Unprecedented Interest and Rumblings of Discontent

More Balch & Bingham partners are preparing to leave today, tossing loyalty to the firm overboard.

We have received tens of thousands of visitors on our site, and last week was record breaking internet traffic for the week. Even on the days with no new posts, the traffic was off the charts.

We now understand possibly why.

With the exodus of a half-dozen Balch & Bingham partners and the tumbling of federal lobbying revenue, other law firms (our highest identifiable traffic) may be possibly looking at who they can lure from Balch & Bingham while Balch partners are looking at their own exit, stage left.

We have heard about the rumblings of discontent at Balch.

And the chattering legal community says the discontent comes from not only the Oliver Robinson Bribery Scandal,  but from the awkward and obstinate defense of  an unconstitutional and secretive Star Chamber, and the appearance of a possible secondary bribery scandal in the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

“The loyalty well held to fools does make
Our faith mere folly.”                 

                                        —William Shakespeare