Newsome Conspiracy Case Enrages Balch’s Ego

[This post was originally published over a year ago on December 12, 2017. With expenditures now estimated to be in the seven-figures, the Newsome Conspiracy Case highlights gross injustice,  abuse of the judicial system, and to some, a sign of sheer stupidity.]

They say that anger is the enemy of logic.

In our almost 17 years of doing advocacy work, we have never seen an entity like Balch & Bingham that is so defiant, so blind, so unrealistic, so angry over the Newsome Conspiracy Case that the matter has now impacted their reputation, their legacy, and their institutional integrity.

Speaking to respected legal observers, they, too,  do not understand why Balch did not settle the matter back in March when they fired the alleged mastermind of the conspiracy, Clark A. Cooper.

Instead, the matter has simply enraged Balch’s ego, causing numerous self-inflicted wounds.  Since late spring, dishonest developments in the Newsome Conspiracy Case appears to have crippled the firm.

Balch & Bingham simply ignored our email and phone calls last January. Since then, the egos and continued actions of some Balch partners have hurt the entire firm.

Balch lost half of their paying lobbying clients, a veteran partner, and their esteemed reputation in part because of the consequences of their heavy-handed approach in the Newsome case.

Now is a good time for senior partners at Balch to ignore the bruised feelings, and bring logic back to the table.

In September, Balch said they would adhere to the highest standards in the legal profession.  The Newsome Conspiracy Case is actually an example of the worst in the legal profession.

Time for Balch to put actions behind the lip service, and set the egos aside.