Watch Out! $2,000 Bribe Lands Businessman 6 Months in Federal Prison

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A California business executive was sentenced to six months in federal prison Tuesday for conspiring to bribe the former majority leader of the Alabama House of Representatives.

G. Ford Gilbert, 71, paid former Alabama House Majority Leader Micky Hammon $2,000 to drum up support for a bill that would force Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama to cover diabetes treatment provided by his company, Trina Health. But the bill died in the 2016 legislative session after failing to advance out of committee.

The judge overseeing the case ordered Gilbert to serve six months in federal prison and six months of home detention.

Now we wonder what scrutiny will be made about the over $30,000 in questionable campaign contributions made to Judge Carole Smitherman and her husband State Senator Rodger Smitherman by Balch & Bingham allies and affiliated entities during the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

What will investigators say about the $2,000 contribution Judge Smitherman’s husband received from another law firm just before his wife screwed over the residents of North Birmingham in favor of the law firm’s client?

These “coincidences” are beginning to smell worse than the polluted air of North Birmingham.