Where is the Civil RICO Suit? It’s Coming.

One year ago today, we reported that a massive civil RICO lawsuit against Balch & Bingham on behalf of Burt Newsome was in the works and probably coming in early 2019.

So where is the civil RICO suit?

Why has it not been filed yet?

According to our sources, a leading RICO expert from the upper Midwest joined Newsome’s legal RICO team early this year and had advised the team to “exhaust all state remedies” before proceeding in federal courts.

Now awaiting the Alabama Supreme Court decision on Newsome’s appeal, we are told the legal RICO team is ready to proceed even if the decision is a win, loss, or draw for Newsome.

In other words, even if the rule of law is upheld or trampled, Newsome will continue his almost five-year fight against the alleged unsavory and egregious conduct of Balch, and Balch’s stooges.

We are also told that the federal civil RICO matter will include more defendants.

Who could they be?

The Smithermans? Alabama Power? Jeffrey Bowers, the cop involved in Newsome’s alleged staged arrest? Bowers’ father, Willard L. Bowers, the retired Alabama Power Executive? Robert M. Ronnlund, the attorney who appears to have engaged in alleged criminal obstruction of justice and alleged evidence tampering?

We won’t know until the suit is filed but the dragnet could undoubtedly shake the Alabama establishment.

As we wrote last year:

Although they may not find a “briefcase full of cash,” the intricate details, alleged money-laundering, and manipulation of the Alabama legal system (including law enforcement) should create a solid civil RICO case that will fundamentally impact not only Balch & Bingham, but the entire judiciary system in Alabama.