Sorry Balch & Bingham, Drummond: The Fat Lady Has Not Sung!

The bombshell from Kyle Whitmire’s column yesterday:

The Justice Department could pursue its case further. So far, the US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, Jay Town, has said only the men convicted already [ex Balch partner Joel I. Gilbert, ex State Rep. Oliver Robinson, and Drummond Executive Dave Roberson] were responsible.

Does that change now that one of those men [Dave Roberson] is saying that’s not true?

“DOJ and the EPA continue to discuss next steps as it concerns north Birmingham and Tarrant,” Town said when I asked him this week.

Dave Roberson has opened a can of angry bees after his employer Drummond Company dumped him over the side of the bridge after vowing to support him.

Roberson has stated that up to 21 Balch & Bingham attorneys were working on the effort that included bought-and-paid-for corrupt politician Oliver Robinson.


Other ugly, scary skeletons are coming. We guarantee.