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Bombshell: Drummond’s Environmental Racism at Ketona Lakes Exposed

In one week, the Biden Administration enters office and the first order of business will be to investigate Drummond Company and the alleged secret toxic landsite known as Ketona Lakes.

Will Biden’s EPA and U.S. Department of Justice force Drummond to finally atone for their sins?

For over 35 years, the site of two former quarries has been hidden from public view. Located in Jefferson County, not far from North Birmingham and smack in the middle of the City of Tarrant, the Ketona Lakes are quarries now filled with water.

The water is allegedly extremely contaminated and toxic.

Sources tell us that Drummond acquired the property when they purchased ABC Coke, and the site had extensive underground pipes that used to go directly underground to ABC Coke.

Drummond allegedly sealed off the pipes, tore down all physical structures, and then secured, fenced, and fully abandoned the site in 1985, thinking no one would know or care.

Ketona Lakes was the site of a former chemical company and decades of harmful chemicals and toxins have allegedly stayed in the soil and water.

Michael S. Regan

Now the incoming head of the EPA Michael S. Regan needs to investigate Drummond and ask, have these toxins from Ketona Lakes poisoned or polluted the water table? Should the EPA create a new EPA Superfund Site at Ketona Lakes? Should Drummond Company or their executives be held criminally liable for the alleged misconduct?

Tarrant is over 60 percent African-American and the behavior of allowing an alleged toxic and polluted site to remain hidden for over 35 years is environmental racism at its worst.

Another awful allegation is law enforcement was allowed to enter Ketona Lakes to practice scuba diving maneuvers for several hours some years back.

Although divers did not come out with six toes on one foot or glowing in the dark, those law enforcement divers who dipped into the alleged toxic waters should be contacted to see if they suffered any detrimental or long-term illnesses.

Finally and with such irony, the Ketona Lakes are located immediately behind Thompson Power Systems and Thompson Lift Truck, both of which are across the street from parent company Thompson Tractor Company.

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson, CEO of Thompson Tractor, was a director of the money laundering entity Alliance for Jobs and the Economy (AJE), the alleged brainchild of Alabama Power, that was at the core of the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal.

As we reported in December, Thompson allegedly took Balch & Bingham’s biggest stooge, former U.S. Senator and Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, directly to Drummond’s headquarters to meet Drummond family members and pick up a $25,000 check.

A few days later, Strange signed a letter ghost-written by Balch & Bingham attacking the EPA’s efforts to put the North Birmingham Superfund Site on the National Priorities List and expanding the site to include the City of Tarrant.

Now we know why Drummond funneled the money and danced dirty tango with Balch & Bingham.

Ketona Lakes. The excruciating pain!

Ketona Lakes. The horrific nightmare!

Ketona Lakes. Biden’s first priority!


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