Balch & Bingham Unwittingly Creates a National Star: Keisha Brown

Keisha Brown, a Birmingham mother, is “one of the go-to resident activists, quoted in countless news stories, a kind of environmental injustice spokesperson.”—Equal Voice News

Although Balch & Bingham let go of their only female African-American attorney in Birmingham last spring, Balch & Bingham, through the criminal and unsavory conduct of their convicted ex-partner Joel I. Gilbert, unwittingly created a national star: Keisha Brown.

Keisha Brown is a long-time African-American resident of North Birmingham who we, the CDLU, met almost two-years ago on visits to Harriman Park.

We vowed to her that we would bring the spotlight on the plight of North Birmingham.

Now with numerous national articles including The Washington Post quoting and profiling Keisha Brown, we are pleased to be helping her and her community.

Yesterday, Equal Voice News had another article about Balch & Bingham’s unsavory conduct that profiled Keisha Brown.

And coming next: Keisha Brown will be in a documentary about Balch & Bingham/Alabama Power due out this fall.