Andy2K’s Ugly Law Firm Divorce Finalized

As we wrote in January, the illustrious Andrew “Andy2K” Campbell, the lead counsel for Balch & Bingham in the Newsome Conspiracy Case, appeared to have settled his ugly divorce from his former law partners in December.

His former partners and owners at the old firm had alleged that Andy2K “failed to comply with operating agreements…failed to distribute funds due and … further failed to provide an accounting thereof,” according to a lawsuit filed against Andy2K in August.

Andy2K was the manager of two LLCs affiliated with the old law firm, but according to the suit, he was“in the process of being removed.”

In February of 2018, Andy2K had donated $2,000 to the Queen of the Star Chamber, Judge Carole Smitherman, around the time he took the reins of the Newsome case.

The divorce now appears to be finalized, in the rear-view mirror.

The old website of the former Campbell & Guin law firm refers you to the new site for the Campbell Partners Law Firm, while former partners Bert M. Guy and Justin G. Williams appear to have established Tanner & Guin, a law firm named in memoriam after two lawyers who have passed away.

While Andy2K and his pals at Balch & Bingham may foolishly feel the worst is behind them, rebounding won’t be as simple as they thought.

Even though law firms, influential businesses, giant utilities, political entities may have been interactive for at least 24 years, like Alice, people and entities sometimes need to pick up and move on.