The Matrix Meltdown, the Feds, and the Money Trail

Balch & Bingham and their sister-wife Alabama Power have relied on the obscure services of Matrix, the political consulting firm that dropped the mailing during the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal that reprehensibly discouraged African-Americans from having their toxic and contaminated property tested by the EPA.

Matrix has a legendary (if not mythical) reputation of being a “dirty tricks” outfit that allegedly engages in AstroTurf efforts and smear campaigns.

Joe Perkins, the head of Matrix, is in a two-state legal battle with former protégé Jeff Pitts.

The Matrix Meltdown has provoked a probe from federal investigators, sources claim, and an avalanche of documents and invoices are being looked at for alleged “obstruction of justice” and potential civil rights violations.

Our sources at the U.S. Department of Justice cannot confirm nor deny the investigation, but the laundering of money to harass or suppress minorities is a top priority for the DOJ.

Sources also allege that three buffoons involved in the phony two-minute protest that targeted the wrong family at the wrong address in defense of Balch have been interviewed by the FBI.

Balch defenders attempted to smear and intimidate CDLU’s Executive Director K.B. Forbes, a Hispanic, but instead terrorized the wrong family at a home adjacent to his home in July of 2020.

The petrified family has since moved.

Not only did the buffoons terrorize the wrong family, they couldn’t spell Forbes’ last name correctly.

The buffoons spelled his last name Forgis, Forger, or Forge on signs and on social media posts.

Sources claim that the three buffoons were interviewed by federal agents in recent weeks asking whom paid who for what.

The money trail appears to be on fire.?

Last year, we, the CDLU, provided the FBI with a list of those allegedly involved in the buffoons’ embarrassing debacle.

We uncovered a possible chain of command going all the way up to the doorsteps of Alabama Power and Balch & Bingham.

As a precaution and safety measure, Forbes’ family was immediately moved out of the area that summer of 2020, a decision FBI agents applauded at the time.

Balch and the CEO of Alabama Power, Mark A. Crosswhite, may have sincerely enjoyed the alleged unsavory antics and smear tactics of Matrix.

Now the chickens have come to roost on their soiled laps.

Take note Stan and Mark: The CDLU will exhaust every legal and regulatory avenue available to protect our rights from fear, intimidation, and, in this case, sheer stupidity.