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Trade Secrets? Not! $2.5 Million in Questionable Contracts without Invoices Affirms Crosswhite Scandal

The non-existent agreements do indeed exist, and Crosswhite should be fired, retired, or forced to resign. And if improprieties are found, Crosswhite should be criminally charged.

With the exposure of $2.5 million in contracts without the need of invoices, lawyers for Alabama Power’s carte blanche consultant have demanded that the contracts be removed from a news website calling the questionable contracts “trade secrets.”

The cannibals of Alabama are eating each other alive, knife and fork, as the Matrix Meltdown exposes the dark secrets and hidden agreements of Alabama Power and the obscure political consulting firm called Matrix.

Yesterday, the website donaldwatkins.com reported:

On January 12, 2022, Birmingham, Alabama attorney Cason M. Kirby contacted donaldwatkins.com on behalf of his client, Joe Perkins, and demanded that these two APC Agreements be removed from my online news website. Mr. Kirby claimed: (a) the APC Agreements were “stolen,” (b) Agreement No. 3-18-00552 contained Perkins’ Social Security number, and (c) the APC Agreements contained Joe Perkins’ “trade secrets.” For the reasons discussed in this article, Mr. Kirby’s demand was rejected.

To conceal its business relationship with a known federal lawbreaker from ratepayers, government regulators, media organizations, and the general public, APC seems to have inserted this “stealth” activation clause into Agreement No. 3-18-00552: “Consultant agrees to treat this Agreement, the existence of this Agreement, the business relationship established hereunder, and the Services performed pursuant to this Agreement as Protected Information. Consultant will not issue or make a public statement concerning the work hereunder or the existence of this Agreement without Company’s prior consent, except to the extent required by law.”

Million-dollar contracts to engage in alleged unsavory, unethical, and possible criminal misconduct at Alabama Power don’t exist to regulators, investors or the public.

Shareholders at parent company Southern Company appear to have been misled and fooled, and there is no one to blame for this fiscal fiasco but Mark A. Crosswhite, the CEO of Alabama Power.

Last year, we prophetically reported of the alleged secret indemnity deals:

Mark A. Crosswhite, the ex-Balch partner and current CEO of Alabama Power, has attempted in court filings to paint himself and Alabama Power as “victims” of the [North Birmingham Bribery] scandal.

What a crock!

And now with allegations that Alabama Power and/or other related entities have indemnified the alleged racist, unsavory, criminal, and immoral misconduct at Balch & Bingham, the Crosswhite Scandal is growing by the day.

If true, how many millions has Alabama Power or its parent company, Southern Company, funneled to Balch? Were moneys funneled through PACs or other allies or front groups?

Indemnifying Balch means Southern Company shareholders may have picked up the tab when it serves no shareholders interest but only benefits the crooks or criminals behind the shenanigans.

We now know that millions were funneled to Crosswhite’s closest ally and obscure political consulting group, Matrix.

This is the right time for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to open Alabama Power books and see how many millions were wasted on “non-existent” agreements, indemnity deals, contracts without invoices, non-disclosure agreements, and other legal tricks that allegedly defrauded investors, regulators, and the public.

The SEC knows unequivocally that these are not trade secrets.

This is a scandal, the Crosswhite scandal.

And the alleged financial and regulatory improprieties MUST be investigated. The non-existent agreements do indeed exist, and Crosswhite should be fired, retired, or forced to resign by parent company Southern Company.

And if improprieties are found, Crosswhite should be criminally charged.

Disgraced ex- U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town having cocktails with Mark A.. Crosswhite

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