Could Balch Partners Be On the Hook for Millions?

[This post originally appeared on May 2, 2019. In August, a Counterfeit Order was exposed as an act of judicial fraud, which Balch & Bingham has affirmed was never entered into the State Judicial Information System. The stakes in the Newsome Conspiracy Case have risen even higher as a tell-all documentary is in the works]

Eight figures is what it could cost to resolve the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Last year, Balch stooge Judge Carole Smitherman retaliated against Burt Newsome by signing 44 orders against Newsome the day after he appealed her refusal to recuse herself from the case.

The 44 retaliatory orders gutted Newsome’s case, his witnesses, his evidence, and all his claims.

No claims were left and redacted, illegible, and obscured attorney fees were assessed against Newsome in December.

With a separate federal civil RICO suit in the works, if Balch decides to settle the state matter in a global settlement, who will pay for those damages?

With technically no cause of actions left, we are told by insurance experts, Balch’s insurance carrier would have no need to process a claim in the Newsome Conspiracy Case; the liability would most likely rest on the esteemed partners of Balch.

Last year, the buffoons at Balch & Bingham probably cheered and slapped themselves on the back after their “glorious victory” of the 44 retaliatory orders issued from Smitherman’s secretive and unconstitutional Star Chamber.

Now Balch & Bingham partners in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Washington and throughout Balch’s footprint could be on the hook for millions.

Glorious indeed.