Secret Star Chamber

Bombshell: Sen. Rodger Smitherman Sat In On Star Chamber Hearings

In the ongoing criminal bribery trial, according to news reports, Alabama State Senator Rodger Smitherman is listed as a defense witness for indicted Balch & Bingham partners Steven McKinney and Joel Gilbert, and Drummond Company executive David Roberson.

Senator Smitherman received what looks like two pay through contributions from Drummond: one through BIPAC in November for $5,000 and another in April from NEWPAC for $5,000.

Why is Drummond supporting Smitherman? Could it be to help obtain favorable and supportive testimony?

Or was it a pay through on behalf of Balch in their foolish fight with Burt Newsome?

We may have an answer.

The ugly and repugnant secrets of the unconstitutional Star Chamber in the Newsome Conspiracy Case are now out in the open.

The most shocking: Judge Carole Smitherman allowed her husband to sit in on multiple closed and sealed hearings of the Star Chamber.

Was the Senator there as an enforcer for any of the alleged co-conspirators? Was he there to make sure Newsome was eventually screwed? Was he showing he was good for the $30,000 in campaign cash he received by groups affiliated with, supported by Balch and/or their clients?

Judge Smitherman had the audacity to say her husband had been there to take her to the doctor. Really? Why wasn’t he sitting in her chambers or outside in the hallway?

The mathematical probability of having multiple doctors appointments on the same day as the multiple secret Newsome Conspiracy Case hearings is equal to winning the lottery without buying a lottery ticket.

Her foolish excuse is as bad as Balch’s ridiculous explanation that the cell phone number linking all the co-conspirators in the Newsome case was from a telemarketer.

After Newsome filed a motion for recusal, the hearing discussing the order was so flagrantly bias, so out of order, you can feel and hear the displaced anger from Judge Smitherman as she repeatedly interrupted Newsome and his lawyer, but let the attorneys for the co-conspirators ramble on.

Please take a few minutes to read the fascinating transcript of the secret Star Chamber hearing that includes alleged judicial misconduct and blatant injustice here.


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