Update: Two Balch & Bingham Women, Two Races, Two Outcomes

The two Balch & Bingham female attorneys assigned as lead attorneys to the Newsome Conspiracy Case that left in the last month appear to have had different outcomes.

According to our sources at Alabama Power, Katie C. Hill has joined Southern Nuclear as the Director of Compliance and Concerns. She will work most likely under Millicent Ronnlund, General Counsel for Southern Nuclear and a former Balch & Bingham partner whose husband, Robert M. Ronnlund, is a key figure in the Newsome Conspiracy Case.

Robert M. Ronnlund appears to have engaged in alleged criminal obstruction of justice and alleged altering of evidence in the Newsome proceedings.

We wish Katie all the best in her new role.

Unlike Katie, Kimberly Bell, who appears to have been the only African-American  female lawyer at Balch’s Birmingham office, looks like she left the firm with no pathway.

Was she fired or laid off, or did she leave voluntarily? 

Even though our sources at Alabama Power could not tell us about Kimberly, there appears to be two completely different outcomes for two women: one white, one black.