises serious concerns and questions.

According to an online publication, the Russian-linked company, AAL USA, Inc. and/or Black Hall Aerospace, Inc., went from generating $6.5 million in 2014 with 15 employees, to over an estimated $100 million in 2016 with 450 employees.  

Likewise, according to a court filing, AAL USA Inc. had less than $1 million in revenue with fewer than 20 employees in 2014 but grew to over 400 employees and $50 million in revenue by 2016.

One of things Black Hall Aerospace boasts about is their FAA Part 145 Repair Station. But according to the government website, they have only two mechanics (only one mechanic up to this past spring).  Comparable companies have a half dozen to a dozen mechanics and numerous repairmen. This raises further questions.

We hope Mueller takes an even closer look at the numbers and where the money went.

Falsity! Not Telemarketers! Balch & Bingham Flips Out

Balch & Bingham appears to have now done a 180 degree flip right into a larger manure lagoon.

With Balch & Bingham under the scrutiny of two federal investigations (one in Alabama and the other in Mississippi),  will scrutiny now extend to New Jersey?

When we wrote to Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III on May 18th, besides Balch’s ties to the Russia-linked aerospace company Black Hall Aerospace, Inc. a/k/a AAL USA, Inc., we asked him to look at two possible issues arising from the investigation (which Mueller can investigate under his charge).

One of them was the case of Burt Newsome and his Civil Rights.

The victim, Burt Newsome, a small-town attorney in Alabama, was allegedly wrongly targeted, falsely arrested, and defamed by the alleged co-conspirators (defendants). This was allegedly in retaliation for prosecuting a man who pulled a gun on Newsome. The alleged co-conspirators include Balch & Bingham which allegedly had an alternative objective: to obtain Newsome’s lucrative banking collections business.

The alleged co-conspirators had fought releasing detailed phone records but in late June Newsome’s legal team received them, combed through them, and found that all defendants were connected through the prepaid Verizon cell number (205) 410-1494. The conspiracy was confirmed because of that number; that number is the key witness in this alleged conspiracy.

The night before Newsome’s false arrest, there appears to have been a 32-minute conversation on that phone line. Corrupt law enforcement may have been involved.

A truly embarrassing moment, Balch & Bingham attorneys foolishly alleged in open court in July that the calls were all from a telemarketer  —acknowledging that the co-conspirators are all linked to a single cell phone number.

The apparent laughing-stock of the chattering class in Birmingham, Balch & Bingham appears to have now done a 180 degree flip right into a larger manure lagoon.

Last week, a filing including a highly questionable Calera (Alabama) Police Department document, we began seeing the alleged narrative that the (205) 410-1494 number was not a cell phone but a “routing switch.”

During the latter part of last week, it looked like Verizon’s records of the cell number were inaccessible (allegedly due to law enforcement.) Then a notice of a questionable deposition with a Verizon corporate representative (occurring with NO SUBPOENA and less than 48 hours’ notice) was filed on Thursday afternoon.

According to, NO subpoena for Verizon was ever filed with the court.

After the sealed deposition with Verizon took place on Monday July 31st, Balch filed a motion to dismiss Newsome’s  amended complaint calling the cell phone number allegation a “falsity” and the judge, this week,  without a hearing, signed the order.

In less than a week, the key witness— (205) 410-1494— was assassinated, cremated, and buried. Slam dunk or can you say the fix was in?

The video-taped sealed deposition supposedly took place at a Regus Center (a rent by the hour office space facility) in Bedminster, New Jersey (pictured above) not far from Verizon at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on Monday, July 31st.

That raised a huge red flag because Verizon has the facilities and technology to do depositions on their premises.

We wrote to Special Counsel Mueller yesterday and gave him a detailed update of this situation and what we believe to be a “gross injustice in the making.”  We hope the following questions are answered by criminal investigators:

Was the July 31st Verizon deposition in New Jersey bogus or not and if the person testifying was truly a person sanctioned to do so or not?

Was the person testifying truly who he or she said they were or could it have been an imposter?

Is corrupt law enforcement working with the co-conspirators across state lines?

Have records and information stored about the prepaid cell number 205-410-1494 internally at Verizon been intentionally manipulated, changed, modified, or destroyed?

If you call the alleged “routing switch,” you will hear a recording that says that the Verizon wireless number “has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service.”

As Balch continues to hemorrhage from their  scandals,  the Verizon affair appears to be on the verge of erupting; and like Mount Vesuvius,  the consequences could be fatal.

