Part 4: Money Trail Leads to Balch’s Indicted Partners

[Readers:  Please take a look at yesterday’s post. We have added an update.]

Now comes the stocking stuffer.

On December 26, 2017, Judge Carole Smitherman’s husband Senator Rodger Smitherman reported receiving $2,000 from BIZPAC. A few days before that, he received $500 from VPAC. (Read the campaign finance report here.)

BIZPAC  is the same political action committee funded in part by Balch partners that donated over $15,000 to Judge  Smitherman. Balch’s lead attorney appearing before Judge Smitherman in the Newsome Conspiracy Case is Schuyler Allen Baker, Jr. who has donated thousands to BIZPAC in the past.

In July, indicted Balch partner Steven G. McKinney donated $1,000 to BIZPAC, according to state digital records.

VPAC files annual reports and their report for 2016 shows that McKinney donated $1,500 to the VPAC  in 2016, while the other indicted Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert donated $250 in 2016, according to state digital records.

Again we ask: Why now? Why Smitherman? What were they trying to influence? or is it all just a coincidence?