Balch’s Deception Allegedly Destroys Mountain Brook Family

Selling the family home. Contemplating bankruptcy. Attempting suicide twice. Destabilizing an autistic child.

And the alleged cause of these troubles? Balch & Bingham’s deception.

Dave Roberson, the ex-Drummond executive who was abruptly fired in February only months after Drummond Company publicly vowed to defend and support him, has mounted a $50 million civil lawsuit that has provoked a deep look at Balch & Bingham’s alleged misconduct.

Ex-Balch & Bingham partner and convicted felon Joel I. Gilbert apologized to Dave Roberson during his criminal sentencing hearing.


Because Gilbert appears to have repeatedly lied to Roberson, and never had Balch’s ethics experts review the legality of the scheme until a much later date, after the fact.

In the criminal trial, the ethics expert, Chad Pilcher, testified that he warned Gilbert that he could NOT use State Representative Oliver Robinson’s letterhead and position in the scheme. (Robinson is currently serving a 33 month sentence in federal prison for his criminal conduct).

And it appears that Balch & Bingham’s ethics experts, superiors, or management team never attempted to correct or report the misconduct.

And yet Balch has the audacity to suggest that Gilbert was a lone wolf, a rogue partner.

Now with the Roberson trial, we will get to see who knew what, when, and what they did or did not do. Roberson alleges that 21 different Balch attorneys were involved in the AstroTurf effort in North Birmingham.

Trying to get the lawsuit tossed, Balch & Bingham may attempt to lie, mislead, misrepresent, and splice and dice the law.

But the truth shall prevail.

And the reality of the Roberson family’s shattered life allegedly caused by Balch’s negligence and Drummond’s greedy hypocrisy will be out in the open for all to see.

Drummond allegedly saved at least $100 million in the North Birmingham scheme by defeating the EPA’s efforts to put the area on the National Priorities List.

Anna Roberson attempted suicide twice. The Roberson family home in Mountain Brook is up for sale. The Roberson’s autistic child has been traumatized. Bankruptcy is on the horizon.

Many residents of Mountain Brook sympathize with their neighbors, the Robersons, and have had enough of the shenanigans of Balch & Bingham and the alleged greediness of Drummond Company.

The “fall guy” may finally cause Balch & Bingham to fall on their own sword.