Blanca Blancas versus the Brookies

Good morning from the Windy City where the CDLU will be meeting with surgeons and others to help Blanca Blancas obtain a hopeful and ground-breaking treatment in an attempt to save her life.

That is what the CDLU is truly about: helping the sick and the dying.

What we thought would be an easy task of working with Balch & Bingham to rid themselves of bad apples, has turned into an investigation on multiple fronts while esteemed partners leave the firm.

As some of the elite in Mountain Brook defend Balch’s alleged abhorrent misconduct, we will not lose sight of our mission.

As one of our observers quipped, “You are helping the sick and the dying: Balch & Bingham!”

Can Feaga resuscitate the reputation of the firm or will other partners pull the plug?  When will Balch apologize to the North Birmingham African-American community? And when will Balch bring the Star Chamber and Newsome Conspiracy Case to an end?