Millions of Dollars Lost as Balch & Bingham Hemorrhages

[Update: The Center for Responsive Politics has updated their database and now shows 2017 to be the fifth worst year for Balch & Bingham since 1998. Lobbying fees dropped 25% compared to 2016, a loss of over $300,000.]

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, 2017 was one of the worst financial years since 1998 for Balch & Bingham’s lobbying team on Capitol Hill; the lowest lobbying revenue in almost two decades.

Lobbying fees dropped 36 percent compared to 2016, a difference of more than half a million dollars.

In October with two months left in the year, Balch lost half of their paying lobbying clients and their top lobbyist left at the end of that month. This could be devastating to Balch in 2018.

Yesterday, Balch’s core public finance legal team in Birmingham jumped ship.

One observer says the total loss of business could amount to as low as $2 million and as high as $8 million in lost fees.

Others feel Balch & Bingham has lost millions more in potential business because of their tarnished brand.

Who will be next in Balch’s footprint that will jump ship and take millions in fees with them?

And if Balch & Bingham begins to fall apart like Haskell, Slaughter, Young, & Rediker, who and what will be left?

A Star Chamber? Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr.? Dreamland Bar-B-Que?