State Attorney General Abdicates

During Thanksgiving week, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall parted ways with Matt Hart (pictured right), the most feared state prosecutor who took on public corruption and successfully convicted high-profile politicos and others.

Only Jefferson County has had the intestinal fortitude to investigate further and indict Balch stooges Trey Glenn (who resigned from the EPA the day before Hart was sent home packing) and Scott Phillips.

The state, we believe, will no longer even contemplate a probe of Balch & Bingham or Southern Company. And State Senator Rodger Smitherman, Judge Carole Smitherman, and the secretive and unconstitutional Star Chamber, we also believe, will remain untouched by state law enforcement.

And why do we believe this?

Because the same groups linked to the Newsome Conspiracy Case who funneled questionable campaign contributions to the Smithermans poured an avalanche of money on Marshall.

According to state digital records, Alabama Power dispersed $85,000 to Marshall; BIZPAC (funded in part by Balch partners) threw in $78,500; BIPAC kicked in $32,500; CANPAC showered Marshall with $30,000; NEWPAC donated $17,500 while VPAC even threw in $2,000 to help the AG.

The State Attorney General appears to have abdicated his duties seeking truth and justice for about a quarter of a million dollars.

Let’s be honest: Marshall tossed aside impartiality long ago.

After Balch & Bingham, Drummond, and their goons had targeted the tiny public charity GASP, Marshall’s office joined the choir in 2017.

Eleven days before Balch-made millionaire Joel I. Gilbert was indicted, Marshall’s office dispatched an insidious letter denying a GASP public records request because their lawyer was based in Florida.

Tainted money is truly the mother’s milk of injustice.