Where Have We Been?

We missed you, dear readers.

We have had an intense week: meeting in the halls of power on Capitol Hill, and with respected investigative reporters and criminal investigators.

Regardless of what Balch & Bingham foolishly continues to do or say, the fact remains that the fat lady has not sung.

The Washington Post article on Balch & Bingham was a lightening rod. Doors have swung open as people hear in disbelief the stories of Burt Newsome, a staged arrest, a corrupt Star Chamber, “fall guy” Dave Roberson, and the deceptive pleadings by Balch & Bingham that appear to show a complete lack of integrity.

While Balch & Bingham, Drummond, and their alleged corrupt allies in the Alabama judicial system may be contemplating more acts of gross injustice, eagle eyes are watching and bat ears are listening to every move, every exchange, every motion.

Here’s to a wonderfully hot summer of 2019!

Who’s sweating already?