Independence Day

Update from our post Tuesday about the shenanigans surrounding the over six-month delay in certifying the record regarding the Newsome Conspiracy Case appeal:

In a swift and prompt rebuke of Balch & Bingham’s stooges, the Alabama Supreme Court issued an order yesterday extending Burt Newsome’s time to file his appeal brief until the end of July.

The Newsome Conspiracy Case is not only an embarrassment to the once-prestgious silk-stocking law firm of Balch & Bingham, but to the entire Alabama judicial system because the Newsome matter appears to demonstrate blatant corruption, incompetence, and sheer injustice.

Yesterday, the Alabama Supreme Court appears to have declared its independence from Balch & Bingham’s web of pimps and women of ill repute.

The court’s Declaration of Independence also finally made available the numerous volumes of documents that were unavailable online as of Monday.

We hope the rule of law prevails and that the kings at Balch & Bingham  learn that their days of using, abusing, and taking advantage of their former colleagues or candidates in the judicial branch have come to an end.

Happy Independence Day!