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Manure Lagoon: Zeke Smith Out at Alabama Power

So bad is the stench, Southern Company went outside the usual norm and did not promote an insider after Zeke’s exit.

In between writing two hit pieces about F.L. “Bubba” Copeland, the Mayor of Smiths Station, Alabama who committed suicide last Friday, Craig Monger of 1819 News squeezed in a short fluff piece about the “retirement” of Zeke Smith, the Alabama Power executive who allegedly approved over $318,000 in expenditures to the obscure political consulting firm Matrix in Southern Company’s campaign of fear and terror against us, the CDLU, and the Newsome and Forbes families during the summer of 2020.

As we wrote last December:

With the numerous documents we have received anonymously, we have now been able to confirm that the anonymous financial documents we received show Excel spreadsheet meta data that exposes the fact that “special” expenditures by Alabama Power against us, the CDLU, appear to have been authorized and allegedly supervised by Zeke Smith, Alabama Power Executive Vice President of External Affairs.

Zeke Smith

The Excel workbook titled APC CDLU SPECIAL, lists the report for “Zeke 82520” or in other words, a financial report dated August 25, 2020 for Zeke Smith. The report was allegedly generated by “Sloppy Joe” Perkin’s obscure political consulting firm, Matrix, for their top client, Alabama Power.

The data on the spreadsheets shows numerous line items that were heavy expenditures in the hundreds of thousands to terrorize the Forbes Family and their two young daughters, and to smear Burt Newsome falsely as a rapist.

The data line up chronologically to independent sources and events.

This is the third leadership change at Alabama Power in less than a year, and like disgraced ex-CEO Mark A. Crosswhite, Zeke Smith, too, is “retiring.”

King & Spalding was hired by Southern Company last year to investigate the criminal misconduct and surveillance efforts, but as sources have told federal investigators, the law firm appears to be covering up instead of cleaning up Southern Company’s alleged egregious misconduct that had no corporate purpose whatsoever.

In June, Southern Company foolishly told The Wall Street Journal that the internal investigation could not find who authorized the surveillance efforts of for what purpose. Southern Company declared that they had “moved on.”

Mumbo jumbo

No one believed Southern Company.

Their mumbo jumbo smells like a stack of fresh cow manure.

So bad is the stench, Southern Company went outside the usual norm and did not promote an insider after Zeke’s exit.

Instead, they hired Clay Ryan, the former Senior Vice Chancellor of External Affairs at the University of Alabama.

The first thing Mr. Ryan should do is fire Matrix, Mark White, Joe Perkins, and Balch & Bingham.

Time to haul off the manure.

Mr. Ryan should also solidify and build bridges with external community groups including the North Birmingham African American community.

Communication and community alliances would be a healthy reset after years of egregious misconduct.


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