Unplugging and Helping the Sick and Dying

This week our leadership is in Chicago helping the sick and dying. Blanca Blancas Luna (pictured) is to undergo a transplant procedure next month after heart surgery tomorrow.

Why is there a criminal trial, now, today, this very moment in Birmingham? Because of Balch & Bingham’s corporate culture. A corporate culture that appears to fight to the death and justifies Balch’s “ruining a rival” mentality.

Even if it means allegations of corruption, cutting corners, misquoting legal decisions, or greasing the wheels, Balch appears to do everything with impunity and hubris.

We have had record breaking traffic to our website from across the country. Our traffic this past weekend was 10-fold the normal and customary.

The tens of thousands of visitors to our website in recent days shows readers are eager for the truth.

As we stated before, there is nothing more that we would like but to unplug this site and focus more on the sick and dying.

Since Balch refuses to settle the Newsome Conspiracy Case stuck in an idiotic and embarrassing Star Chamber, we continue to write, investigate, and work with law enforcement.

We understand Balch, while in a middle of a criminal trial, cannot apologize to the North Birmingham African-American community, but they could plan with us a Day of Reconciliation and Forgiveness in August, win, lose, or hung jury.

As Balch partners pop some more Tums and suffer sleepless nights, please pray for them and Blanca Blancas Luna.