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Victory! CDLU Squashes Balch Nominee for Assistant U.S. Attorney General

In a blow to the embattled law firm Balch & Bingham, the Trump Administration has quietly decided to nominate Jeffrey Bossert Clark instead of Jeffrey H. Wood, a former lobbyist and partner at Balch,  as Assistant U.S. Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division.

The decision was made days after the CDLU sent dispatches to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary calling on them to block the Wood nomination, writing, “We have asked Mr. Wood to resign in his acting capacity because blatant economic racism and  environmental injustice cannot be tolerated. Anyone involved in an alleged conspiracy to suppress African-Americans is unfit to serve in the U.S. Department of Justice. If he refuses to resign, we want his eventual nomination to be blocked.”

In an explosive report published May 11, 2017, reported how Balch & Bingham dumped $134,000 into a foundation run by an alleged corrupt politician, Oliver Robinson, who in turn disenfranchised African-Americans from testing their toxic and contaminated property under EPA rules in 2015 and 2016.

According to lobbying disclosure reports, Wood met on Capitol Hill to discuss CERCLA/Superfund laws and policies in the second quarter and third quarters of 2016.

In an email sent on May 12, 2017 to Wood, the CDLU asked, “Did you at any time provide intelligence or knowledge back to your colleagues at Balch? Were you at any time asked to provide advice regarding the matters on 35th Avenue/North Birmingham? You were working at Balch when this alleged scheme to suppress African-Americans occurred.”

On May 15, the CDLU reviewed a U.S. Department of Justice memo from February saying, because of his work at Balch, Wood would be recused from any “CERCLA matters related to the North Birmingham CERCLA site in Alabama.”

The CDLU declared, “Wood’s fingerprints are on this debacle.”

Only hours after taking the oath of office, President Trump had appointed  Wood, who worked in Balch’s Energy and Environmental and Natural Resources practices out of their Washington, D.C. office, as his acting Assistant U.S. Attorney General for Environment and Natural Resources Division.

Banning Balch Over Russia Cover-Up and Alleged Unscrupulous Behavior

Consejo de Latinos Unidos (CDLU), a national public charity and advocacy group, is calling for an immediate lobbying ban of Balch & Bingham, a law firm deeply tied to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration, that engaged in a cover-up of the firm’s lobbying efforts to change Russia sanctions, as well as other alleged unscrupulous business practices.

Balch has provided key officials to the administration – including Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Wood, a former partner at Balch & Bingham – and it was the second largest donor to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate campaigns, contributing over $140,000, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Balch & Bingham had boasted on its website that its top Washington lobbyist worked to “change specific provisions to sanctions imposed by the U.S. Government against certain Russian companies,” but the firm recently deleted all references to its Russia connection from its website, saying instead that it “worked to allow U.S. Department of Defense contractors to support Allied air force.”

“What on earth is Balch covering-up? Balch scrubbed their website, throwing the truth into an Orwellian memory hole. Their top lobbyist even altered his resume,” said K.B. Forbes, Executive Director of the CDLU, “Fortunately, we have the original documents and screen shots.”

The CDLU has been investigating Balch & Bingham since last year for allegedly being involved in a case against a small-town lawyer in Alabama named Burt Newsome, who appears to have been wrongly targeted, arrested, and defamed. The Balch partner who appears to have been attempting to solicit Newsome’s clients, an alleged violation of professional conduct, was apparently abruptly fired the day after the website scrub.

“Our objective is to get Balch to conduct a top-to-bottom review of their firm and end the mentality, as they wrote in a court filing, of ‘ruining a rival’ and to start focusing on their clients, not their competition,” Forbes added.

In early February, the CDLU dispatched a letter to Kellyanne Conway asking The White House “to ban Balch & Bingham…from soliciting the Administration immediately.” Since 2001, CDLU’s work has been profiled in numerous media outlets, including  People Magazine, The Washington Post, and CBS’ 60 Minutes.


In an explosive investigative article posted in May 11, 2017, (Alabama Media Group) reported how Balch & Bingham dumped $134,000 into a foundation run by an alleged corrupt politician, Oliver Robinson, currently under federal investigation, who in turn disenfranchised African-Americans from testing their toxic and contaminated property under EPA rules in 2015 and 2016.

The following day, May 12, 2017, Robinson confirmed that Balch had allegedly hired him to work the neighborhoods.