Alabama Supreme Court Shenanigans

At 1:02 a.m. on Saturday, June 29, 2019, Burt Newsome was officially notified that the Clerk of Jefferson County had certified the record of appeal, six-months past the 28-day rule.

As we reported, Balch & Bingham stooge Judge Carole Smitherman had her corrupt hand in the cookie jar behind this scripted delay of the appeal of the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

In March, Smitherman even foolishly signed an illegal order granting the Clerk of Jefferson County more time to compile the record even though she, as a Circuit Court judge, had no authority to grant orders in a Supreme Court case.

But the story only gets worse now.

The Clerk of Jefferson County filed a notice saying the record of appeal was certified on June 18, 2019 which is blatantly false.

On top of that, the numerous volumes of documents of the case were unavailable online as of 12 noon yesterday, according to a filing by Burt Newsome.

Fact: Balch & Bingham stooges cannot be honorable, cannot abide to the rule of law,  and cannot adhere to the due process of law.

So they cheat, lie, bribe, launder money, and break the rules to screw over their perceived enemies.

And now the Clerk of Jefferson County and their cohorts in Montgomery tried to do a fast-one on Newsome: cutting his time almost in half to file his appeal.

Let us remember that Smitherman and her husband, State Senator Rodger Smitherman, received over $30,000 in questionable contributions from Balch affiliated entities, clients or others linked to the alleged co-conspirators.

With more evidence of a manipulated judicial branch, Newsome’s civil RICO suit is only gaining strength as these corrupt emperors strip naked for all to see, and their pimps cut another check for official acts.