Racism and Arrogance in the Post-Balch Era

This year marks the centennial of the horrific Tulsa Race Massacre (pictured, above) where African-Americans were murdered by an angry white mob and the “Black Wall Street” was burned and reduced to ashes. For decades, the uncomfortable truth was not discussed, hidden, and forgotten about.

In early 2017, embattled law firm Balch & Bingham was the most feared and powerful law firm in Birmingham. Balch stooges and defenders allegedly trampled over the Civil Rights of competitors, squashed the health and well-being of African-Americans, and manipulated Alabama’s judicial branch of government like taffy.

In the 1960s, Balch & Bingham built a strong practice by aligning itself with Schuyler A. Baker, Sr., a staunch segregationist who was part of racist Alabama Governor George Wallace’s inner circle.

The uncomfortable truth is Balch’s legacy and misconduct does not appear to be discussed inside the firm, and the most senior partners and Balch allies appear to want the truth hidden and hopefully forgotten about.

Having marched in unison with President Donald J. Trump and their stooge former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions four years ago, Balch now loses the little collateral they had left in Washington D.C., regardless of the firm’s clout in Alabama.

Tomorrow, at 12 noon Eastern, the Post-Balch era begins.

Racism, especially environmental racism, will no longer be tolerated. The millions dumped on public relations efforts or minority-themed projects does not obscure the truth: The North Birmingham Bribery Scandal was born at the offices at Balch & Bingham.

The uncontrolled arrogance and unhinged panic from Balch stooges, like the “most powerful man in Alabama,” only reflect that there are deeper, darker, and more unfathomable acts that need to be investigated by federal law enforcement.

In Tulsa, after a century, anthropologists are searching for mass graves.

Starting tomorrow, activists will demand the search for high crimes in Alabama regardless of the dubious efforts to obscure the truth.

Justice shall indeed prevail– in Tulsa and in Alabama.