Matrix Meltdown Goes Nuclear; Probes to Deepen Post-Election

The shocking yet unsubstantiated allegations against “Sloppy Joe” Perkins, the founder of the obscure political consulting firm Matrix, have rocked the Alabama business and political establishment.

Will “Sloppy Joe,” who was paid millions by Alabama Power in secret contracts that didn’t even require an invoice, be fired or defended by Alabama Power’s CEO Mark A. Crosswhite?

The allegations from Joe Perkins’ daughter are so sickening we will not repeat what was reported by the website

On the eve of a primary election, the revolting allegations have the chattering class fueled on high octane.

The irony is that Balch & Bingham/Alabama Power defenders, stooges, and agents have attempted to smear opponents with similar shocking (but false) allegations.

Sloppy Joe may be finally tasting the spoiled fruits of his nefarious labor.

Is this latest news a nuclear bomb detonated in the Matrix Meltdown between Sloppy Joe and his former protégé Jeff Pitts who are currently in a vicious legal battle in two states?

One thing we do know from insiders is that the U S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies will wait until after the primary election to deepen the alleged probes to prevent any conflict with the political campaigns and candidates of the season.