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Balch Unhinged; Josh Moon Amputates Brain for Embattled Law Firm

Thank you Josh!

Part of the orchestrated public relations campaign to try to rehabilitate Balch & Bingham’s image, Josh Moon wrote a publicity piece in the Alabama Political Reporter (APR) about us, the CDLU, and our Chief Executive Officer, K.B. Forbes, which means one thing, and one thing only:

Balch is unhinged, seriously hemorrhaging, and cannot cope with their past transgressions.

Moon was once an award-winning investigative journalist; now he sadly appears like another foolish Balch & Bingham apologist.

After APR ran their original 1,500 word publicity piece defending Balch on July 9, the public ripped them apart for defending the indefensible: an alleged racist law firm whose partner was convicted for bribery and money laundering in a scheme to suppress African-Americans in North Birmingham from having their toxic property tested by the EPA.

APR was ripped, skewered, and mocked.

When Moon sent us five questions last week, we replied with details. Moon, like an arrogant two-faced hypocrite, sent us a final email, and he wrote:

Here’s the problem I have: I don’t believe you. Now, I don’t much care about Balch, because I think they’re more crooked than even you have alleged….

When we, the CDLU, were taking on the greedy hospitals that price gouged uninsured Blacks and Hispanics, the hospitals tried to get Mother Jones magazine to rip K.B. Forbes to shreds because of his former ties to the GOP and the late J. Patrick Rooney.

Forbes’ 30 minute interview at the LAX Hilton turned into a four-hour conversation and the writer said at the end, “You are completely different than what I thought.” 

Mother Jones’ profile story, Pocket Protector, completely whiplashed the hospitals, and the CDLU became an unsung hero in the fight for uninsured minorities. The hospitals’ efforts completely backfired.

People Magazine: K.B. Forbes wasn’t the sexiest man alive, but a crusader

We were profiled by numerous media outlets including People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and even on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

Likewise, the campaign to smear the CDLU by Balch & Bingham boosters is backfiring miserably, and the public knows it.

If Josh Moon had bothered to be a journalist instead of a Balch stooge, he would have reported about CDLU’s efforts in healthcare, consumer protection, and incarceration reform.

Instead Moon has turned our three-year effort to reforming an unsavory law firm and ending judicial corruption into a national story. (And by the way, thank you!)

In Mexico, they have a saying that translates, “Where there is money, there are whores.”

How many more whores will sell themselves to Balch or Alabama Power or one of their related entities for a few thousand dollars, a campaign contribution, or a generous digital advertising campaign?

How many more?


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