Smoking Gun: Smitherman Signs Illegal Order Showing Her Hands Are in the Corrupt Cookie Jar

Last week, we questioned if Balch stooge Judge Carole Smitherman was behind the ridiculous stalling by JeffCo’s Clerk who never compiled the record on appeal of the Newsome Conspiracy Case for the Alabama Supreme Court in 30 days.

The clerk of the Alabama Supreme Court threatened last week to dismiss both of Newsome’s appeals if the compiled record was not submitted in seven days. (The appeals were filed in December and the records should have been submitted in January.)

The threat came only hours after we reported about Supreme Court Justice Will Sellers alleged misconduct. Sellers was a Balch & Bingham partner for years before being appointed to the Alabama Supreme Court.

Now, today, the allegations of inappropriate conduct of the dishonorable Balch stooge Carole Smitherman have been confirmed.

According to a filing with the Alabama Supreme Court, Smitherman signed a motion for extension of time for the clerk of JeffCo demonstrating unequivocally that Smitherman has had her hands in the corrupt cookie jar.

Smitherman has no authority or jurisdiction over the appeal or compilation of the record for the Alabama Supreme Court.

Now Circuit Court Judge Smitherman is issuing orders in Supreme Court Cases for the benefit of Balch & Bingham. Unbelievable!

Smitherman appears to be intentionally obstructing justice and due process of law, and proving that every penny of the  “contributions” she and her husband have received from Balch & Bingham affiliated entities or goons have worked wonderfully well for Newsome’s upcoming civil RICO suit.