Alabama Power Overheats on Ronnlund Connection

Our sources at Southern Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Alabama Power tell us that Robert Ronnlund, the attorney accused of engaging in alleged obstruction of justice and the alteration of evidence in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, caused a flurry of activity at the utility yesterday afternoon.

Ronnlund’s wife, Millicent, serves as General Counsel of Southern Nuclear, another wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Company. Before joining Southern Nuclear in late 2017, Millicent Ronnlund was a partner at Balch & Bingham.

When our sources told us Ronnlund was of gravest concern, we were scratching our heads, asking, “Why?”

The answer, unknown to us at first, is simple: Ronnlund lives exactly 528 yards from Willard L. Bowers, the retired Alabama Power executive whose son, Jeffrey Bowers, a Columbiana Police Officer, pulled Burt Newsome over and arrested the innocent man in an alleged “staged arrest.”

We linked Bowers to another co-conspirator who had a home office on the same road, but we had no idea that Ronnlund was walking distance from Willard L. Bower’s residence.

This is yet another troubling link between Alabama Power and the Newsome Conspiracy Case in which the lawyers and co-conspirators alleged foolishly that they never knew each other until Newsome filed his lawsuit.

Mark Crosswhite, the most powerful businessman in Alabama, has been put in a quagmire by his former employer, Balch & Bingham. As CEO of Alabama Power, he needs to show true leadership independent of his past loyalties.

The Culture of Hate and alleged corrupt conduct tied to the co-conspirators and Balch & Bingham’s stooges should be tossed as far away as possible from Alabama Power, swiftly and unequivocally.

With a civil RICO lawsuit waiting in the wings, Crosswhite should punt the bastards more than 528 yards away and clear his name and Alabama Power’s reputation from this smelly manure lagoon.

The Newsome Conspiracy Case has been solely kept alive because of Balch’s ego. Time to swat that Balch poodle on the nose.