Screwing and Polluting North Birmingham for $2,000?

In March, the Birmingham City Council denied a license to a scrap metal business in North Birmingham because of health, public safety and environmental concerns.

A rare victory for the poor, African-American residents of North Birmingham, Jordan Scrap Yard fought back in April filing a lawsuit against the city.

Yesterday, we visited the residents of North Birmingham and we learned a troubling fact: the community, which has fought vigorously against the Jordan Scrap Yard, was outraged and angered by a judge who ordered, adjudged, and decreed the city to grant the scrap yard a license on November 13, 2018 in an emergency motion filed in August.

And who was the judge who screwed the residents of North Birmingham? The Honorable Carole Smitherman, queen of the secretive and unconstitutional Star Chamber.

And what happened  just days before that order was issued? Her husband State Senator Rodger Smitherman received a $2,000 contribution from Bradley Arant, the law firm representing Jordan Scrap Yard.

Just a coincidence?

We are reminded how both Smithermans received over $30,000 in campaign contributions during critical junctures of the Newsome Conspiracy Case, even though both Smithermans ran unopposed.

State Senator Smitherman sat in on these alleged “secretive” hearings of the Star Chamber that abused the proceedings against Newsome.

As we said last week, tainted money is the mother’s milk of injustice.