Newsome Conspiracy Case,  Spotlight on Balch & Bingham

Throwing In the Towel: Balch & Bingham Affirms that Counterfeit Order is Counterfeit

In a stunning blow to the almost century-old, once prestigious and respected law firm, Balch & Bingham in a 69-page response brief before the Alabama Supreme Court affirms that the Counterfeit Order used in the Newsome Conspiracy Case is indeed counterfeit.

Balch writes:

While the June 8, 2016 order has yet, as of the date of the filing of this Brief, been entered into the SJIS, Judge Conwill signed the order thus rendering it.

In other words, Balch admits the counterfeit order was never entered into the State Judicial Information System.

Thus, the order is counterfeit; an act of judicial fraud.

While Balch & Bingham may have delusional dreams of entering the bogus order three years after the fact, Judge Sonny Conwill retired in January.

The counterfeit order was miraculously conceived without any transcripts or documents from the original case, without a hearing, without any official docketed briefs, and most certainly without the due process of law.

The counterfeit order that uses bold face lies, half-truths, and complete nonsense looks like a shining example of the fiction, dishonesty that Balch & Bingham appears to have grabbed onto in the inner-bowels of a septic tank.

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.


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