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Did Judge Smitherman Sign Her Own Arrest Warrant?

The sheer stupidity of Balch & Bingham stooge Judge Carole Smitherman signing an illegal order last Friday giving a bogus “extension” of time to the JeffCo clerk to compile the record of the Newsome Conspiracy Case for the Alabama Supreme Court has sent shock waves throughout the state.

Also under fire is the Alabama Supreme Court, which only hours after we posted a critical report about Alabama Supreme Court Justice and former Balch partner Will Sellers had their clerk threatened to dismiss Newsome’s two appeals if the record was not submitted in seven days.

Undisputed fact: Newsome is not responsible for the compilation of the record. The JeffCo clerk is.

Today we post a copy of Smitherman’s ridiculous order in which she has no authority to bark orders to anyone about an appealed case.

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

While the delusional cheerleaders of Balch & Bingham believe the worst is behind them, we, the CDLU, have been probing hundreds of contributions to the Smithermans and now have found what appear to be several alleged acts of bribery.

We are presenting our findings to federal authorities, U.S. Congressional investigators, and Burt Newsome’s civil RICO legal team.

The worst is yet to come, Carole.


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