Another Chapter…

What will it take for Balch & Bingham to come to their senses? A management change? More indictments? More partners fleeing?

We, the CDLU, have engaged in fights for goodness and justice for almost 17 years.  In addition, we have provided or secured over $10 million in medical services for the sick and the dying.

Our track record is solid and includes:

  • Fighting a corrupt adult day care center that protected a sexual predator for almost a year who sexually abused developmentally disabled adult children and transmitted an STD to these innocent children. The center was eventually shut down because of our efforts.
  • Forcing Citibank to end their foolish idea of imposing an “extortion fee” on the working poor.
  • Freeing a man who was falsely accused of a triple-homicide and held in jail for 10 months in solitary confinement without due process.

But our biggest fight (and victory) was against the hospital sector and the unscrupulous conduct of price-gouging and then railroading uninsured families with enormous “made-up” debt by putting liens on their homes.

Like Balch & Bingham, the hospitals initially ignored our requests, our communications, our pleas.  The hubris is similar.

When we tangled with Tenet Healthcare, they accused us of being a front for labor unions, the Republican Party, and insurance companies. All false.

We fought for almost two years, costing Tenet $1.6 billion in acquisitions, and spurring Civil Rights investigations against Tenet across the country. Tenet’s reputation went into a free fall. Eventually everyone in the C-suite was gone or replaced, and Tenet signed, with our approval, the Compact with the Uninsured.

Like Tenet, Balch has professional people of integrity who can see beyond the unnecessary bullying, petty quibbling, and bruised feelings of a few partners; and seek a positive outcome for the best interests of the entire firm.

Another chapter in this saga will soon be written.