U.S. Congressional Investigations of “Massive Fraud”

U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told CNN’s State of the Union yesterday there have been “several massive frauds against the American people. And it’s now our job, the job of the Justice Department…the special counsel, and the Congress to get to the bottom of this.”

One massive fraud has been the abuse of the all three branches of government in the State of Alabama by using the “legal” system of pay-through contributions from the usual suspects to obtain access and signatures on cookie-cutter letters and official acts, while hiding behind non-disclosure agreements, attorney-client privilege, or a secretive Star Chamber.

The use (or abuse) of the state government many times is to simply impede federal action or investigations.

Nadler’s staff and others on Capitol Hill have been briefed on the unsavory conduct of Balch & Bingham, the sister-wife relationship of Southern Company, and the national implications of the alleged trampling of the civil liberties of Burt Newsome under the color of authority and the alleged trampling of the civil rights of African-Americans in North Birmingham.